Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 52: To Accept

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“I heard from Lemail that you have the ability to see other people’s talents and potential. It seems that by using that power, you can see the hidden potential of a Marcan and slave girl. Only someone with such power can do it. So I have a request, but first, let me test that power of yours.”


 If it is appraisal-related requests they never lead to me having to do something weird. Then I don’t see why we have to go out and talk.


“Okay…what should I do?” (Ars)

“Yeah. First of all, I would like to ask you a little more about your power. That will change the nature of the test.” (Clan)


 I explained appraisal to Clan-sama.


“Is it possible to measure political ability and aptitude for leadership, bravery, and strategy? It’s more than what I imagined. The test is simple. Just appraise me and Robinson’s ability and tell us about it. I know myself better than anyone, and of course, I know him well too, but I know it’s okay if you two know. If there’s anything hard to say, don’t hesitate to say it.” (Clan)


 Certainly, that’s a simple way. Then we can do it without any problems.

 It would be difficult to tell them the specific value that I see from appraisal, so I said “good” or “normal” as I say their appraisal result.


“…I see…you certainly have the power to see people’s abilities.” (Clan)


 Clan-sama seems to be convinced.


“Well, let’s get into the main point of why I called you right away.” (Clan)

“Yes.” (Ars)

“Don’t get too tense. Relax and you are not a servant I employ. What I’m going to ask is not going to cause harm to you, so be relieved.” (Clan)


 I can’t tell Clan-sama I’m worried about my attitude towards him.


“Have you seen the abilities of the nobles who came to the party today?” (Clan)


 When I thought I would be asked for something, I was asked a question I didn’t expect, so I’m quite surprised.


“Yes, for some of them” (Ars)


 I can’t read his intention based on his question, but I answered him honestly.


“What did you think?” (Clan)

Well… Yes. I thought there were many excellent people.” (Ars)

“Did you think so? Did you feel something some people were incompetent?” (Clan)

“… incompetent?” (Ars)


 It would be a lie to say that I didn’t feel any at all.

 It was true that he was excellent, but no one but Clan-sama showed excellence. It was a fact that I was overwhelmed because I thought that there might be some people who were much more outstanding than the nobles there. But thinking about it, most of the aristocrats haven’t built up their skills due to inheriting their position. So it’s not surprising that some of them are just better than average and most are just mediocre.

 I honestly replied that I felt a little bit underwhelmed by the results of my appraisal.


“Yes, it’s true. There are few incompetent people among those who follow me. However, there are also a few who are exemplary. Not only the county mayors but also the vassals below them have inherited their position. The situation is that there are no excellent vassals directly answering to me except Robinson.” (Clan)


 Clan-sama’s analysis is not as precise as my appraisal, but he is capable of determining a person’s ability to some extent.

 I also found out why I talked privately. If someone calls any of the aristocrats incompetent, there will surely be some backlash.


“The biggest problem is that there are few capable military personnel here. I’m a thinker and strategist, and Robinson is the same, but I have some experience working as a soldier. On the other hand, on the Basamark’s side, there is an intelligent general, Remus, who has been supporting Messiaen for a long time as our father’s aide. Also, Basamark himself is quite cunning, though he is no scholar. Thomas, the right-hand man of Basamark, is exceptional. Besides, he has that woman…No, she was surely exiled. Anyway, compared to Basamark’s side we have better strategists. So, in terms of strength, we are still equal at the moment. But if we have the right people, we will win, and if we do not have the right people, we will lose.” (Clan)

“So your Excellency thinks that we will lose if we kept going this way?” (Ars)


 Clan-sama nodded.


“I asked you here because you found a number of your vassals using your ability. Can you recommend me one of yours who could be military personnel under me?”

“Me making a suggestion? Is that a bit…?” (Ars)


 The recommendation is to have me recommend my vassals to be subordinated to Clan-sama. But I can’t do that.


“Well, I know I don’t want to give away talented people. Let’s do this. Soon, you’ll have to join as part of my army.” (Clan)

“Army…?” (Ars)

“Oh, we are gathering influential aristocrats to make an army, but it would be nice if we could bring in personnel who have the potential to be military officers.” (Clan)

“Um, is it okay for an immature person like me to participate in such a level?” (Ars)

“There will be a backlash, but I’ll help you. It’s up to the plans and strategies you give and execute during a skirmish. People will be convinced if you perform well. I don’t have a lot of talented retainers, but I also have few who are incompetent. I can judge whether a plan is a good or a bad idea.” (Clan)

“I have one more concern, a Marcan might be with me a lot of the time, so is there anything your excellency can do about it?” (Ars)


 If I were to accept, Ritsu and Russell will be with me.

 But Ritsu, a Marca will be subjected to discrimination. Will they really listen to my opinion?


“I see. Is one of the military personnel you’ll bring Marcan? There will certainly be discrimination, but as I said if what you say is sound. There’s nothing to complain about, and they will only be the minority if any. Also, I can silence them.” (Clan)

“Understood” (Ars)


 But why do you want me to join the army?

 Is it okay to rely on a child like me?

 It will be terrible if we lose.

 I wonder if we will be able to win with the help of my power.

 Certainly, both Ritsu and Russell have a high strategy.

 However, although Ritsu has no issues with his status, Russell has problems.

 He is still a child. Moreover, the growth of his strategy has stopped recently, and it has grown by one after years of studying. His current value is at 90.

 He is studying every day and it seems like he is getting smarter day by day, but it’s still not going up. Probably the status of strategy is a numerical value of how useful a person’s ideas are in actual battle.

 Since Russell lacks practical experience, his strategy values may be struggling to grow.

 Therefore, suddenly relying on him is very problematic.

 I don’t know if Ritsu alone can help us win.

 The names of three people Clan-sama mentioned earlier probably have excellent strategy values. Ritsu is an all-rounder, not a strategy expert. As expected, there is a high possibility that the plans could fail.

 I don’t want to be the one on the side that loses, but is it possible to switch sides?

 What can I do if I can’t convince the Mayor of Canale? At the least can I switch ver to Basamark-sama’s side? I wonder if it would be better to get in touch with Basamark’s chief retainer by some means. But even so, it seems difficult for a nameless noble like me to get in touch with the enemy leader.


“Ars, I understand that you have a lot to think about when you hear my request.” (Clan)


 Clan-sama said as he looked through me.

 Does he know that I was contemplating switching sides?


“Don’t worry, there will be a reward. If your plans help defeat Basamark, I’ll make you the mayor of Canale.” (Clan)

“e?” (Ars)


 I’m surprised at his statement. Me the Mayor of Canale?


“Is it possible? That kind of thing. What happens to Lemail-sama?” (Ars)

“He will be the mayor of a larger county. Canale is not a preferred territory, partly because of its proximity to the state borders. He might be attached to it, but if I give him a better territory, he won’t be able to complain.” (Clan)


 If I play an active part…

 In other words, is it possible for me to become the lord of a castle?

 To be honest, Randolph is not a bad land, but it has its limitations. As it is now, it is impossible to escape as the weak lord who can easily be destroyed by a superior noble.

 But becoming Mayor of Canale is a big achievement.

 Certainly, there is a risk of losing in battle.

 However, switching to Basamark side is also a risky move.

 I decided.


“Okay. I will accept your request.” (Ars)

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