Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 66: The Meeting

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 “Thank you for coming, Ars.” (Clan)



 Clan-sama greeted me as soon as I entered the room.



“It looks like you’ve brought your subordinates as well. I’m looking forward to their performance.” (Clan)




“Hmm, Ritsu, a Marca who is quite capable?”



 Clan-sama gazes at Ritsu.



“I’m honored to be remembered by your Grace. My name is Ritsu Muses.” (Ritsu)


“He seems to be a good young man. Ars who is the child beside you who seems close to you in age? Is he also a soldier?” (Clan)


“Yes, his talent is one of the highest I’ve ever seen.”


“I’m Russell Keith… Thank you your Grace.” (Russell)



 Russell’s greeting to Clan-sama was quite tense.


 It’s no wonder that Russell is nervous, Clan-sama is showing-off his status as a noble.



“I’m looking forward to it. And that girl with you? She looks like a magician.” (Clan)


“Oh, she’s Charlotte Wraith, I brought her as an escort. Charlotte is a very talented magician and even if we were attacked several times by bandits she drove them all away.”


“Nice to meet you, uncle.” (Charlotte)



 Charlotte gave a ridiculously rude greeting.



“Cha-Charlotte! Forgive her! Clan-sama!”


“Hahaha, I don’t mind. From a young child’s point of view, I would be an uncle.” (Clan-sama)



 Clan-sama was quite the big-hearted man, he just laughed and forgave us, but my stomach nearly fell.



“I remember she’s the girl who was quite capable of casting spell after spell according to Lemail. So the other one is …” (Clan)



 Clan-sama’s gaze is on Mireille.


 Then his facial expression changed completely.



“Oh, you! That Mireille!?” (Clan)



 He seemed to know her.


 No, it’s natural to know. Mireille used to be a nobleman with a territory.




 …… Wait a minute. Mireille said that she was banished. She said he had a hard time because of a vague reason, but given Mireille’s personality, it’s clear that she was banished due to her problematic behavior.


 I can’t say anything because I don’t know what she’s done, It might have been a bad move to bring her here?


 But if he knows Mireille, she knows she has a capable brother on the side of Basamark-sama.


 Clan-sama might decide to use Mireille as a military officer, he should be prepared for the risk attached to doing it.



“… you’re still alive?” (Clan)


“Somehow” (Mireille)


“You certainly have a talent as a soldier. But there are were some problems. Ars, how well do you know this woman’s identity?” (Clan)



 Clan-sama asked and so I told everything I knew about Mireille.



“Yes. This woman is the sister of an enemy officer. Besides, she must have been on good terms with Basamark. The possibility of her being an enemy spy cannot be denied.” (Clan)


“I’ll tell you the truth, I’ve never been on good terms with Basamark. I was just used by them. I’ve only a grudge against him since he dismissed me.” (Mireille)



 It seems that Basamark-sama has a lot to do with the dismissal of Mireille.



“And why would a spy serve the Louvent family? I was extremely surprised to hear that a weak aristocratic family can meet you.” (Mireille)


“Sure, that makes sense …” (Clan)



 If I was a weak aristocrat who should have never met Clan-sama. Serving as a spy wouldn’t have made much sense.


 If she were a spy, she would go to serve Clan-sama directly or to one of the more powerful aristocrats.


 Clan-sama seems to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of accepting the existence of Mireille. He was thinking hard with his arms crossed.



“Ars, how many days since you have hired Mireille as a vassal?” (Clan)


“Just about a month”


“What did Mireille look like serving the Louvent family?” (Clan)



 I elaborated on how Mireille was doing her work as a vassal.


 I said that she often skipped work, drank lots of alcohol, and caused other various problematic behaviors and was hated by her fellows.


 As I was talking about it I thought that it would be a stranger for her to be a spy.


 Normally, you should be eager to be trusted by the family. Well, it’s funny even if she’s not a spy.



“It’s not fully certain from what you’ve said, but it seems unlikely that Mireille is a spy. The problem is that there’s going to be a lot of backlash from the other aristocrats … how will we coped then?” (Clan)



 Apparently, Clan-sama has decided to accept Mireille’s presence as my vassal.



“The war council will start a little later. Until then, go ahead and relax in the castle.” (Clan)



 After that, we had to wait in a luxurious room at Sempler Castle. Just until the war council begins.

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