Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 56: Recommendation

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~3rd Person Narrator~

“Oh, this taste is quite nostalgic, it brings me back.” (Mireille)

Rats finished cooking and Femme brought it to Mireille. Mireille eats it with gusto as soon as the plate lands in front of her.

When she finished eating, she drank all the sake in one long swig.

“Give me another cup” (Mireille)

“Yes.. yes..” (Rats)

Rats poured sake into a glass and served it.

“Why are you here? Where and what have you been doing so far?” (Rats)

Rats asked Mireille.

I traveled all over the empire. I went to all seven states to see the major cities. There are quite different cultures, food, and languages when the states change, and races differ. Well, each state was originally a different country, so of course, it’s natural.” (Mireille)

“Hmm, I haven’t even left Alcantes, let alone visit other states.” (Rats)

“That’s enough for a bar owner like you.” (Mireille)

“I don’t care if you hurt my feelings.” (Rats)

“But wherever I went, I was always disagreeing with the aristocrats who hired me. But I don’t always see eye to eye with people.” (Mireille)

“I think it’s wrong to hire someone who always disagrees with you. And you don’t even know how to be polite. No matter what the aristocrats did. Wasn’t it lucky that you weren’t executed?” (Rats)

“I think it’s wrong to scout for skilled people and expect them to be polite. If I was someone else, I don’t need to look at anything else other than their ability. I just have to plan against their enemies well. Those who can’t do it should stand on the sidelines. I wasn’t relying on luck to survive and defeat the enemy. It was because I don’t want to be killed and I was quicker and more cunning that I won.” (Mireille)

“I don’t think everything is a race.” (Rats)

Femme was listening to their conversation from the side and was wondering who Mireille was.

Traveling around the empire and trying to serve aristocrats is usually not something you can just do.

None of the aristocrats ever made her a vassal, but Mireille herself seemed to be confident in her ability.

“By the way, you said you were originally serving an aristocrat, but can’t you go back?” (Rats)

“In the current situation, I might be able to return if I say I want to return. But I’m not without pride that I would go back only to be exiled and not become a vassal.” (Mireille)

“Well, I think it was a joke for you to serve the castle in the first place.” (Rats)

“That is true” (Mireille)

~Femme’s Perspective~

(She used to serve the castle…) (Femme)

Serving the castle would mean being in Alcantes Castle.

If so, there is a possibility that she is familiar with the inside of the castle to some extent.

It’s probably at least two years ago when she was kicked out, so she doesn’t know much about what’s happening these days.

Before that, she used to say it herself, so it is doubtful whether it is true or not.

I wondered if I could get information from Mireille.

“I had a lot of money before I left, but it all disappeared when I traveled, and now it’s completely gone. How can I live now?” (Mireille)

“Huh, no money… bankrupt?” (Rats)

The expression of Rats changes.

“If you have money to pay for the dish, being bankrupt means nothing.” (Rats)

“Huh? Being bankrupt is terrible. Also, it means that I have no money at all. I don’t have any money to pay for what I’ve ordered. It was a restaurant serving nostalgic food to customers who have come after a long time.” (Mireille)

“Yeah… it has been awhile since you have… You Idiot! I’ll have you pay the full amount!” (Rats)

“Wait a damn minute. I can’t pay using the money I don’t have, so I can’t do anything about it. It’s wrong of you not confirming my ability to pay before serving me.” (Mireille)

“Your thievery is something else. I think the necklace hanging around your neck is quite expensive. So you can pay for the meal using it instead.” (Rats)

“Are you an idiot or do you think that this is equivalent to the food and liquor you sold me? Then don’t just give food to me. Without it hanging around me, I would only look like a poor wanderer.” (Mireille)

“Even though ‘you are a poor wanderer.’ If you don’t want to pay, return it with your body instead.” (Rats)

“What are you… Have you always been looking at me like that? The food is too cheap for a beautiful woman like me to just be ‘used’ for this kind of food.” (Mireille)

“It means that you can work for me and return the amount you consumed! Don’t make ridiculous misunderstandings!” (Rats)

“Ah? Are you planning on making me work and letting me do the cleaning?” (Mireille)

“Yes. If you don’t like it, give me the necklace.” (Rats)

“…Ah well, I don’t have a place to go, so I can work for a while. It’s quite a disaster, today.” (Mireille)

“We’ll get started then” (Rats)

I was a little worried about Mireille suddenly working and of course, something strange was about to happen.


