Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 50: Clan-sama

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A few days have passed since I received a reward from Lemail-sama.

Currently, it is December 15th, The summer is at its hottest. Lamberk is comfortable in the winter but hot in the summer. I didn’t have a cooler in my past life, not that I have one in this life either, so I was spending my days thinking that it would now be autumn. [1]


“A letter has arrived for you Ars-sama, it is from Lemail-sama.”


A vassal of the family brought me a letter.

I have been expecting one. It is probably about the party told to me by Lemail-sama.

As I read the contents, my expectations were confirmed.

Apparently, the party was to be held on December 30th and January 1st.

The start of the new year was also celebrated in this world, similar to Earth’s. I’ll have to dress up and act according to the customs. And I believe that it would be a very extravagant celebration.

The place where it would be held is at Perena Castle.

By the way, it has been stated that only I would be attending, so none of my retainers can be brought inside the venue. Well, they might not be included due to them not being part of the aristocracy.

They might not be able to join with me on the party but they can at least accompany me towards Perena county

If possible, I would like to bring Ritsu with me to every occasion, but this year it couldn’t be helped.

It takes about three days to travel by horse to reach Perena.

Just in case, we left the mansion on the morning of December 25th, five days before the party, and headed to Perena.

Nowadays I can ride on a horse by myself.

I also have my horse, and this time I was riding that horse to Perena.

A small horse with a reddish coat. It has a docile character and is easy to ride.

Horseback riding consumes more stamina than what I expected, and it is summer. I have never ridden on horseback over such a long distance before.

By the time I got to Perena, I was extremely exhausted.

I arrived on December 29th. Arrived a little later than what I had planned.

The city of Perena, like Canale, is a castle city. The city area is just a bit larger than Canale’s. There is a town outside the castle similar to Canale.

We immediately booked an inn and rested our bodies.

I’m glad that I didn’t have to go straight to the party. It is good to take a day off to rest.

Then, on the evening of December 30th, it was time for me to leave for the venue.

My retainers escorted me until the castle gate.


“Let’s go” (Ars)

“Yes……” (Ritsu)


This is the only time I attended a party without any of my retainers. Ritsu seemed quite uneasy to leave my side.

The security is quite tight because they are guarding Clan-sama’s life. There are also many soldiers in front of the gate. I don’t have to worry about being attacked during the party.

I worry that I’ll unexpectedly behave rudely at the party.

I leave Ritsu and enter The Perena Castle.

I was halted for a while but the invitation was packaged along with the letter sent to me. As soon as the guard saw it I was allowed to enter.

Perena Castle was just as historic as Canale Castle. Though it looked a bit grander than Canale Castle.

As I approached the entrance of the castle after passing through the gate, I began hearing the noise of people’s chatter.

Am I perhaps late? I approached the area fast enough without messing my clothes.

When I entered the castle, many nobles had already sat on the chairs and were chatting with each other.

It seems that the party hasn’t started yet because no food has been served. I am quite relieved at this fact.

When I entered the castle, some aristocrats looked at me like they would to a brat.

The aristocrats who are here have probably come to a more superior line than me. Honestly, it made me feel uncomfortable.


“Oh, Ars! Have you just arrived?”


I heard a familiar voice.

Looking at the person where the voice originated, Lemail-sama was walking towards me.

Today there is no Menace who is always beside Lemail-sama. He probably was not invited to the party either. 


“I will give you a brief introduction of all the people in attendance. First of all, the little man sitting there is Lerook Doran, the Mayor of Perena.”


He can be described as a small middle-aged man with gray pointy hair.

I tried to identify the Mayor of Perena Lerook.

Although he has a small body, he has high command and bravery. Politics is high, but his strategy is not high.

Certainly, he was just like father Raven. 

He’s a capable man contrary to his appearance, even without the resources he brought to the alliance, having him as an ally is enough

Lemail-sama introduces the influential aristocrats one after another.

Most of the aristocratic nobles had a higher status than the commoners I have appraised. They have good quality.

However, none had any outstanding ability. That fact was a little bit worrisome.


“Isn’t Clan-sama coming yet?” (Ars)

“I know he’s on his way, but he has not reached the venue yet. He will be giving a speech at the beginning of the party.” (Lemail)


If he gives a speech, I can appraise him at that time. I’m looking forward to what kind of person he is.

After finishing the introduction, I sat in the seat to the right of Lemail-sama. In the seat to the left of Lemail-sama, there sat his wife.

Attending the party is the influential aristocrats, their wives, children, siblings, etc.

There are many people who I have not yet appraised, so when I tried to start appraising, the sound of a cymbal being clapped echoed.

The nobles chatting stood up in silence. I also joined them.

Next to me, Lemail-sama whispered,


“He’s here.”


The sound of footsteps approaching was amplified by the silence.

Then the doors opened.

A blonde man came in.

And all at the same moment, the aristocrats began to bow their heads, and I began to panic inside. Clan-sama has come but I couldn’t confirm it.


“Raise your heads” (Clan)


A low and dignified voice reverberated.

I raised my head and there I saw.

A blond man in a lavish outfit stood in front of the nobles. He looks about forty years old.

He might look like a man born in luxury but his face was covered with scars. He was a man who overcame many battles and survived

I immediately appraised Clan-sama.


Clan Salemakia –  45 – ♂

  • Status

Command 99/99

Bravery 97/97

Strategy 78/79

Politics 80/81

Ambition 93



Infantry A                   Cavalry S                Archer B

Magic Soldier B       Construction A     Weapon C

Navy A                          Air Force B              Strategy C

He had a much higher status than what I expected.


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[1]: Original TN was:

“There was no cooler in the past life in this world either, so I was spending my days thinking that it would not be autumn”

I changed it to “I didn’t have a cooler in my past life, not that I have one in this life either, so I was spending my days thinking that it would now be autumn”; I don’t even need to reason out why this makes more sense, but. Yeah, basically this made sense in english so.. Yeah…

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