Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 48: Reward

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When we were summoned, we immediately went to Canale Castle and met with Lemail-sama.


 This is the only time I’m meeting alone with Lemail-sama.


 In the room, Menace stood beside Lemail-sama and there was no one else.



“Ars you came. Again, what you did was a big deal. Thanks to you, Perena County decided to join Clan-sama.” (Lemail)


“I would be happy if I could help Lemail-sama and Clan-sama.” (Ars)


“Hmm, your information was really helpful. What you did help us get a strategic resource from Perena County.” (Lemail)


“Strategic resources…what can we get from them?” (Ars)


“It is a very rare magic ore called “Explosion Magic Ore”. It can only be mined in Perena County within Messiaen, and only four counties including Perena County throughout Somerforce have the technology to process it. The explosion magic ore when processed into ether, it becomes possible to use powerful magic. And it becomes material for even more powerful weapons.” (Lemail)



 Was there such a thing in Perena County?


 The fact that Perena County becoming a member, would be a great advantage against Basamark-sama.


 No, it can’t be that easy? Perena County had been on the Basamark-sama’s side for a long time and may have continued to provide the explosion magic ore until now.



“However, according to the Mayor of Perena, it seems that he continued to provide Basamark-sama with the magic ore, so this cannot be considered as a true advantage. They’ve set up a barrier to hinder the people from Perena County. It seems that the mayor was trying not to let the ore get transported. But it seems that Basamark-sama was able to keep smuggling. The smuggled amount wasn’t negligible but not at a scary amount. Well, of course, the Mayor of Perena County is our ally now. There’s no doubt that the situation has improved, and he has the county under control.” (Lemail)



 The reality is as predicted.



“Anyway, I will reward you. Menace, bring it.” (Lemail)


“Understood” (Menace)



 Lemail-sama ordered Menace who was standing by.


 Menace left the room and brought two boxes on a trolley.


 Each box was differing in size. There was a smaller box and a box slightly larger than the first.



“There are 300 gold coins in the boxes. Take this as your reward.” (Lemail)


“Thre- three hundred!?” (Ars)



 I thought that I would receive some gold coins as a reward, but 300 is more than what I expected.


 I thought it was just about fifty.



“Umm… this time I got a reward from Clan-sama as well. It’s an embarrassing story, but I can’t afford that much money due to my budgetary constraints. The small box is my reward, and it contains fifty gold coins. There are 250 gold coins from Clan-sama in the large box.” (Lemail)



 Did Clan-sama also give a reward?


 Clan-sama controls “Simpler”, one of the richest cities. Is it possible to just dole out 250 gold coins that easily?



“Thank you very much.” (Ars)



 I thanked Lemail-sama and received the reward.


 I received the trolley of money, but it looks like it will be difficult to carry.



“Um, I have to tell you another thing, but Clan-sama wants to meet you.” (Lemail)


“What? Me?” (Ars)



 Even though I was successful in this issue, I was surprised to hear that Clan-sama said he would like to meet me. The difference between our family is so large it was quite a shock.


 The power of an Aristocrat of this era is determined by the quality of the territory they are governing.


 It used to be determined by the throne, but now everything has become a complete mess. Although rules may exist, it has almost no chance of being followed.


 Clan-sama’s “Simpler” is one of the best territories in Messiaen.


 Also, he is the son of the former governor-general. There is an overwhelming difference from me, a lord of a poor territory.


 Nevertheless, it is surprising that he wanted to meet me. The possibility of something going wrong is not zero.



” I was interested in telling Clan-sama about you. I heard from Raven that you have a special talent to discern people’s strengths. I was proud to say that it was you who found the talented informant, and when I talked about it, Clan-sama became interested in meeting you.”



 Did he talk about my appraisal?


 Certainly, appraisal is a very useful ability. It’s no wonder that Clan-sama would get interested.



“This time, we’ll be having a party to celebrate the successful alliance with Perena County. People have been skeptical about whether or not Perena County, our once long-standing enemy, has become an ally. So we’ll have a party to get rid of the suspicion. It isn’t just any party. Clan-sama said he would come to the party. He said you have to come so you can meet him.” (Lemail)


“Yes, I will go.” (Ars)



 I agreed without even thinking twice.


 Clan-sama is one of the people I want to appraise.


 Besides, there will be a lot of influential nobles attached to Clan-sama at this party. I just wanted to know how talented the people are. There is no way I would not take advantage of this opportunity.



“Okay, I’ll relay your reply to Clan-sama. This time it was a big deal. I’m really looking forward to your future success.”


“Yes, I’ll do my best for Lemail-sama and Clan-sama.”



 We left the castle with the reward in tow.



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