~3rd Person Perspective~

“Oh, I’m tired” (Mireille)

At the room on the second floor of Kentoran. Mireille and I were alone.

Mireille was to spend the same room as me because both of us live and work here. Also, there is no room available.

“Um, you’re Rin-chan. It’ll be a while, But please take care of me.” (Mireille)

“Yes, take care of me too.” (Femme)

I greeted her with a smile.

“Let’s talk to deepen our relationship.” (Mireille)

“Ok” (Femme)

“The question is; why do you look like a girl when you are not one?” (Mireille)

In response to the question, I was upset internally.

I did not expect that my disguise would be easily exposed.

It’s not like she’s looking at my naked self, and I’m not planning on doing that.

“What do you mean? I’m a girl!” (Femme)

I puffed up my cheeks after my reply. It might be just a joke, so it’s too early to admit the truth.

“I know. You’re trying your best to be subtle, but unfortunately, you can’t fool me.”

“Oh, I’m angry too. You’re terrible to treat anyone as a man!”

I pretend to be really angry and tearful.

At that time, Mireille’s hand suddenly reached into my crotch.

I retreated quickly and avoided it. Immediately after that, I thought about what had happened.

The crotch is every man’s weakness. Despite looking like a girl, the attack stopped before it connected. In combat, those few seconds could be fatal, so I would avoid it reflexively when an attack came towards my crotch.

“That’s a great reaction. You don’t seem to be just any crossdresser.” (Mireille)

I’m not saying that this has revealed my identity, but I have some strange suspicions.

I doubt Mireille’s sanity as a woman who does ridiculous things.

I didn’t expect her to suddenly reach my crotch.

I have somehow thought about the reason and cleared things out.

“I’ve been in danger since long ago, so I’m good at avoiding it. And, as Mireille said, I’m actually a man. I feel safer dressed like this. Please keep it secret.” (Femme)

I decided to talk about my true sex.

If I keep trying to deny it, I could become more suspicious. By telling the truth about my sex, I was trying to make her think that I wasn’t lying about anything else. As a spy, there was no problem even if my sex was revealed.

“Hmm. Danger. Well, I’ll believe that for now.” (Mireille)

Her doubts didn’t seem to completely disappear, but she didn’t seem to want to pursue it.

“Don’t you think it’s weird? A man dressed like this…” (Femme)

I said that with a face filled with sadness.

“It’s weird, but isn’t it okay? Each person has their issues.” (Mireille)

“Well, that’s okay… Actually… The reason why I’m dressed like this is…” (Femme)

I start crying and tell her a story about the reason for my crossdressing.

The aim is to dispel doubts by talking about my past and to make it easier for Mireille to talk about herself. I wanted to know more about what Mireille was like.

“Hmm, you’ve lived a hard life.” (Mireille)

“Well, does Mireille have anything to say?” (Femme)

“Yeah. Let’s talk honestly then.” (Mireille)

It became easier for her to tell me her past.

“I was almost dead, but I was found by the Governor of Messiaen, so I decided to serve with my younger brother. My brother got to be Basamark’s right-hand man and he received a territory called Pernora in Alcantes County. It seems that he got land that was originally directly controlled by the governor’s family.” (Mireille)

“Wow, that’s amazing. Then, did you serve an aristocrat?” (Femme)

“Well, that’s right. But I’ve been kicked out.” (Mireille)

“Why did you get kicked out?” (Femme)

“Well, I don’t think it’s because of my bad behavior, strange relationship with the lord, or something like that. Well, actually it’s not any of those.” (Mireille)

“What is the real reason?” (Femme)

“It’s a secret” (Mireille)

“Eh?” (Femme)

I listened and wondered if I could suggest her to Ars instead of gathering information through Mireille.

As far as I can see, she must be a talented person. Although her personality seems to be quite difficult.

If she becomes a vassal of Ars, I don’t need to hear the information from her because she could speak and tell him herself.

Even if she is actually incompetent, there is no disadvantage.

So, it is decided that I will recommend Mireille.

“Do you want to serve another aristocrat Mireille?” (Femme)

“Hmm. Ah, if I can. I don’t even have a place to go. Even though it might not work out.” (Mireille)

“I have a good idea; do you want to hear it?” (Femme)

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