Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 67: The Beginning

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 A few hours have passed and now it was time for the war council.


 The place will be in a room called the Conference Room.


 It’s a room with a long table in the center. There is a map on top of the table.


 The other aristocrats had already come and were seated.


 I have met most of them at the last party.


 However, the vassals who served these aristocrats did not participate, but it seems that they will be participating in the war council. So there are some faces I haven’t seen yet.



“Oh, Ars? I heard that you were called by Clan-sama, was that true?” (Lemail)


“Lemail-sama” (Menace)



 Lemail called out. He also seems to have been called into the military.


 There was also his vassal, Menace, a behind him.



“But it seems that Clan-sama liked the fact that you are now attending the war council. Isn’t it amazing?” (Lemail)


“Thanks to Lemail-sama for telling my accomplishments to Clan-sama.”


“By the way, I have only told Clan-sama about your work as a lord. Well, I am not one to exaggerate, I just told facts, I just want to show-off your ability as a lord.” (Lemail)



 While we were having a conversation, a nobleman nearby called out to me



“Aren’t you the little boy from the party? Why are you here?” (Noble)



 He called out to me with a face full of doubt.



” I was invited by Clan-sama.”


“A child like you? Not only a child, but one from the Louvent family ruling over that weak territory.” (Noble =] Rude Noble)


“I really like that place.”



 He was looking at me with a look filled with contempt. And it seems that he was looking at something filthy.



“Also, why is a Marcan a vassal yours? And why did you bring a Marca instead of someone better?” (Rude Noble)



 This time, other aristocrats are listening in the conversation.



“He is my vassal”


“Marcans are now vassals? Don’t say stupid things. They are inferior species. What are you thinking about making them one of your vassals? It’s unpleasant to get rid of them, quickly.” (Rude Noble =] Racist Noble)



 He said while looking at Ritsu with disgust blatantly seen in his eyes.



“Wait he …” (Lemail)



 I stop Lemail-sama from saying anything back.


 There is no way that I would not say it myself.



“Ritsu is a talented individual. He is proficient in sword combat and has great intellect. He has helped me many times. And even though you are higher in status, this is Clan-sama’s castle. It’s also Clan-sama who calls for the war council. Your orders and opinion do not have power here.” [T/N: So I might have constructed Ars’ reply to be more ballsy. But the intent is still the same.]


(……) (Racist Aristocrat)



 The aristocrat seems to have been silenced by my words and glares balefully at me.



“… Hmm, I’m going to expose your incompetence. Look forward to that moment.”



 He went away and we were left alone.



“… Thank you Ars-sama” (Ritsu)


“I only said the truth.”



 From then on, Ritsu had a proud look, and no aristocrat complained to me.


 Finally, we sat down.


 It seems that a large number of people will be participating in the war council. The more people there are, the more the ideas will be polished.



“It seems everyone has already gathered.” (Clan)



 Clan-sama has finally entered.



“Let’s start the discussion right away. This time I’d like to discuss the strategy for the upcoming war.” (Clan)



 A strategy on how to act during the battles and the possible scenarios. If we don’t plan properly, we won’t be able to win the war, even if we win a lot of battles.



“Robinson” (Clan)


“Yes” (Robinson)



 Clan-sama called Robinson, his right-hand man. Robinson then opened the rolled paper he had in his hand.



“Currently, our strength is about 110,000 soldiers. Infantry 55,000, archers 30,000, cavalry 20,000, magicians 5,000. Catalysts engines: small 3,000, medium-sized 1,500, and large-sized 500. The total amount of ether is about 54,130M. The troops are plentiful and it is possible to continue fighting for several years.” (Robinson)



 Robinson talks about the army’s strength.



“The strength of the enemy army is not completely known, but the number of troops will be about 20,000 more than what we have, but the equipment we have available have better quality.” (Robinson)



 It seems that the opponent’s strength is not yet fully known.


 After Robinson gave the army report, one of the aristocrats spoke.



“I would like to say my thoughts!! Our army has high morale and the quality of our troops is good!! We will definitely win in the war!! Our goal this time is to bring down the enemy’s hometown, Alcantes! If we mobilize the entire army and attack them, they will soon fall!!” (Muscle-brain Noble)



 He spoke so loud. He looked like a man who is focused on his battle prowess. The opinion was expected of a person belonging to that group. And he seemed to not have thought deeply of the information given.



“That thought is too shallow. Stop being naïve in thinking that we will definitely win in such a simple way.” (Nerdy Noble)



 This time the aristocrat wearing glasses spoke.


 He was a small and smart-looking man. When I examined him using appraisal, he has strategy at 71. By the way, the man before only has 41.



“In order to win the battle reliably, it is important to exploit the weaknesses of the enemy. The weakness of Basamark-sama is that his claim is not legitimate. Originally, it makes sense for the firstborn Clan-sama to take over the house. Basamark-sama was originally nominated as a successor, and but he was removed. But it was only done because Clan-sama questioned the decision. In fact, he still thinks of himself as the rightful successor. He made such a claim that can’t be proven true without asking the deceased governor.” (Nerdy Noble)



 The intellectual nobleman speaks quite fluently.



“Basamark-sama is quite proficient in gathering nobles to support him, but what about the people? Alcantes residents are skeptical that Basamark-sama is properly governing. Aren’t they? If Basamark-sama loses the support from the population of Alcantes and they instead begin to support Clan-sama, our victory is almost within our grasp.” (Nerdy Noble)



 This time he’s saying a decent opinion.


 But he hasn’t given a method to win the population of Alcantes. It is only a valuable opinion and not a true strategy



“Mark, your plan lacks some information.” (Clan)



 It was Clan-sama who now spoke. Mark is apparently the name of the bespectacled aristocrat.



“He is also very good at getting support from the public. I’ve grown Sempler into one of the state’s leading commercial cities, during which time Basamark has also been gaining support from various cities in Messiaen. Basamark also has Alcantes’ populations’ heart. The challenge is not how to get the peoples’ support after defeating Basamark. It will be very difficult for me to get the support of the Alcantes while Basamark is still alive.” (Clan)


“Well, that is… I’m sorry.” (Mark)



 Having his idea denied, Mark apologized with a pale face.



“It’s not wrong to say your opinion, so you don’t have to apologize.” (Clan)



 Clan-sama followed with words of support, but the air in the room became a bit heavy.


 No one spoke, and silence dominated the conference.



“Ah, ah, c-can I give my opinion?” (Voice)



 Then Russell’s quivering voice broke the silence.

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