Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 71: Two Conditions

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 I return to the mansion at once.


 It’s rude to go to Lithia’s parents’ house suddenly, so I decided to write a letter first to convey my intention to visit. Then wait for a reply before heading there.


 As for the content, I wrote that there is an important situation regarding the upcoming battle, so I would like to meet Lithia and talk to her about it, and it is not an order. By the way, the recipient is not Lithia, but her father Hammond-san.


 If anything, I thought there was going to be opposition from Hammond-san to send Lithia to the Imperial City.


 Well, even if he says no, it won’t significantly reduce Clan-sama’s evaluation of me, so there is no problem. And it is unclear how useful Lithia will be in the negotiations. They don’t really need to be forced and persuaded.


 Waiting for a reply letter



“Ars-sama, Ben from Shadow seems to have brought a report.”



 A vassal came to report.


 If I had more time before I go to Sempler, I would be able to receive the report directly from Ben. So I decided to let the vassals dispatched to Canale receive the information and pay the gold coins in my stead.


 They’ve brought a letter from Ben.



“So difficult.”



 I receive the letter and read the contents.


 The first part of the report says that they have a way to receive information about the enemy. The method shadow would use is of course not mentioned.


 There seems to be no aristocrat who is being used for spying. Basamark-sama believes that as time goes by, he will have an advantage over the castle of Alcantes, and it is unlikely that he will be outsmarted by us.


 However, one of his vassals seems to be claiming to invade Perena County, and discussions are currently underway.


 Then he is probably trying to form an alliance with the state of Sights.


 There are also plans to request an attack on Clan-sama’s territory.


 This hasn’t been successful yet, but Sights seems to be responsive.


 It seems that he went to the state of Paradigm and the imperial family to subtly negotiate, but neither seemed to work.


 Basamark-sama also predicts that Clan-sama will come up with an alliance with Paradigm, but believes this is unlikely to succeed.


 So it is like that.


 It is added at the end that the information was obtained from one of his vassals and could not be determined to be 100% correct.


 Still, it seems that Shadow is quite excellent to be able to investigate so many different enemy strategies. I’m glad I made a contract.


 A successful alliance with the state of Sights would be a hurdle we must overcome.


 It will be the most damaging, especially in Canale County which is at the border. Of course, Lamberk is also not safe.


 Let’s report this information to Clan-sama at once.


 Perhaps Clan-sama also hires a spy mercenary like Shadow, and this information is already in his hands, but just in case.


 I copied the information from Shadow into a letter and sent it to Clan-sama.


 A few days later, I received a letter from Hammond-san accepting my visit.


 I went with an escort towards Torrequista, where the Plaid mansion is located.

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