Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 55: Mireille

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~~3rd Person Narrator~~

“Scouting for talented personnel?” (Femme)

At the State capital Alcantes.

In a dim alleyway, Femme received a report from Ben.

“What shall we do?” (Ben)

“I can determine to some extent if they have the ability to work as a vassal, but I do not know if they can be of use in battle.” (Femme)

“Would you like to reject the request?” (Ben)

“No, there is no penalty for introducing incompetent personnel. But if we introduce capable personnel, you can get a reward. It’s not a bad request. But we can’t introduce just any person without basis.” (Femme)

“Okay, so we will also undertake scouting of talented personnel.” (Ben)

“Oh, relay it to the other members.” (Femme)

“Ok” (Ben)

Ben went to relay the new request to the members.

After hearing from Ben, Femme returns to his workplace.

He worked in a bar and gathered information in this city as well.

This is a tavern named Kentoran.

His appearance is almost the same as Tremps’, and it is as a simple and cute girl.

The tongue of a drunken person is loose. Besides, the appearance of a girl doubles the looseness of the tongue. As he is not expected to be able to understand them even if he hears them talk.

The retainers that finished working in Alcantes Castle do not come to the tavern where Femme works. The customers are gatekeepers of the castle and the servants working in the castle.

Gatekeepers and servants sometimes talk about the chief retainer of Alcantes Castle.

What kind of person they are, what they are doing, where they go often, what they like, and what they dislike are spouted out non-stop.

The aim is to collect such information as much as possible and finally infiltrate the retainers and then infiltrate the castle.

However, this method is not so simple to execute.

The servants currently working in the castle are not those recruited from the commoners. There are several families who work as servants in the castle, and they continue their jobs at the castle for generations.

It’s not impossible to collect information, but it’s not that easy.

Also, Shadow’s members don’t get the same information.

Each member collects information in a way that suits them.

At this time, Femme thought that members other than himself would collect useful information.

“I’m back now!” (Femme)

Femme said as he returned to the tavern, Kentoran. His voice and facial expression were completely different when he was talking to Ben.

“Rin-chan. Who was the man you just met?” (Lent)

Rats, the tavern keeper in Kentoran, asked a question. Rin is the name Femme decided to give himself at Alcantes.

He explained that Ben was his brother. He explained that he had no choice but to show his face at his sis-con brother and explained the reason.

Rats was convinced without doubting.

It is noon and there are no customers. Unlike in Tremps, Kentoran has few customers during the day. During this time, Femme was cleaning the bar.


“Are you open?”

The shop door opened with the voice of a husky woman.

It seems that customers rarely arrived at noon.

“Welcome………Sis, you!” (Rats)

Seeing the customer, Rats was startled.

A very tall woman. Even a tall man would consider her big.

Her face is well proportioned. Although she is a beautiful woman, the power of her gaze is quite impressive.

Her clothes are tattered and looking like a vagabond, but she is wearing a gold necklace and is quite a strange combination.

From her appearance, she gave off the atmosphere of an extraordinary individual.

“Mireille-nee. You came back…” (Rats)

“It’s been two years since you started. You still have a terrible face.” (Mireille)

“If you come to hurl insults, go away now” (Rats)

“Kidding. You’re not a terrible looking guy but you look interesting. You look like the fish I saw yesterday.” (Mireille)

“Are you testing me?” (Rats)

“That is also a joke. Give me the usual.” (Mireille)

“What are you saying ‘usual’?” (Rats)

“Did you forget it? Mesara and bread and then sake.” (Mireille)

Mesara is a soup made by having vegetables such as tomatoes and chicken cooked for a long time.

“I’ve forgotten it because it was a long time ago. Yeah, you ate Mesara.” (Rats)

“It’s like the Mesara that I ate in the past. It’s not a special delicious food, but I want to eat it somehow.” (Mireille)

“Why can’t you say that you want to eat it because it’s delicious here?” (Rats)

Rats begin to cook.

Femme was worried about a woman called Mireille.

It was because he thought at first glance that she wasn’t an ordinary person. He wanted to know what kind of person she was.

“Is she a past girlfriend?” (Femme)

“Ah? Mireille. She used to be a regular here in the past. She always gets herself terribly drunk.” (Rats)

If someone hears that kind of information, she’s just not worth it.

Perhaps it was a mistake to think that she was not an extraordinary person, Femme is about to change his mind.

“Who is that cutie?” (Mireille)

Mireille asked a question regarding Femme.

“Ah? Rin-chan is a new girl who started working here. Isn’t she cute?” (Rats)

“Hmmmm…” (Mireille)

Mireille looks at Femme.

He could feel a slight chill as if she could see through him with her eyes.

“…..Whatever” (Mireille)

Mireille murmured.

Femme instinctively thought that this woman was not an ordinary person, and he should be careful.

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