Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 62: Betrayal

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~3rd Person Perspective~


At the Defense Corps led by Ritsu.


 Right now, they are not moving around the village of Lamberk from their initial position, and he has already sent out scouts to listen to the movement of the enemy.


 Information exchange was done through the use of Sound Magic Transmit.


 After using magic, the transmitted sound can be sent to the specified catalyst engine by tapping the catalyst engine. It couldn’t convey people’s words, but it was possible to have a simple conversation by combining the sounds of “kon”. [T/N: Probably something similar to Morse code.]


 Ritsu had been letting the scouting done by one infantry and one magician when he had received information.



“It looks like it’s finally started.” (Ritsu)



 It was reported that the invasion team led by Ars had begun to move.


 He did not reply with an order to monitor the movement when they started moving because he had given it in advance. <Transmit> sends sound, but the reply cannot be made unless <Transmit> is used by the receiver. It consumes ether, so they have to manage its usage.



“How is the situation?” (Russell)


“It looks like they’ve split into two groups. It looks like they’ve split into a forest side group and the roadside group. Ars-sama seems to be on the road group, so he seems to be doing reconnaissance there.” (Ritsu)



 Basically, only one person can perform reconnaissance. This is because even two people cannot convey information at the same time, considering the amount of ether available.


 Therefore, the choice of splitting into two groups is not a strange method because it can disperse the force, but it can prevent the enemy from knowing the whereabouts of some members of the group.


 Regarding the terrain, the road where Ritsu is staying now is on the southern side of Lamberk.


 This road continues to the south, and beyond that is the place where the Ars and others were currently traversing.


 There are forests on the east and west sides of the road.


 The west forest is dangerous and it is forbidden to invade by training, but the east forest has a safe route so they can move there. Only that route can be used, as you will get lost if you just walk around without checking your bearings.


 The forest group, as Ritsu said, is to march on the eastern forest, and the road group is to march along the road.



“Well, how do we deal with this?” (Russell)



 There are multiple ways to deal with the enemy’s movement.


 If they simply divide it into two, will they destroy one after the other, or will they also divide the soldiers and deal with both groups at the same time?


 While Ritsu and Russell were talking,



“Excuse me!! Ritsu-san! I’m Shamal from the invading team!! Can we talk?” (Shamal)



 A loud voice echoed.


 It is the voice of one of the magicians, Shamal, who made his voice louder with <Hypervoice>.



“What is it?” (Ritsu)


“I think we should ignore him” (Russell)



 Russell insisted on ignoring Shamal.



“I decided to betray Ars-sama for the sake of Ars-sama!!” (Shamal)



 Shamal’s voice echoes again.



“Betrayal… will you tell me what you know?” (Ritsu)


“It’s a trap, no matter how much we look into it” (Russell)


“Hmm… well, but in this situation…” (Ritsu)




 Ritsu instantly understood the meaning of the phrase betraying Ars-sama for the sake of Ars-sama.


 If Mireille couldn’t lead Ars-sama to victory here, it wouldn’t be strange for her to be considered a failure.


 When that happens, Mireille will be dismissed. Considering her bad reputation among the vassals, a traitor could appear.



“I think it’s better to listen to his words.” (Ritsu)



 With that in mind, Ritsu decided to listen and let his men accept Shamal.


 Shamal explained Mireille’s plan.


 According to him, Mireille first made the soldiers who went to the forest side shout that there was a real enemy attack outside of a mock battle, inviting Ritsu, and they will carry out a surprise attack with the remaining road group soldiers.



“That strategy… Doesn’t it violate any rules?” (Mireille)


“… Well, but I don’t think there is a clear rule for that.” (Shamal)


“Usually they won’t do that. It’s no longer a mock battle.” (Russell)



 If they were told that there was an enemy attack, they will have to go, with or without thinking of a possibility of a trap. If there is that strategy, it is outside the rules of a mock battle. Until now, no one has done it, so it hasn’t been banned.



“That woman who has quite the unconventional idea doesn’t even care about that.” (Shamal)


“But the leader is Ars-sama. He will stop her.” (Ritsu)


“Ars-sama was deceived by her words … and eventually decided to work with that plan…” (Shamal)



 Ritsu felt uncomfortable. Mireille’s strategy is certainly higher than normal, but Ars-sama is not stupid either. I don’t think he will accept such an operation.



“What you said is a lie. I’m going to reveal your plan, and I’m not naïve enough to get caught by such a hand.” (Russell)


“… That’s right. This story is a complete lie.” (Shamal)


“e?” (Ritsu)



 Shamal uttered an unexpected reply.



“As Ritsu-san said, Mireille told me to pretend to betray and guide you, but I really hate Mireille…” (Shamal)



 From there, Shamal began to talk about how he hated Mireille.


 After talking for a while



“I hate Mireille so much, I want to betray her. I will teach you the true strategy Mireille thought of, not the lie I mentioned earlier.” (Shamal)



 The second time Shamal talked about Mireille’s strategy, he told Ritsu will be given false information. Then, let them ambush Ars-sama from behind. Immediately after the surprise attack starts, Shamal will use the sound magic <rumble>. <Rumble> causes a panic-inducing sound, and when it rings from within your army, the soldiers within the group will be panicked. With that as the signal, the invasion team will immediately change direction and attack the panicked defense team.



“Ritsu-sama should pretend to be convinced by my lie. If I don’t use the rumble in the end, they’ll be completely ambushed. Mireille can’t succeed in the operation and can’t win. She will be dismissed. Please make a wise decision.” (Shamal)


(…) (Ritsu)



 Ritsu is at a loss as to what to believe.


 Of course, this may be also part of Shamal’s lie. However, it is also true that it might also be the truth. At least it didn’t seem to be a lie to Ritsu.


 However, there is a possibility that Shamal is good at lying. Ritsu isn’t stupid enough to trust with such vague feelings.



“Okay, let’s say I believe what you say” (Ritsu)



 I decided to pretend to believe him completely.


 When Shamal makes a suspicious move, it is decided that Shamal is lying, and Ritsu is confident that he can read his opponent’s movements. If what Shamal said was true and they move as Shamal says, they can succeed in making a surprise attack and win.


 Ritsu did not doubt that this was the best plan, but he was unaware at this point that he chose wrong.



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