Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 54: A Report

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“Military…?” (Ritsu)


 Returning to the mansion, I explained to Ritsu that he might be joining the army with Russell.


“It’s a pretty heavy burden… Well, I have campaigns with Raven-sama, but Russell is completely new to this.” (Ritsu)

“That’s what I’m worried about.” (Russell)

Participating will be a great experience for Russell in the future, but I have to say I don’t know if he will be able to give consistent good advice at this point.” (Ritsu)


 I had the same thought as Ritsu. I didn’t say it’s impossible because his strategy is still high, but I wonder if he could come up with a strategy that could outwit those capable enemy generals.


“By the way, that is the same for me. The enemy’s military officers have overwhelmingly more combat experience than me, and there are more of those kinds of people. I am honestly not confident.” (Ritsu)


 Is it so?

 Was it wrong to let Ritsu know the request?


“I wish I could find great people.” (Ars)

“I don’t think the heavens have ever dropped gifts you wish for.” (Ritsu


 Right now I have no choice but to expect Ritsu and Russell will give winning advice. In particular, Russell may overcome his weaknesses and increase his strategy stats by gaining practical experience.

 Russell’s strategy limit is 109. It is quite a hurdle.


“Ars-sama, I have something to report.” (Random Vassal)


 While talking to Ritsu, another vassal reporting hurriedly.


“What is it?” (Ars)

“I received a report that Ars-sama should visit Shadow in Tremps.” (Random Vassal)

“Has a month already passed?” (Ars)


 There were some vassals left in Canale to ease the movement of information.

 Those people are probably the ones who have sent the report.


“Ars-sama, why don’t you ask Shadow to find human resources at the moment?” (Ritsu)

“Discovering human resources? Can they do it?” (Ars)

“I don’t think it’s impossible. They won’t be as reliable as Ars-sama, but since Femme is the leader, he’ll have the eyes to see the minimum talent within people.” (Ritsu)

“Yeah. Once the person is introduced to you, they can be evaluated again. Judge whether they can be used, and decide whether to hire or not?” (Ritsu)

“Yes, let’s do it.” (Ars)


 I don’t think there will be people who we can hire easily, but it’s better than not doing anything.

 There are many people in Alcantes, and there may be talented people undiscovered.

 Deciding to have them search for potential vassals, we hurried to the Tremps Tavern in Canale.




 Ben was in Tremps.

 Sure enough, I didn’t remember his face, but I remembered his status and characteristic name, so I was able to immediately identify Ben.


“This letter contains a report from the leader. Please receive it.” (Ben)


 I receive a letter from Ben and read the contents.

 First, he tried to sneak into the castle of Alcantes, but it seems that security was impregnable and impossible. If it is not possible to sneak in, it is said that he will find a collaborator within the retainers of Alcantes Castle and hire him as a subordinate.

 At Alcantes, we are gathering information about the enemy side. So far, it seems that useful information has not been collected.

 After I finished reading the letter, I paid for the reward for the coming month.


“Oh, I got it. I think I can give you some useful information next time.” (Ben)

“Okay, let me see.” (Ars)

“Yes, another time.” (Ben)

“wait a moment” (Ars)


 Ben tried to leave early so I called him back. I haven’t told him that I want them to search for talented personnel.


“Actually, I have additional requests, can listen to it?” (Ars)

“What’ll it be?” (Ben)


 When they found a talented person, I told him to introduce them to the Louvent family.


“I think that’s probably fine. If we make a mistake and introduce an incompetent person, will there be a penalty?” (Ben)

“No, none. On the contrary, if you introduce a talented person, you will get 20 gold coins as a bonus.” (Ars)

“Twenty? I see. I’ll go back and ask the leader, but I think we can do it.” (Ben)

“Then ask him for me.” (Ars)


 Having completed the request, I returned to the mansion.

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