Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 64: Departure

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~Ritsu’s Perspective~


 I was about to start my march.


 The destination is where the enemy is headed, according to Shamal, and where they will carry out the operation. It seems that Ars-sama is in charge of carrying out the operation. Shamal brought a map in advance, and the location of the destination was marked on it.


 Scouts report that for now, Ars-sama is marching towards the points marked on the map.


 Before starting the march, I was also worried about the appearance of the soldiers on the forest group, so I asked Shamal about them.


 It seems to be a group of soldiers will be used as a backup if I cannot be defeated even at the commencement of the operation, and it seems that they will come out of the forest later.


 I have to be alert, I sent about ten soldiers to the forest.


 And before we depart,




“Now, you should relinquish your catalyst engine just in case.” (Ritsu)



 I told Shamal.


 The enemy’s strategy is completely unknown. If a rumble is used on the way and at the same time a surprise attack happens, there will be no chance of winning.


 Shamal has handed over the small catalyst engine without resisting.



(this is……)



 Ritsu looked at the catalyst engine and noticed something.


 All catalyst engines are engraved with numbers.


 When using [transmit], you can deliver the sound to another catalyst engine with the number by saying the number along with the spell.


 He felt uncomfortable with the number on the catalyst engine presented by Shamal.



(The number of this catalyst engine is 23159, but … wasn’t it different from the one that Shamal had?)



 The person who owns the catalyst machine has already been designated. This is because information transmission is less likely to cause confusion. It is forbidden to use [transmit] on an opponent’s team during a simulated battle.


 Ritsu doesn’t use magic, so he doesn’t completely know the number on the catalyst engine that everyone has, but it still feels different.



(If they are different, why are they different? Did it break? Or does he have two?)



 Failure is not unthinkable, but magic is rarely used at this stage during the early stages, and if we don’t use it, we won’t know if it’s a failure.


 I thought it was likely that he had two.


 If he had two, Shamal’s betrayal was a lie.


 Otherwise, he wouldn’t have to bother hiding it.


 First of all, we have to confirm whether this catalyst engine is Shamal’s or not. The magicians memorized everyone’s numbers, so I secretly asked Charlotte so that Shamal couldn’t hear him.



“Eh? Shamal’s catalyst machine engine? … 22134? No, maybe 23112? Hmm, I don’t know.” (Charlotte)


“I’m sorry … I was wrong to ask you …”



 Charlotte was not good at memorizing and didn’t remember the number of the catalyst engines at all.


 For that reason, [Transmit] cannot be used, and although she shows overwhelming performance in actual battles, it can be said that she is a drag on the contrary in mock battles.


 I asked another magician.



“23159 is the Tenks number … Shamal is 23111.” (Magician)


“It’s different, isn’t it?”


“That’s regrettable. Was it 23111?” (Magician)


“… It would be helpful if you could take this opportunity to remember it.”



 I muttered dismayed.



“But why is the number different?” (Charlotte)



 I explained that Shamal was likely to have two.



“Hmm, I have two.” (Charlotte)


“It’s certainly unnatural for a magician to have someone else’s catalyst because he’s more accustomed to using his own, so it should be much easier to use.” (Magician)



 It seemed unnatural to the magicians, and my suspicions deepen.


 It’s not confirmed yet.


 I began a body check on Shamal.


 Shamal resisted at first, but eventually gave up and accepted the body check.


 As a result, another small catalyst engine came out.



“Why do you have two?”


(…) (Shamal)


“Well, I know. According to the scout’s report, the squadron with Ars-sama seems to have arrived at the place marked on the map you brought and is waiting. Then I guess you were going to use [rumble] with the catalyst engine that you had hidden.”


“… Yes … that’s right. It was terrible…” (Shamal)



 In the end, he admitted it. It seems that it was purely just a mistake to hand over the catalyst engine that was not his own.



“Let’s pretend to be caught halfway and head to the place where Ars-sama is. Without [rumble], the enemy’s surprise attack will not succeed and we should be able to fight with the advantage on our side.”



 I said to the group, sure of our win.





~Ars Perspective~


“Well, the opponent will be sure to think of winning with this.” (Mireille)



 Mireille grinned and told me what Ritsu might be doing.


 To put it simply, her strategy is deliberately cunning.


 Deliberately make Shamal make a mistake and make Ritsu think they have succeeded in reading our plan.


 Then, if they think that they have overlooked the opponent’s strategy, they will be alert. The reason why she talked about a complicated strategy is that it makes the enemy feel uncomfortable if the strategy is too simple.


 I think it’s a good strategy to predict people’s train of thought.


 Scouts report that Ritsu’s group is heading here.


 The way to beat the oncoming army of Ritsu is to wait for them to approach.


 And when the Ritsu gets very close, make the soldiers rush towards them.


 It takes a long time to cast a spell and to use another after casting a spell.


 If we move our soldiers before the casting is over, moving to the blind spot and launch a surprise attack from there, it will be a very effective attack for the very alert Ritsu.



“I don’t know if it’s a success at this stage, but it’s possible that Ritsu missed it.” (Ars)


“I don’t think it’s possible.” (Mireille)



 If he missed it, Ritsu would be more alert. If that happens, the strategy will have to be changed.


 However, it seems that they are already heading here at a slightly faster pace than usual. He may have neglected to be vigilant, he thought he had read the whole scheme.


 Then, after a while, the catalyst engine of the magician belonging to the other squad received the signal.


 It’s a signal that means they should come and be ready for the ambush.



“Okay, do you want to go?” (Mireille)


“Un” (Ars)



 I have now instructed everyone to start moving.


 Ritsu still hasn’t yet reached the point where they are visible.


 We are considering the enemy’s marching route and the movement of the soldiers at a fast pace so that we can move around better.


 Anyway, I moved the soldiers quickly because a little delay can lead to a defeat.


 After that, we succeeded in going around behind Ritsu’s team.


 Ritsu has already stopped advancing. Perhaps he is currently receiving reports from the magicians.


 First of all, we are working with bows and arrows, and I commanded the team to shoot a lot of arrows from behind Ritsu.


 We were able to defeat quite a lot of enemy soldiers.


 At first, they were confused, but with Ritsu’s skill, the turmoil subsided and the battle began when he took command of the situation.


 Ritsu’s corps was severely diminished by the first volley of attacks, so they are now struggling hard, and although this surprise attack was successful, it was an unexpectedly close battle, and eventually, it ended in our victory.





“My victory this time is due to the brilliant strategy of Mireille, so she will continue to be the family’s vassal, as originally promised.”



 After the battle was over, I declared this in front of everyone.


 Many had dissatisfied faces, but since they promised, there was nothing to complain about.



“But if you continue to keep making problems, you may still be dismissed. Keep that in mind.”


“Yes, Yes.” (Mireille)



 I hammered down my decision. Well, I’m wondering if they will still question my decision.


 Anyway, Mireille will continue to be my vassal.



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