Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 58: Extreme Deliberation

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This status.

 She has a high-level command and even better than that, her strategy is 103 it is at a super high level. At the moment, the number is over 100, which is higher than that of Russell and Ritsu.

 Bravery is 70, which is high for any normal woman and she’s suitable to be a mage. Probably because of her height and athletic ability, she has become this warrior woman.

 Her politics’ value is low. Well, she certainly doesn’t look like the type who will cooperate.

 The stats are high and extremely high, but some things are questionable.

 Ambition, it’s at 100.

 I thought that 99 could be bad enough, but there’s 100?

 This is a terrible number. To be clear, I’ve never seen anyone so ambitious.

 Even Lithia with 80 is quite a shocker. 100, is 20 points higher than that…

 Even if she’s an ally, the feeling that they will betray won’t go away.

 Well, I’m in trouble.

 To be clear, her status is the one I want most.

 This is quite a dilemma. Perhaps it has reached this number after experiencing various things during her time living here. Despite her future potential, Mireille’s ability is higher than that of Russell at the present.

 Russell may also learn a lot from Mireille. I can expect a role like a teacher to replace Ritsu.

 I think the merit of making her a vassal is great, but still, this ambition is high…

 I would continue to worry about this.

 If this was just any case, I might have declined…

 Ambitions alone may not be enough to make a decision, so why not ask about Mireille’s history?

“If possible, I would like you to tell me about yourself.” (Ars)

“It’s an interview. It’s fine. It’s an impossible occurrence to suddenly make a stranger a vassal.” (Mireille)

 In any case, Ritsu and Charlotte were invited by me to become vassals without knowing who they were, but I think it might have been unintentional.

 Well, I couldn’t afford to lose any kind of talent, so it might have been good at that time.

 Mireille talks about her identity.

 Apparently, she was an aristocrat in Messiaen and was active in battle.

 It seems that she was very famous locally as a rare feudal lord, but I didn’t know her.

 I do not question the credibility. In Messiaen, she was the lord of a place far away from the place where Lamberk was, so it is possible that I had never heard of it. The period of her being a lord was quite short, just about a year. And the territory seemed to be a small territory like Lamberk, so it would be a strange story even if she was famous in that area.

 With her ability, if she had been a lord for a long time, she would have been a hero known throughout Messiaen, but she was exiled for some reason.

 As for the reason, she explained that he had been given an unreasonable habit and it was unclear whether it is a lie or not.

 She also has a younger brother, who seems to be in the position of Basamark’s right-hand man.

 When I heard that story, I remembered what Clan-sama had said.

 It is a story of a man named Thomas Grangeon, Basamark’s right-hand. According to Clan-sama, he has an extraordinary brain. Mireille’s surname is Grangeon, so the man must be Mireille’s younger brother.

 If it’s true, she should know the enemy’s plan to some extent. In addition to that, because of her high level of strategy, she is a perfect person to be a military officer.

 I’m worried that she was exiled from the enemy side though.

 The fact that she originally made her way up while being a woman is a testament to her ability. That fact may be what made them drive her out…

 I wonder if there is something else wrong?

 I am a little worried.

“I’m afraid to let Ars-sama think about hiring that person. She feels a bit dangerous. It may be better to not proceed.” (Ritsu)

“What is dangerous about her?” (Ars)

“Well, I can’t say it concretely… I guess it’s intuition. She said that she was falsely accused, but considering that she was driven out by the enemy, she has done something. It’s quite possible…” (Ritsu)

 Ritsu seems to think the opposite.

 I also think more carefully this time.

“Hey, can you answer me soon? I’m pretty tired because traveling here from Alcantes is quite far.”

 Mireille is hurrying me.

 But if I don’t hire her, it might be possible for her to side with an enemy.

 Mireille has been kicked out long ago. An enemy that has been kicked out may again use Mireille in this situation.

 Then there is only a problem.

 Alright, let’s make Mireille a vassal.

 She is quite the talent. I will be quite sorry if I miss it.

 If we have a problem with your personality, all we have to do is use her well.

 If we think she’s getting out of hand, then we can find another way. It’s a different story when it comes to a marriage like Lithia, but she’s just a vassal.

“As a result of appraisal, I found that you are a very talented person. I want you to become a retainer.” (Ars)

“Oh my god, boy, you really have the eyes to see people. I came for that purpose, so I’m happy to become your vassal.” (Mireille)

 Ritsu whispered, “Is it really okay?”

“I think she’s quite the risk, but she’s definitely a talented person. I decided it was best to hire her now.” (Ars)

“Hmm… well, if you believe so. I understand.” (Ritsu)

 Ritsu doesn’t seem completely convinced, but he pulled back.

 It’s night already, so I stayed overnight and I will take Mireille back to the mansion.


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