Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 53: Alcantes Castle

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 After talking to Clan-sama, I went back to the party. The time I was out of the party was not long enough to be suspicious, it was about 20 minutes.

 The party went on until the year ended at midnight. At that time, some aristocrats were drunk, asleep, or have left. So there were fewer people than before.

 Thirty minutes after the end of the year, the party ended and I slept in a room reserved for me.

 And the next morning.

 The celebratory mood of yesterday has changed.

 Clan-sama berated the aristocrats in order to change their moods suitable for the coming battle.

 It is said that a war council will be held several times from now on and a full-scale invasion of the enemy territory will be executed.

 He predicted that the time would be near, so he ordered the nobles to be ready to fight.

 The party was done and I joined Ritsu and my entourage in returning to the mansion.




~3rd Person Narrator~ 


State capital Alcantes.

 Formerly known as the Royal Capital of Alcantes, one of the major cities of Somerforce.  It has been the prosperous capital of Messiaen for over a millennium.

 The population exceeds 500,000. It is one of the largest cities in the Somerforce Empire.

 Towering in the center of the city is the Castle of Alcantes.

 It is the largest castle in Messiaen.

 The color is so dark that it is called the Ebony Castle. This is because it uses a strong and extremely durable black stone. This stone is precious and quite expensive. This castle was created a hundred years after the Kingdom of Messiaen was created, and it shows how rich Messiaen was at that time.

 A room during the discussion in the castle.

 In this room with a round table in the center, aristocrats were gathering at the moment and holding a war council.


“How has the scheme on Perena failed?”


 A man with black hair stretching to his shoulders asked.

 He is Basamark Salemakia. He is the second son of the late governor and is fighting with Clan for the position of the next governor.


“I wonder how he did it. I thought it was a good plan. Well, even if they side with the enemy, I still have the advantage.”


 The man sitting to the right of the Basamark answered.

 He is said to be Thomas Grangeon, the right arm of Basamark.

 Thomas has a shaved head and has plenty of beard on his tough face. He is taller and has a body of pure muscle.

 He might look like a muscle-brain, but he has a good mind.


“It’s still hard for Perena to switch sides.”


 An old man muttered, sitting to the left of the Basamark.

 The small gray-haired old man is Remus Ivas.

 He is a strategic officer who has been providing wisdom for Messiaen for decades.

 He is also the mayor of Romack County, which is adjacent to Alcantes.

 Today’s war council was led by three people.


“Is the enemy’s army about 150,000 in total? If needed, we have to leave troops on standby at the border. You can leave about 10,000 less.” (Remus)

“We can mobilize 180,000. We have the advantage also the quality of our soldiers are better than the enemy. Western soldiers are not strong soldiers. Clan seems to have hired Metro mercenary company. From a general perspective, it can be said that our forces are equal.” (Basamark)

“Still opponent’s side has only Clan-sama as a person of outstanding caliber,” (Remus)

“In terms of human resources, it is our overwhelming victory. We cannot lose.” (Basamark)


 Basamark knew he would have a high chance of winning this match.

 But not a hundred percent.

 But trying cautious, Basamark wanted to ensure a hundred percent chance of winning.


“Thomas. Where and what is he doing now?” (Basamark)

“Eh? Hey? I don’t know. I’m sure he’s just drinking somewhere.” (Remus)

“Do you have no idea? I want things to flow smoothly but it can’t be helped.” (Basamark)


 The moment the Basamark said so, the place became noisy.


“Hey, seriously, Basamark-sama. You’ll find a vassal that capable again.” (Remus)

“I think her ability is perfect. Well, even she is not good enough as a vassal, I want to bring her back and confine her to the castle. It would be very troublesome if she went to Clan’s side.” (Basamark)

“No, that’s right… but, indeed, we don’t know where she is.” (Remus)

“Are you sure?” (Basamark)

“Totally” (Remus)

“If there was such a prominent woman on Clan-sama’s side, there would be a rumor. But there’s none at all? Thomas does he know, How about the others.” (Basamark)


 All the people in the room shook their heads.


“Muh, right?” (Basamark)

“I’m sure she’s drowned herself or she’s in another state. And even if she’s in Messiaen, no aristocrat will hire her. She has a terrible track record, but now she’s just a dangerous drunk.” (Remus)

“Is that so…” (Basamark)


 Basamark was a little worried, but for now, he forgets about the woman.

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