Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 72: Departure

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Decided to go to the Imperial City, I returned to Lamberk to prepare immediately.


 It seems that Lithia also needs time for preparation.


 Lamberk is closer to Sempler than Torrequista, so Lithia will come here when she’s ready.


 I first get ready to go to Sempler.


 Supplies from Sempler to the Imperial City will be procured locally.


 But it would be too much to carry it by myself from here.


 So I must decide who to accompany me.


 Of course, an escort is needed to get to Sempler, but Clan-sama will attach an escort from there, but it is still better to have a reliable escort near.


 But thinking about it, the escort will prioritize the protection of the eldest son of Clan-sama, so it is highly possible that he will not protect me or Lithia in the event of an emergency.


 Charlotte should be one of the escorts.


 Ritsu cannot be sent to the imperial capital, where there is heavy discrimination against Marcans. I will let him stay and leave the mansion to him.


 Is Mireille the only other vassal with high bravery status?


 However, I don’t know what kind of troubles will occur if I take Mireille, so will stop considering it.


 Well, it’s scary to leave her while I’m not in the mansion, but if they have Ritsu, it’ll do the trick.


 Some other soldiers have high bravery, such as Russell’s brothers. So should I bring them?


 I wrote a letter to Clan-sama stating that Lithia will be the assistant negotiator and that I was going to go with her.


 If I wait for a reply, it will take a long time, so I will not wait.


 However, it would be difficult if Clan-sama refused.


 The ship will be big, so I think we’ll fit, but I’m not sure I’ll get permission to leave. If he might refuse, I will have to negotiate well.


 A few days later, Lithia came to the mansion.


 It seems that she came by carriage.


 She has a maid who will take care of her and some soldiers as guards.


 I don’t know when the preparations for departure will be completed, so it’s best to head to Sempler as soon as possible.


 Immediately after the arrival of Lithia, I decided to head to Sempler.



“Then I’ll go”


“Yes … leave the mansion to us.” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu said, with a lonely look on his face.



“Why don’t you take me with you? The Imperial City is where delicious sake gathers from all over the SomerForce.” (Mireille)


“I think it would be fun if Mireille-ane came with us.” (Charlotte)



Charlotte pleaded so.



“I’m not going sightseeing. If it’s sake, Lamberk them.”


“Muuu, no?” (Mireille)


“Ars-sama is a stick in a mud” (Charlotte)



 Mireille has said she wants to go multiple times, but I refuse each time. When Charlotte is with me and Mireille drinks, I only have a bad feeling. I even have a feeling that I will become a wanted person by letting Charlotte go magic go to the Imperial City.



“What kind of place is the Imperial City and Paradigm? Ars-sama, please buy a souvenir.” (Russell)



 Russell is requesting a souvenir.



“Well I won’t go there sightseeing … well, souvenirs are good though.”



 Russell likes books, so if find something unusual, I’ll buy it.



“Then I hope Ars-sama and Charlotte can finish the trip safely. Please go.” (Ritsu)


“Oh, I’m going”


“I’m off, see you later” (Charlotte)


Then we leave the mansion. So, I got on a carriage and left for Sempler with Lithia.






 The road to Sempler is still dangerous and there are bandits, but with Charlotte, it has been quite safe.


 We arrived at Sempler completely unharmed.



“So this Sempler … I haven’t traveled much … I’ve heard about the ocean, and there really is so much water.” (Lithia)


“This time, we will go by boat to the Imperial City.”


“I’m a little excited.” (Lithia)



 Lithia cheeks relax to a smile.


 I was a little worried about us leaving, but it seems that I was worrying too much.


 After that, I went to Sempler Castle with Lithia to met Clan-sama.



“So you’re Lithia, I’m Clan Salemakia.” (Clan)



 Clan spoke in a deep voice with an intimidating self-introduction.



“Nice to meet you. My name is Lithia Plaid. I’ve heard Clan-sama’s famous name many times.” (Lithia)



 She returned the greeting flawlessly.


 Clan-sama looks at Lithia and softens his expression a little.



“Hmm, girls and children are generally scared and can’t really speak well, but it seems that you are in quite a good mood.” (Clan)



 Did she try a little too much?


 Well, I guess Clan-sama was going to test us. So we shouldn’t be upset here.


 I have confidence in our strengths, but he wants to know and do a minimum amount of testing.



“It was written in the letter. But Ars why should I allow you to come too?” (Clan)


“Because Lithia-sama asked for it.”


“Very well, It is okay for you to go.” (Clan)


“Thank you”



 I was relieved because I got permission easily.



“I wanted you and a few others to go too, so it’s not a problem.” (Clan)


“Do you mean that you want other people to come to the Imperial City?”


“No. You can see your own talents with your power right?” (Clan)


“No, I can’t see my own abilities.”


“Well, I feel that you have great political talent. Maybe you can help in the negotiations.” (Clan)


“Well, is that so?”



 Political talent?


 Bravery and wisdom are easily known, but strategy and politics are currently hard to know.


 I can’t say that I’m not talented, but I can’t really feel it.


 To be honest, I have no idea if I showed some signs of talent, and I wonder why Clan-sama thought so. Is it something like intuition?


 To be honest, I don’t think I have great talent, but it may be possible to think that I have some extent of skill.



“It will take another week to leave the port. That’s right. My son is just coming from the castle, so let me introduce you.” (Clan)

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