Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 6: Test

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“Father! Make him a vassal!” (Ars)

I rushed into my father’s room and told him as soon as I opened the door.

My father seems to have been writing a letter.

He continues to write without being distracted by my sudden intrusion.

And after he finished writing, he then turned to look at us.

“Are you talking about the Marca?” (Raven)

I nodded.

“I don’t have to. It’s the first time I heard of such folly, making a Marca a vassal.” (Raven)

Father sighed and said that. It is the expression that he uses when he’s busy and has no time for absurd requests.

(Is it impossible?) (Ars)

(But I can’t give up yet.) (Ars)

“He, Ritsu Muses, is a highly talented individual, and not hiring this person under our noble house will be a huge loss.” (Ars)

“…Alas, the Marcas are far inferior to us Somerforce. They are a talent-less race.” (Raven)

This was the general perception the locals of Somerforce have on Marcas.

It a stereotype that the Marcas are of an inferior race.

I haven’t compared multiple individuals from both races, so I don’t can’t say it with full conviction, but it seems unlikely that there is truth in that notion, because there are talented ones such as Ritsu.

“I don’t know about the whole Marca race, but Ritsu is gifted by the heavens and extremely talented. If you are in doubt, why not give him a test to see his abilities? Right?” (Ars)


Listening to me, my father thinks for a moment.

“…I know that he’s very talented” (Ars)

“I believe in his talent as a fact.” (Ars)

“Surely you saw Millet’s bowing talent,” (Ars)

“Yes, my intuition, as it was then, is telling me that he has a rare talent.” (Ars)

Father looks straight into my eyes.

It is projecting strong levels of intimidation, but I fixed my eyes and stared back.

After that, I also saw Ritsu’s eyes.

Probably because he has lived through a tough life, he also seems to be not affected by my father’s eyes.

“If you say it with so much conviction, we can test him, and if you know he is talented, I will hire him as a soldier.” (Raven)

Alright, I got permission.

There is no problem even if it is as a soldier.

My father is a meritocratic person.

If it is Ritsu, he will surely succeed, so in the future, he will be promoted.

He won’t be treated the way he if he gets promoted and when I take over the house.

“The test is simple. If he fights a mock battle with me and wins, I’ll hire him.” (Raven)

I am upset when told what the test will be.

My father’s current bravery is 94 and Ritsu is just 70.

Ritsu’s full potential is at 90, if he was more experienced he can win. but it will be highly unlikely for it to happen at the present.

“Father, he’s still a youth, only 14 years old. I think it’s very difficult to win a fight against someone like your father.” (Ars)

“Isn’t he talented?” (Raven)

“Yes, but… father is also a natural talent at fighting. It may not be possible to win, especially when Ritsu is still immature, I think it is unfairly difficult.” (Ars)

“I will not fight at my full strength. I will use a handicap during the fight.” (Raven)

I don’t know how much of a handicap it will be, but it may help Ritsu win.

I won’t get any more concessions, so I’ll have to accept it.

I nodded that it was good.

“Then the fight will take place in the training grounds.” (Raven)

My father got up and walked towards the training ground.

Ritsu and I follow.

While we were walking

“Um, Ars-sama… what made you think of making me a vassal? Pity?” (Ritsu)

Ritsu asked with an uneasy look.

“For the reason, I have told my father. Didn’t you hear it?” (Ars)

“Is it the thing about me having a talent? But such things for me…” (Ritsu)

“Aren’t you good at fighting?” (Ars)

“Eh, yeah. I was quite praised for my combat skills, but I have no other talent.” (Ritsu)

“You have not only combat skills, but the ability to lead soldiers, wisdom, and talent in politics.” (Ars)

“No, I don’t have that…” (Ritsu)

“You just had no chance to make the most of it. Serve the Louvent family and show them your full potential.” (Ars)

“Huh…” (Ritsu)

Ritsu has a slightly bewildered look.

Am I that dissatisfying to serve?

Speaking of which, I brought him without asking him if he wanted to be my vassal.

I had forgotten to hear his decision because I wanted him to be a retainer immediately.

“Do you dislike being a retainer of the Louvent family? If you don’t like it, I tell my father to stop it right now.” (Ars)

“Ah, no, I’m happy about the talk about me becoming a vassal, and I think it’s a good idea, but I wonder if it is such a good thought. Wherever I go, I’m persecuted for being a person of Marcan descent. It has always happened.” (Ritsu)

“I’m not fooling myself. And it hasn’t been decided you would be a retainer yet. The tests my father will impose will be tough. but, I believe you can pass.” (Ars)

It seems to me that Ritsu was a little more relaxed.

It was good because I didn’t want to force him to be a retainer anyway.

After walking for a while, we arrived at the training grounds.

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