Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 7: Simulation

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When we went to the training grounds, the soldiers who were practicing began to tighten their expressions all at once.

My father sometimes practiced at the military training ground, but it was very stressful for the soldiers and militia.

Therefore, when my father came to the parade, people felt nervous.

“I didn’t come to practice today. I’m going to test this guy by sparring.” (Raven)

The declaration of sparring by my father eases the tension in the field.

And the eyes of the soldiers were focused on Ritsu.

The soldiers’ eyes were gathering on my father, so people heard the words of his father and seemed to notice the existence of Ritsu for the first time.

“Is the one being tested the Marca?” (Soldier A)

“Oh, Ars tells me that this Marca has a lot of talent. Well, if it were true, I could hire him as a soldier.” (Raven)

Hearing my father’s words, the soldiers begin to buzz.

“Hiring a Marca as a Soldier?” “I don’t think so.” “The young master says something weird again.”

No one seems to believe in Ritsu’s talent.

Well, it’s just a matter of making people understand by brandishing your ability.

“Hold the wooden sword” (Raven)

“Yes” (Ritsu)

Ritsu and father both pick up a wooden sword and faced each other.

“As a handicap, if you can strike me once within three minutes, it will be your win. You can attack as many times and ad long as you like until you surrender. Gratz holds an hourglass Come”

“Yes!” (Gratz)

One of the soldiers, Gratz, moved swiftly and brought a three-minute hourglass from the warehouse of the training grounds.

It is extremely difficult for anyone with a half-baked ability to hit his father.

None of the soldiers here have landed a hit on his father in a one-on-one battle.

However, if he has high bravery as Ritsu and has infantry aptitude of A, that is likely to be possible.

“By the way, I didn’t hear your name come from your mouth. We’re already going to have a mock battle.” (Raven)

“It’s Ritsu Muses.” (Ritsu)

“I am Raven Louvent, the owner of the Louvent family. Let me show you my strengths.” (Raven)

After that, Gratz turned the hourglass upside down and the simulated battle began.

My father moved first.

He’s moving his large body with both momentum and agility, and swing down the wooden sword from above.

With such power, if someone was hit on his head, he will be stunned. If you are not good.

If it is an ordinary person, he would have been overwhelmed by the pressure and be struck down on the spot. But since he has the fighting experience, Ritsu calmly retreats and avoids the sword.

Ritsu immediately turns on the offensive, but although he has slashed down with all his might, father immediately regains his position and avoids Ritsu’s sword.

Ritsu’s eyes widened in surprise due to father’s movement.

My father wasn’t just a stupid muscle-brain, and his technique was also top-notch.

This time father returns to be on the offensive. Although Ritsu was surprised, he was not disturbed and accepted the attack of his father.

Then, the clashing of blades reaches a tremendous speed.

Even the soldiers who were ignorant at first were silenced as they saw the battle.

No soldier here can fight one-on-one with father.

My father’s attacks are strong enough so as not to kill or cause serious injury, but most of the time a soldier loses the wooden sword immediately and loses. It’s not a story about a single bout, it’s a fight that’s impossible to win.

Here the soldiers have experienced training, but they still can’t be my father’s opponents.

This time my father is seriously fighting because he doesn’t care what happens to the other person.

Ritsu hasn’t advanced enough.

He knew about his father’s strength, so he couldn’t help but watch.

However, Ritsu is gradually getting pushed back.

At first, he was able to attack, but gradually he’s going on the defensive position.

About half of the hourglass sand fell, but neither of them has been hit yet. Even father hasn’t earned a strike on Ritsu.

If you think about it, attacking an enemy in an actual battle will surely kill you.

These two, who both may have a lot of experience in combat, might hardly be hit by the enemy.

Then, this handicap as a form of a handicap is doubtful, isn’t it?

I start to think that we’re in a bad position. This may be a loss.

It’s going to be hard to persuade father after losing the game and failing.

My father would have acknowledged Ritsu’s talent in this battle, but he will still comply with what he once decided.

He will never hire Ritsu at this rate.

Even if it’s a fluke somehow, Ars is praying over the on-going mock battle hoping that Ritsu’s sword will hit.

Almost all of the sand has fallen, and the remaining time is very short.

As expected even his father, has his physical strength begin to wane, and his movements have begun to slow down.

Anticipating for it, Ritsu attacked his father, squeezing the rest of his strength and stamina.

This is a prepared attack that Ritsu prepared. I thought that this was the last chance.

Ritsu aimed at his feet.

My father was surprised. He missed his chance to defend and got struck.

The soldiers were looking at the end of the battle with a stunned look. They could not understand what had happened.

Even if he was struck, his father was not hurt and was standing. It seems that people were saddened by father’s loss.

However, now that Ritsu succeeded in landing a hit on his father, he won a simulated battle.  He might lose more if they do it a few more times, but this time Ritsu won.

“…You win. I’ll hire you as a mercenary as promised.”

My father was looking a little regretful as he said it.

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