Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 61: Strategy

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“The only magic that can be used is sound magic. Furthermore, if the catalyst engine that can be used is only medium-sized and the amount of ether that can be used is 30M, there are only four types of magic that can be used. There is no need for a complicated strategy.”


Mireille said calmly.


There are small, medium, and large catalyst engine, which are indispensable tools for using magic.


The small one is a catalyst engine about the size of a baseball ball that I used to test the magical power of Charlotte.


The medium size is a catalyst engine about the size of a basketball.


The large one is just a bit larger than an exercise ball. It is also very heavy and cannot be carried by a single person, so it must be wheeled. Large catalyst engines will not be used in this mock combat. Rather, it cannot be deployed by the Louvent family.


The larger it is, the more ether it can use. To use high-level magic, you need a large amount of ether. Large catalyst machines are used for that purpose.


By the way, magical water is counted in the unit of M.


The ether capacity of a small catalyst engine is 3M. 30M of ether can be used by each team during mock battles. Additional use of ether may cause financial problems.


“The four types of magic that can be used this time are … Hyper Voice, Rumble, Transmit, and Sound Mine.”


The effect of each magic is




<Hypervoice>: the caster’s voice increases in volume for some time


<Rumble>: generates anxiety-inducing roar.


<Transmit>: sends sound to a specific catalyst. The catalyst must have a receiver number engraved on it. It cannot send complex sounds such as a person’s voice. The distance where the catalyst can still receive varies from the strength of the caster.


<Sound mine>: is a spell that creates a trap on an area. If another person triggers the trap it will result in a loud roaring sound.




Only these four spells can be used with medium-sized catalyst engines.


The consumption in M is 2 for <hypervoice>, 3 for <rumble>, 3 for <transmit>, and 10 for <sound mine>.


<Hypervoice> and <Transmit> play a major role in passing information during battle.


If you set <sound mine> around your base’s perimeter, you can be notified of any approaching enemies.


<Rumble> is the only magic that is hard to find any purpose.


“Expect surprise attacks.”


Surprise attacks are a common tactic during mock battles like this one.


If the defense team tries to defend near the starting point of the attack team, it will result in a situation where the attack team hasn’t yet prepared. Inevitably, the defense team will take the initiative.


If a team falls behind in the battle, they will be at a disadvantage. If the number of forces is equal, it may decide between victory and defeat.


If we make a surprise attack, we can fight with an overwhelming advantage without being overwhelmed. Even if we can’t make a successful surprise attack, at least we are prepared.


It looks like there are only advantages, but there are also disadvantages.


The victory condition for this simulated battle is to defeat or to make the enemy team surrender, but if the attack team arrives at Lamberk with more than 30 invaders, the defense team will lose.


The attack team will lose if they cannot meet any of the victory conditions by sunset.


If we move from the starting point and pass through to Lamberk, the defense team will lose.


Right now, there is only one road from this point up to Lamberk, but with this number of people, it is possible to march on a different route towards Lamberk. Therefore, it is hard to easily predict the route the attacking team will take.


The method of a successful surprise attack is to first send out a scout, observe the enemy’s movements, tell them how they are moving by using <transmit>. Then they can predict the enemy’s route and deploy the soldiers to intercept the attack.


“Well, with that Ritsu as an opponent, if we marched normally, he could easily make a successful surprise attack.” (Mireille)


“That’s true, but you’ve just pretty much evaluated Ritsu.”


“I have some capacity to measure people. I’m smart and cunning. It’s a little bad that he’s too serious. I often say that Marcans are inferior to the locals, but now I understand that it’s a mistake. Did you see his talent and is that why you made him a vassal?” (Mireille)


“That’s right.”


“Then the young master’s abilities are truly amazing. Wherever you go, the life of the Marcans are in terrible states. Was it the same with Ritsu before he became your vassal?” (Mireille)




When I first met Ritsu he had just lost his home and was about to succumb to that kind of life.


However, before that, he belonged to the mercenary corps and could live fine, so he unexpectedly might have had a better living situation among the Marcans.


“Ritsu will become a talented general, but unfortunately Russell will just be another aspiring military officer. Because he isn’t suitable to be a military officer.” (Mireille)


“……Oh really?”


“Isn’t it the same for you? You can’t be a top-notch military officer. You’re smart, but being just a good officer is not enough. To overwhelm an enemy you need to be creative and unpredictable. It looks like he doesn’t have that.” (Mireille)




Russell would look like that, at least to Mireille. She already has a great deal of wisdom from her vast experience.


However, Russell’s strategy limit shown in my appraisal is 109. If I rely on that, it is a basis for Russell to be a military officer. But if he’s not suitable who is?


I don’t know if Mireille really has eyes to gauge a person’s talent, and I will just assume that she’s misreading Russell’s potential at this moment.


“By the way, I got a complaint from Russell the way you teach him is weird, but do you really believe he is not talented?”


“Sometimes I don’t like teaching people. But if I think they are truly talented. I would want to teach them, probably.” (Mireille)


“Well, then one day you’ll want to teach Russell.”


“… The young master believes in that boy’s power.” (Mireille)


Mireille smiled.


“We’ve gotten off track. We should act as soon as possible. What is Mireille’s strategy?”


“It’s not a complicated strategy. We just need someone to pretend on betraying someone here. Then sends them to the enemy. Spread disinformation, lead the enemy, and then we launch a surprise attack.” (Mireille)


“… Do you want to do this? Betraying means betraying me, you know?”


“Well, there are various hidden reasons for that.” (Mireille)


Mireille told me everything about the operation.


“Sure … Then maybe they might be fooled…”


“That’s right. Then you have to decide who to send there.” (Mireille)


I chose the soldiers that would act as betrayers and soon the operation was carried out.



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