Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 51: Request

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Clan-sama was a more capable person than what I imagined.

 However, his younger brother Basamark-sama is superior to Clan-sama and was liked by their father, the governor-general. How much better is he than Clan-sama?

 Well, it’s possible that the governor simply couldn’t spot capable people. He may be blind to his children’s faults and potential.


“There are a lot of you that have come today.” (Clan)


 Clan-sama’s speech has begun.


“Today on the last day of the empires 210th year and tomorrow a new year comes, but the end of the war in Somerforce is still far from coming. I think it’s impossible to return to the old Somerforce empire. We, the Salemakia family, originally reigned as the Royal family of Messiaen. And if I win this battle and unite all of Messiaen, I would make Messiaen a kingdom and become independent of the Somerforce Empire. Probably that “Basamark-sama” also has the same idea. Well, well get there someday.”


 Establishing the new Messiaen Kingdom. Did Clan-sama have such an idea? Well, given the current situation, he might not be joking.


“That sneaky Basamark is not a person that can be king! This war is a battle where I am the victor! And for the first step, we succeeded in thwarting Basamark’s plan.” (Clan)


 Clan-sama explained how Lerook-sama, the Mayor of Perena, was deceived so he had to ally to Basamark side. He praised him for returning to this side rather than blame him for siding with the enemy first. Then Lerook-sama came forward in front of the nobles and he started speaking. After apologizing, he announced his determination to continue working for Clan-sama.


“I am not the one who has defeated Basamark’s cowardly tricks this time. A talented young man has played a key role in it. Ars Louvent and Lemail Pails, come to the front.”


 Suddenly my name is called. Lemail-sama stood up and whispered, “We’re going.” I managed to calm myself down and I got up.

 Will I have to go and speak in front of the crowd? I haven’t heard any of this.

 Fortunately, Lemail-sama was called with him, so he might be able to manage.

 I’m used to talking in public, but it’s a different story when it comes to dealing with this many aristocrats who are ranked higher to myself.

 I might become extremely nervous and not be able to speak.

 I walked in front of the nobles and I stood Close to Clan-sama.

 Once I am close to Clans-sama, I can feel a different air surrounding him and now I understand his majestic presence

 It’s the first time we met, so I have to greet him


“It is my honor to meet you for the first time, Clan-sama. It’s I, Ars Louvent.” (Ars)

“Yeah. It’s the first time. I’m Clan Salemakia.” (Clan)


 Clan-sama returned my greeting with a smile.


“As you can see, he’s still a child, but he’s a lord who ruled the Lamberk territory in Canale. And this time he discovered Basamark’s plot.”


 As Clan-sama said that around applause spread among the nobles.

 After that, Clan-sama did not talk specifically about how I found out Basamark-sama’s tricks but praised me. The method of spying using mercenaries may have been a bad idea.

 After praising Lemail-sama, who grant me the role, I said something myself.


“I will continue to do my best to be of help towards Clan-sama.” (Ars)


 For the time being, I used a generic phrase to show my loyalty. Then another round of applause occurred, so maybe I did well.

 When I was about to return to my seat, Clan-sama slipped a letter to my hand.


“You don’t have to come if you mind, but I’d be happy if you could join me.” (Clan)


 Clan-sama’s whisper was barely audible I might have missed.

 Does this letter mention a meeting place, is it really okay not to go?

 I’m worried about what to do. I was told that I don’t have to come if I don’t feel like it, but that’s impossible because of my position.

 I hid it quickly because the contents must be for my eyes only. I will only open it once I’m alone.

 Should I go to the comfort room? Take a breather outside? Is there any other excuse I could use to be alone and read this letter?

 The party proceeded and food was served

 The food was quite scrumptious, as it should be, especially with Clan-sama in attendance. After reincarnating in this world, the dishes were delicious enough to compete for rank 1 and 2 dishes I’ve eaten.

 After the meal, entertainment is held.

 The entertainment program is written on the wall, but it is very long. I think I’ll watch once I’m done

 Before the entertainment started I excused myself to go to the comfort room and got out.

 Then I found a place where I could read the letter privately.

 ‘When the third part of the magical dance is over, I will excuse myself out of the party temporarily, so I hope you will also excuse yourself. I have many things to inquire and I want to make a request.

 It was written that way.

 What does Clan-sama want to know and what would he request? I’m honestly worried. It’s hard to refuse even if he asks me for something unreasonable. I can only accept it.

 I hid the letter and returned to the party venue.

 The entertainment begins.

 Once the first two performances end, the magical performance begins.

 The magical performance, which was created by multiplying various attributes of magic, was quite impressive.

 After it was over Clan-sama applauded. Then he said he would go to the bathroom and left the room.

 I also excused myself out of the room.

 As soon as I got out Clan-sama was waiting.


“I’m glad you accepted.” (Clan)

“Yes, of course.” (Ars)

“So, follow me” (Clan)


 Clan-sama went out of the castle.

 I also followed him outside…

 When I got out of the gate, I met a tall and slender man.


“This man is Robinson Range. My most trusted vassal.” (Clan)

“Robinson Range. Nice to meet you.” (Robinson)


 Robison bowed gracefully as he greeted me.

 I also returned a greeting.

 When I appraise him, the status is command & bravery is mediocre, but his strategy is 88 and he has a status value of 91 in politics. He seems to be a great man to be trusted by such a powerful man like Clan-sama.

 After joining us, we walked through the town.

 How far are we going?

 In the first place, is it necessary to walk around to make a request? There is no need to speak in a roundabout manner.


“We’ll be arriving soon. I’m sorry for the roundabout conversation. I wish to make a request where other aristocrats will not know what I asked for.”


 When I heard that, I get a bad feeling in my stomach.

 He doesn’t want other aristocrats to know…

 Is Clan-sama a shota-con or gay, is he planning on attacking me?

 If so, I can’t resist. I can accept it.

 The more I thought about it, the more I became anxious.


“We have arrived” (Clan)


 Clan said while in front of a small shop. The appearance is quite rundown, and it doesn’t look like the place where a governor’s son should becoming.

 When I entered the store, no one was there. There were no workers, let alone customers.


“I’m paying the coins to keep everyone out of here.” (Clan)


 Clan-sama sat in a chair in the store while telling me so.


“I see.” (Ars)


 I sat on the chair in front of Clan-sama.


“I will try to know you a little from now on” (Clan)

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