Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 5: Hiring Ritsu

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“Are you okay?” (Ars)

I spoke to Ritsu.

He was staring intensely at first but when he notices that the person speaking was a child he started to relax.

“People will get angry when they see you talking to me. And I’m fine but you should go somewhere else.”

He tried to stand up while he told me that. He is a person who still cares about a child like me.

As I approach him, I took a peek at his face. He has great facial features. He could have been an idol if this were Japan.

His features are,

Short black hair. With a really broad shoulder and a height of 170 cm (5′ 7″). Considering he is just 14 years old. He might still reach a height of 180 cm (5′ 11″) as he grows older.

Well, it doesn’t matter what Ritsu looks like. Because I decided to make him my retainer as soon as I used Appraisal.

“Such things do not bother me. I just want to hire you as my retainer.” (Ars)

I immediately told him what’s on my mind.

“Uh, uh, is this a game of pretending? Ummm, I would play with you, but I can’t afford it right now.” (Ritsu)

Ritsu smiles while saying this.

He thinks that I’m playing as a pretend lord.

Well, I haven’t told him I the eldest son and “future” lord of the Lamberk territory. Maybe telling him my identity will help.

“No. I’m Ars Louvent. I’m the son of the Lord who governs this village. I feel you hold exceptional talent and potential. Thus, I want you to be my retainer.” (Ars)

When he heard the words, Ritsu’s expression changed completely.

“The son of the lord…? You?” (Ritsu)

He gave me a look full of suspicion.

Of course, he won’t believe me. I’m wearing a disguise and I have no escort. No wonder he is doubtful of my identity

He is not even a person from this village.

“If you are under any sort of predicament, I can help. You can come with me” (Ars)

“No, but…” (Ritsu)

Ritsu is trying to leave. He probably doesn’t want to rely on a child.

Then, a rumbling noise from Ritsu’s stomach interrupts the conversation.

“Are you hungry?” (Ars)

“Yeah, yes.” (Ritsu)

“There is a lot of food back home. Come with me so I can feed you” (Ars)

“…Um, um” (Ritsu)

My words might be overwhelming for someone like Ritsu.

But in the end,

“Umm, okay. I’ll come with you…” (Ritsu)

He replied with the face of a boiled lobster.

“By the way, I haven’t introduced myself. I’m Ritsu Muses, and you’re Ars Louvent?” (Ritsu)

“Oh yes.” (Ars)

Ritsu introduced himself on the way to the mansion.

Let’s take this opportunity to ask for more details about him.

“Why was Ritsu in that village?”

“A lot of things happened. I was in a mercenary company, but many of the members of the mercenary company died in the war. Most leaders who were giving commands have also died, so nothing can be done anymore, the mercenary company collapsed and I ended up here while I was wandering around, not caring wherever I was going.” (Ritsu)

It looks like he was having a tough time for a long time now.

“However, wouldn’t your ability to help you get hired by other mercenary companies or be hired as a bouncer?” (Ars)

I asked.

“I can’t do that. No place would hire an unknown Marca child like me who doesn’t have any claim to fame. No one will trust me. The mercenary company I was previously a part of holds every childhood memory I have.” (Ritsu)

Ritsu explained with a bitter smile.

Certainly, it can be difficult for a person with no backers or name for himself to be a bouncer or to join a new mercenary company.

Ordinarily, it would have been unbelievable to suddenly hire a person you find on the street.

If I didn’t have Appraisal I might not even notice Ritsu who’s potential is like Nobunaga. But since I have it behaving as such doesn’t matter in the long run.

After conversing in the walk towards my home, we have finally arrived at the mansion.

Ritsu’s jaw dropped hard as he stares at the Louvent Mansion,

“Is this your house?” (Ritsu)

He asked.

“I did say I was the lord’s son.” (Ars)

“Ho…it was true… no, no, sorry. I’m sorry for not believing word’s that come out of the son of Lord Louvent.” (Ritsu)

“It’s fine” (Ars)

“That is? Wait a minute. The fact that you are the son of a lord what are you doing searching for a servant or retainer. It’s not a joke or a game you play….” (Ritsu)

“Of course, I’m serious” (Ars)

“Eh, eh!?” (Ritsu)

Ritsu was more shocked than when he saw the mansion.

I don’t know how to face the people in the mansion and how they’ll react.

First I have to give Ritsu something to eat and then ask his father to have him hire Ritsu.

“Master Ars! Did you go outside again? I’m in trouble! I’ll be killed if something happens to you!” (Old Man)

The butler just rushed over.

The 50-year-old butler that approached us is called Kranz.

He has been serving the Louvent family since before I was born.

He’s also in charge of taking care of me.

“You can lecture me later but first prepare a lot of food.” (Ars)

“Are you that hungry young master?” (Kranz)

“No, the person eating will not just be me, there’s also him.”

I pointed to Ritsu, who was standing right behind me.

“Eh, isn’t that person a Marca! Young master, what are you thinking when you brought that lowlife waste?”

Kranz scolded me, his face bright red with fury.

It is unpleasant that Ritsu is discriminated against, but this is attitude is inevitable.

Discrimination against Marcas is deeply rooted. It is a popular belief that the Marcas was of a lower race from the locals of this continent.

It’s almost impossible to change because of how it’s deeply rooted in common sense.

Persuasion won’t be easy.

“Prepare the food quickly. My guest will die from hunger at this rate.”

I know he’s not going to die from hunger, but I said it in a way that hastens the conversation and Kranz’s action.

“…Okay. It would be a pity for that Marca to die here. However, when that thing is done eating. It should leave as soon as it’s fed!” (Kranz)

Kranz said as he goes to prepare the meal.

However, Marcas is more hated than I expected.

Is it possible for him to become a vassal with this much push-back?

No, I will make him one.

Ritsu will surely become an indispensable person for me in the future.

He will be able to help me many times from now on. What should I do then?

Kranz then brought bread and water.

“Oh, thank you very much!” (Ritsu)

Although it was a tasteless, hard bread. Ritsu treated it as an extremely delicious treat.

“Now then, I’ll kick him out!” (Kranz)

“You can’t do that, because I brought him here intending to make him my retainer.” (Ars)

“What are you talking about? Why are you saying such a thing?!” (Kranz)

“Anyway, I talk to my father.” (Ars)

I took Ritsu’s hand and blatantly ignored Kranz, and forcibly headed to my father’s office.

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