Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 57: Mireille’s Appraisal

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After requesting Shadow to recruit people, I went to the town of Canale to find talents.

 Although it is a town where we have been scouting human resources for quite a long time, we have not yet appraised everyone because there are so many people living. I am searching for someone who had the talent to become a military officer, but I couldn’t find them that easily.

 Since I am looking for human resources while staying in Canale, I have not returned to the mansion for a long time.

 I also told my subordinates where to stay, so they can report to the mansion immediately.

 I am currently staying at the inn tonight.

 Only Ritsu, Russell, and a few other vassals are with me.

 I’m asking Charlotte to train the mages. Not only must we recruit human resources, but we must also strengthen our troops.

 Russell has come to Canale but not at this inn.

 When I told him that he might join in war councils, he asked if he could study more. He became more motivated to study and possibly to  escape the war council.

 However, since all the books within the library of the mansion had already been read, I asked Lemail-sama to let him read the books at Canale Castle, and he was happy to accept.

 It seems that he is staying at Canale Castle these days.

 By the way, the inn where I stay is near Tremps. I’m asking Alex to tell Ben as soon as Ben returns to pass me the report.

 Well, I haven’t been gone long, so he might not come yet.

 I thought so, but

“Ars-sama, Ben is here.” (Alex)

 But I got a report from Alex.

“Really?” (Ars)

“Yeah, it looks like they’ve found good people.” (Alex)

 That was surprising.

 To be honest, I didn’t think they would find people so quickly.

“This is my personal impression, but it seemed like you shouldn’t expect too much. I saw the talent, but it was just a sloppy woman.”

 Why did they bring a woman then? That is also surprising.

 The woman is seen as a servant, not vassal material. It would be quite unusual for a woman to be appointed as a vassal, even if they are talented.

 Did she look that talented?

“They just want to meet you. Will you be in your usual room?” (Ars)

 Alex nodded.

“Let’s go, Ritsu.” (Ars)

“Yes” (Ritsu)

 We headed for Tremps.

 Entering Tremps we climb the stairs into the room where we usually meet with shadow.

 When I entered the room, there was a man with a pale face, a woman with a strong presence next to Ben.

 Her height is so great that even a man with this height is considered huge. It’s as much as Ritsu.

 Her black hair stretches to the waist is quite the dull color.

 She has considerable strength from her gaze and I am suddenly pressured.

“Are you the lord of Lamberk?” (Mireille)

 She looked at me and said so.

“That’s right.” (Ars)

“I was surprised. You’re still a little boy.” (Mireille)

 To be clear, it is not an attitude you should ever direct towards aristocrats.

 Ritsu looks quite irritated. I don’t mind rude people, so I’m not angry.

“Do you think you can serve me?” (Ars)

“Yes, I didn’t think you were a child, but is this okay?” (Mireille)

 When the woman says it, Ritsu’s look becomes even more irritated. He doesn’t like the attitude she’s showing.

“Your name is?” (Ars)

“Mireille Grangeon” (Mireille)

 I heard the name Grangeon and thought it was a name I heard somewhere. I can’t seem to recall it.

 For the time being, this Mireille is probably the woman who has been nominated, so I decided to use the appraisal.

“The little boy has eyes to see people? Rin-chan said? You are a child, but I’m wondering if it’s true.” (Mireille)

 I tried to appraise her, but she said a name I don’t know, so I asked before proceeding.

“Yes, but who is this Rin-chan?” (Ars)

 Then Ben came up close to him and said, “It’s the leader.”

 I was wondering why he was whispering, so when I asked why, Mireille hadn’t served the Louvent family yet, and he didn’t want to divulge the identity of Shadow. Actually, there is a lot of information that I have not received, and it seems that Ben is just an ordinary person who has connections to me. It was Femme who discovered Mireille, and Ben is said to be Femme’s older brother.

 It seems complicated, so I didn’t ask in detail.

“What the hell are you saying? Well, but I wonder? What? In your eyes did I look like a talented person?” (Mireille)

“Wait a minute” (Ars)

 So I continued with her appraisal.


 Mireille Grangeon – 30 years old – ♀


  • Status

 Command 93/98

 Bravery 70/72

 Strategy 102/103

 Politics 51/55

 Ambition 100



 Infantry B           Cavalry C              Archery C

 Magic Soldier B Fortification C       Weaponry A

 Navy C               Air Force C            Strategy S


 I witnessed quite an amazing status.


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