Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 49: Second Request

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“Shall we head back?” (Ritsu)

“Wait a minute” (Ars)


 When I left the castle and went back to the mansion, Ritsu stopped.


“Is there a problem?” (Ritsu)

I asked Shadow to get information about Perena County this time, but I just remembered that I originally wanted to use Shadow to get information about the entire Messiaen…. Didn’t I?” (Ars)

…..You certainly did.” (Ritsu)


 I made a request once and forgot about my true purpose completely. Even though I didn’t think of getting information about Perena County in the first place. I still intend to contact Shadow prior to the war council.


“Yeah. Now that I have a lot of gold coins at my disposal, We can pay the request fee. Let us go to Tremps and ask. Alright?” (Ars)

“Yes, that’s fine.” (Ritsu)


 What should I request to know?

 I can get some information about my allies from Lemail-sama, and since the party will be held soon, I may find some vassals, and I might not even have to ask.

 Naturally, it is necessary to get information about the enemy’s side.

 The place where I can find enemy intelligence is centered in Alcantes, where Basamark-sama is based.

 It may be difficult to sneak into the castle of Alcantes to obtain information, even though Shadow is specialized in spying.  This is because security around Alcantes would be tight. But they might not have to sneak into the castle to get information.

 Shadow will be able to obtain information as it is just by collecting information in the town under the castle. The end date of the request is until the battle ends.


“If we request Shadow to scout Alcantes and gather useful information, will they be able to accept a long term request or will they not be able to do it?” (Ars)

“That’s something to consider. They could do it. However, if the end of the contract is after the end of the battle, you will have to pay quite the request fee.” (Ritsu)

“I got a lot of gold coins.” (Ars)


 After deciding what to ask, at night we headed to Tremps.


“It’s a request, but can’t you get them to kill Basamark?” (Charlotte)


 It was Charlotte who made a crazy statement before entering the Tremps.

 I’m quite disturbed.


“Assassination is…it’s really difficult. His personal protection would be intense. The battle could surely end immediately if it succeeds.” (Ars)

“I think it’s better to stop that train of thought. It’s not something we should do at our discretion. When Clan-sama wins the battle, I don’t know what he will do with Basamark-sama. He’s a close relative even if he is currently hostile. So he may be imprisoned somewhere without killing him. Unless we get asked by Clan-sama directly, we shouldn’t do it.” (Ritsu)

“No, I’m telling you that if we defeat the enemy general, we can win the battle.” (Charlotte)


 Maybe it was my father’s teaching. Well, the logic is not wrong.

 But I think it’s too rough to use this time.

 We enter Tremps and I can’t see Femme working tonight.

 So I came to Alex and asked, and after waiting for a while I was taken to the place where I went to make a request with Femme before.


“I was able to meet you again sooner than I expected. Ars Lovent-sama” (Femme)


 With a slight smile, Femme said.

 He looks like a lady, as usual.

 I quickly explained the content of my request.


“Useful information, what do you exactly want?” (Femme)

“Yeah… report information regarding the enemy’s strength, tactics, strategies, aristocratic weaknesses, diplomatic ties, and whatever you think is useful.” (Ars)

“Alcantes. That’s a lot of work. It costs a lot of money. The contract period is until the end of the war, but I don’t know the specific number of years. What about five gold coins every month?” (Femme)

“Sixty a year? Well, that’s fine.” (Ars)


 We did not negotiate much, because the price did not change as much as we expected.


“How about giving us a special reward each time we give information that seems to be quite valuable?” (Femme)

“Special reward. How do we decide the amount?” (Ars)

“The amount of reward will be decided at that time through discussion the information is received.” (Femme)

“I see no problem with that.” (Ars)

“Okay. We will receive the request. I shall take for the first month five gold coins. Then once my subordinates give a report. Once every month, you will come here. And take the report that we give you. And you will pay the rewards for the previous month in the next month.” (Femme)

“Okay, but then I’d better meet your subordinate once.” (Ars)

“Yeah. Come back tomorrow.” (Femme)

“Understood.” (Ars)


 After that, five gold coins were handed over to Femme and the negotiation was concluded.

 We left Tremps, stayed at an inn, and the next night we went to Tremps again to meet Femme’s subordinate.


“I’m Ben. Nice to meet you.” (Ben)


 Somehow, the person I met is a man with a very plain face.

 There are no distinguishing features on his face. His voice is quite common.

 I might even forget his face tomorrow, and even if we have another month before we talk again. I am worried about not remembering his face.

 I should probably remember his status, not his face.

 I used appraisal on Ben.



 Alexander Belmondo – 29 years old – ♂



 Command 33/88

 Bravery 78/80

 Strategy 77/78

 Politics 45/66

 Ambition 3




 Infantry A                 Cavalry B                    Archer A

 Magic Soldier B       Fortification C             Weapon C

 Navy C                    Air Force C                 Strategy B


 His status holds a lot of surprises.

 First, I noticed his name Ben wasn’t his real name, but his real name is unique. Even if I don’t remember his face, I will remember him using appraisal.

 He has quite a high status.

 The capacity of command is very high.

 He’s at a level where he can become a general.

 It’s hard to stop myself, but he’s so good that I want him to be a vassal.

    Well, Femme is so good that I also want him to be a vassal.

 Is it even okay in this world to make mercenaries retainers?

 I don’t think it’s an impossible idea. I really want to make Shadow part of my retainers.

 It might be possible if I’m more successful as a lord.

 After that, I returned his greeting.

 This time, we just met face to face and ended without talking much about anything.


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