Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 47: Resolution

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We went straight to Canale Castle that night.

 There was no gatekeeper, but a soldier was patrolling around the castle, so I told him we had something important to discuss with the Mayor and he should let us in.

 When I entered the castle, Menace came to greet us hurriedly.


“Welcome, Ars-sama, Lemail-sama was waiting for information on Perena County.” (Menace)


 The soldiers seem to have informed them quickly when we came.


“I’m sorry, for barging in at night” (Ars)

“No, you should make an important report as soon as possible, even one second counts. Then, I will guide you to Lemail-sama.” (Menace)


 Even though I visited suddenly, he will guide me without resistance or questioning. Does Lemail-sama have some free time?

 We followed Menace and went towards Lemail-sama.


“Ars came here sooner than expected.” (Lemail)

“I’m sorry for disturbing your night.” (Ars)

“I don’t mind. To be honest, I was wondering whether it was really good to leave it to you, but I think that you are quite capable to receive information this quickly.” (Lemail)

“Maybe that compliment is a little too early…” (Menace)


 Menace pointed out Lemail’s hasty words.


“Yes, that’s right. Um, I still don’t know what kind of information you have. Please tell me immediately.” (Lemail)

“I’m ok, so here it is.” (Ars)


 I showed him the pledge we received. Ritsu took it from me and handed it to Lemail-sama


“A letter…” (Lemail)


 Lemail received the letter and looked at what is inside.


“This is… an alliance letter? It’s signed and stamped by the counties allied to Basamark-sama… Hmmm, Perena county is here…………… What’s this?!” (Lemail)


 Maybe he saw the signature and seal of Masa’s Mayor.

 His eyes were wide open from the surprise.


“Well, what is this… Masa county has allied themselves to Basamark-sama? That’s ridiculous… The Mayor of Masa pledged his loyalty to Clan-sama… Nobody can just to him… ” (Lemail)


 Lemail-sama, who has met the Mayor of Masa, seems to have been more shocked than us.


“Is this the real thing?” (Lemail)

“This was certainly taken from Perena Mayor’s mansion, but I don’t know if Masa’s signature and seal on the agreement are genuine.” (Ars)

“What do you mean?” (Lemail)


 I explained that this could be a Basamark-sama’s trick.


“I see… Basamark-sama is cunning, so it wouldn’t be strange to tamper to such levels… However, from my eyes, all the signatures and marks in this agreement seem to be genuine.” (Lemail)


 Lemail said so while looking carefully at the agreement. He would have seen the signatures and signs of the aristocrats more often than us, so he would not be wrong.

 However, that would mean Masa County is an enemy. If so, what would Lemail-sama do?


“That, please show me that pledge.”


 Menace, who was listening next to Lemail, asked.


“Oh, yeah. You had an ability useful at times like this.” (Lemail)


 Menace carefully looks at the agreement.


“Hmm. I think this is truly Masa County’s signature and seal.” (Menace)

“Really!?” (Lemail)

“Yes, but please wait for a moment.” (Menace)


 Menace then left the room.


“You see Menace is a connoisseur on signatures and seals.” (Lemail)


 Is it a special skill?

 My appraisal can see the status, but I can’t appraise whether or not a person has special abilities. Therefore, it is best not to assume that the results of my appraisal can completely measure a person’s competence.

 It would be helpful if my skills grew and special abilities become part of the appraisal results, but the things displayed in my appraisal have not changed since I first used it. Can I not hope for more?

 Menace came back after a while.

 He seems to have another letter.


“This is stamped and signed by the Mayor of Masa. Let’s compare them just in case.” (Menace)


 Menace compares the letter he brought with the signature and seal near the pledge.

 By the way, the Mayor’s seal is a symbol in which a circle is inside a hexagon and a pentagram is drawn inside the circle.


“After all…the shape of the circle is a little strange………I feel that the hexagon is slightly smaller.”


 To be honest, I’m not sure, but I don’t feel like I can carefully compare them.

 Menace now brought a ruler. So he will measure the two seals.


“It’s a little different, too. The signature is similar, but there is a slight difference in the style of writing. This is definitely a fake. Other signatures and marks are probably genuine, maybe it’s done with the cooperation of all the mayors on Basamark-sama’s side.” (Menace)

“Um, is it a fake? I’m relieved.” (Lemail)


 Masa County has not sided with the enemy, so the mayor seems relieved.


“From now on, this matter will be resolved by reporting it to Clan-sama and the Mayor of Masa. It could have been a big deal have you not reported this. Please wait until a reward can be given at a later date.” (Lemail)

“Your praises are wasted on me.” (Ars)


 Femme is the one who gathered the information, so there is no confusion even if he is praised. Ritsu also analyzed the letter from Femme.

 Well, I think it is customary that the retainer’s credit is also the lord’s credit.

 We stayed overnight at the castle and returned to the mansion in the morning.

 And a few weeks later.

 After succeeding in convincing Perena County, I received a letter asking me to travel towards Canale Castle.

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