Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 70: News from the Shadow

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 After that, discussions held were about: when to send the request for mediation to the imperial family, who to send to negotiate, and the budget for the financial assistance.


 Departure towards the Emperor’s territory can already be done, but some preparation is still needed, so we still need some time until the negotiator leaves.


 It is not good to send half-baked negotiators to the imperial family. Also, it is impossible for Clan-sama himself to go so deciding on who to send is still up in the air.


 Therefore, the temporary negotiator was decided to be the eldest son of Clan-sama. It seems that Robinson will be sent as an assistant.


 However, when Clan-sama decided to send his eldest son, he looked quite uneasy. I haven’t met him, but he might not be a reliable son. Clan-sama told me that even if he might not go himself, it would be okay with Robinson as an assistant.


 The amount to be given to the imperial family seems to be around 10,000 pieces of gold coins and another huge amount as an advance payment. By the way, the means of transportation is by using a ship. The imperial capital borders the sea like Sempler, so it is fastest to go by boat. Clan-sama’s ships are the most advanced in the continent, and with the addition of brilliant navigators and pilots under his employ, his fleet is hard to sink.


 Plans in case the negotiations fail are also getting drafted.


 If Clan-sama fails, a cunning strategy will not be enough. Instead, the simple method of strengthening the defense, catching the enemy off guard, and surpassing the tactics of the other side would be needed to win.


 The war council has gone on long enough and it is time to end it.


 Aristocrats are now leaving after the discussion.



“Ars. Stay, but only you.” (Clan)



 Immediately after the meeting was over, I was called back by Clan-sama.


 I was told, to send my vassals out of the room, and I was the only one left after the discussion.


 Clan-sama and Robinson seem to be the only people to remain in the room.



“Thank you for bringing me an excellent military officer as promised.” (Clan)


“Your words are wasted on me.”


“Well, I have a little issue about Mireille’s opinion, but let’s put it aside for now. Let’s talk about the main subject. I want to ask you for one more thing.” (Clan)




 It seems that Clan-sama stopped me from leaving the room not to thank me but because he had another request.



“This time, I need a person who can go to the negotiations with the imperial family, but I’m a little worried about Robinson alone the assistant to Leng. If you know anyone suitable for negotiations, I would like to have that person come as the assistant. So do you have anyone?” (Clan)



 Leng-sama is the eldest son of Clan-sama, he’s the person going to negotiate this time.


 Robinson is a man with high political power, but Clan-sama is still worried? Is Clan-sama being cautious, or does Leng-sama a different personality?


“I have a vassal with high political capabilities. That would be Ritsu.”


“… Ritsu… That’s bad. The Imperial City is a place within the Somerforce Empire where discrimination against Marcan’s runs rampant.” (Clan)


“Is that so……”




 If that is the case the next most politically capable person… who? Russell huh? No, it would be too heavy a burden for Roselle. Mireille and Charlotte are out of the question.


 I don’t think my other vassals are qualified.


 While I was thinking, I remembered my experience with Lithia.


 Speaking of which, there was Lithia. She has a fairly high political power. Maybe Lithia would be perfect.


 However, she is not my vassal but by betrothed. At the moment, she’s from another family and it will be difficult to just take her.


 Well, should I tell Clan-sama?


 I told Clan-sama about Lithia.



“Hmm, a young girl who is also your betrothed… I don’t want to force you to bring her. If you talk to her and get the consent from her father and herself, bring her here.” (Clan)


“I understand.”


 It shouldn’t be a problem to talk to Lithia and her father.


 That ends the meeting with Clan.


 We stayed overnight at the castle before returning to Lamberk.

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