Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 65: Sempler

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 Several days have passed since the mock battle happened.


 A letter saying that Clan-sama will begin the war council arrived.


 The venue is at Sempler, the home of Clan-sama.


 Sempler is south of Messiaen and southeast of Lamberk.


 I don’t know exactly where because I haven’t been there, but it seems that it will take at least 10 days of traveling to reach Sempler.


 We hastily prepared for an early departure.


 I decided to take some of the escort soldiers, including Charlotte, Ritsu, Russell, and Mireille, who would also serve as soldiers.


 Our choice of transportation is using a carriage. It will take time, so we need to bring a lot of luggage. In that case, the best means of transportation was by using a carriage.



“Then I’m heading to Sempler.”



 When all the preparations are finished, we departed towards Sempler.






 The road to Sempler steep as the roads was naturally level.


 The road itself was passable, but we were attacked by bandits several times as soon as we left Lamberk’s borders.


 When I was traveling within Canale County, I had never been attacked by bandits. Was Canale safe, or was I just lucky, or did the bandits think that since I was in a carriage I had money?


 The bandits were easily driven away by Charlotte.


 Basically, if someone sees a person who uses magic, they may think that it would just be trouble and would rather run away. But if they don’t we fire one shot, to make them run away. Charlotte can adjust the strength of her magic, so she is used to threatening them away without causing a big explosion when shooting a spell.


 Still, some people weren’t intimidated, so they were subjugated.


 I have only seen the corpse of a person during the time father sentenced a criminal to death.


 I’ve already witnessed it, so I wasn’t as upset as that time, but I still feel sick.


 I’ll have to get used to it.


 A few days have passed since we departed.



“Hey, hey, can you do something about that girl?” (Mireille)



 Mireille said to me. It looks like she’s having some trouble.


 Mireille is the kind of person who is usually considered a bother. But this time it seems she is troubled by someone else.



“Who is that child?” (Mireille)


“It’s Russell, and he’s a boy. He just can’t help but ask questions since that day.”


“Ah……” (Mireille)




 The other vassals’ evaluation of Mireille did not rise as much as I hoped at the end of the mock battle. But it seems Russell’s evaluation of her has risen significantly.


 Originally, Russell was suspicious of Mireille’s ability and hated her very being. But he changed and began to actively ask questions.


 Mireille said she hated teaching people, but she seems to have no other choice but to answer when asked persistently.


 Perhaps because of that, Russell’s strategy which hadn’t risen for a long time has risen by 2 in a short period.


 Currently, he is at 93. I thought Russell had stopped growing because of a lack of experience. And that he might have to become a leader of a squad. Ritsu also has a high level of strategy, but when Russell reached a certain value he can no longer teach Russel. Probably, they are now equal in strategy. So it is good to have Mireille who has a higher strategy and has more experience. I think she finally became Russell’s teacher.


 Well, Mireille seems to be annoyed, but she’s still putting up with him.



“I’m sorry, but answer his queries, because it’s for Russell’s good.”


“Oh, I will. I also don’t want to be dismissed, and as the young master says, I feel like Russell has a talent as a soldier…” (Mireille)


“Oh really?”


“Oh. Sometimes he gives unusual ideas. Moreover, his understanding and thinking seem to be better than what I thought. I have confidence in my abilities, but my eyes. I might have been wrong about him.” (Mireille)


“Haven’t I told you before?”


“But does he have a limit? He keeps asking me all the time without stopping. I can’t deny him strongly because he is a kid, and he is surprisingly stubborn and I am quite troubled in trying to persuade him.” (Mireille)



 It seems that it is really difficult to handle. It may be the type that is confused when it comes unexpectedly.


 Anyway, it’s a good trend that Russell is trying to learn from Mireille. I want Russell’s strategy to grow steadily like now.


 And a few days later, we arrived at Sempler.



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