Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 73: Son

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Clan-sama sent his vassals to call his son.


 After a while, the door of the room opened,



“Father, why have you called?” (Leng)



 A tall blonde man and a young red-haired girl around the age of ten came into the room.


 The tall man can be seen as the eldest son of Clan-sama, Leng-sama.


 The faces are very similar, and at a glance, you can tell that he is the son of Clan-sama.


 Who is the other child?


 She has a pretty face, but…


 Hmm? If I look closely, she’s wearing clothes that boys wear.



 Maybe she’s a boy?


 However, his hair extends to the shoulders, and his face is so cute that only a girl can be that cute.


 I will have to appraise the two.


 First, appraise the man who seems to be the Leng-sama.


Leng Salemakia 20 years old ♂

  • Status

 Command 44/79

 Bravery 50/78

 Strategy 40/66

 Politics 31/91

 Ambition 90


 ・ Aptitude

 Infantry C Cavalry B Archer C

 Magic Soldier D Fortification D Weapon D

 Navy C Air Force B Strategy B


 It was Leng-sama as expected.


 The limit value is high, but the current value is low.


 At the age of 20, is he a lazy person or a sloth?


 I appraise the other child.


Technad Salemakia 10 years old ♂


  • Status

 Command 44/61

 Brave 48/65

 Wisdom 48/70

 Politics 33/65

 Ambition 18


 ・ Aptitude

 Infantry C Cavalry C Archer C

 Magic Soldier C Fortification C Weapon C

 Navy C Air Force C Strategy C


 His is a status that is a little higher than average in everything.


 I feel like he’s just not hitting the mark.


 And it seems that gender is definitely male.


 And the surname is Salemakia.


 Is this child also the son of Clan-sama?



“My eldest son, Leng, and my third son, Technad. At first, I intended to be only Leng. But he said Technad wanted to go to as well. Well, I think it’s a good experience to see places other than Sempler. I allowed him to accompany you.” (Clan)



 He really is the son of Clan-sama.


 It seems he will accompany the trip.


 It may not be the best idea ​​to let a cute child travel.



“Who are these two children father?” (Leng)



 Leng-sama asks.



“They are traveling with you. Ars Louvent and Lithia Plaid.”



 Lithia and I bow to Leng-sama and Technad-sama.



“Eh? You’re still a kid. It’s dangerous for a kid to travel. I don’t think you should take him.” (Leng)


“Are you implicitly telling me not to go, my brother?” (Technad)


“Yes, Technad, you shouldn’t also go.” (Leng)


“I’m grateful for your concern, but I’m going because I have father’s permission.” (Technad)


“It’s safe because I’m going to include a strong escort. Also, Technad’s showing promise with his sword arm.” (Clan)



 In fact, their bravery values at the moment are not so different.


 Although based on their limit, it is a little open for debate.



“Well, I’m the type that shows his true value in actual battles!” (Leng)



 Clan-sama sighs when he sees Leng-sama acting out.


 I can’t say anything yet, but I understand that there may be some problems with Leng-sama based on this exchange.



“Well, if my father says it’s okay, I won’t oppose it. But, uh, Ice and Lilia?” (Leng)



 Since the names he said are completely wrong, I corrected him “I’m Ars” and Lilia is “Lithia” respectively.



“Well, that’s right, Ars and Lithia. This job will be the first achievement of my great life. If a child dies, it’ll water down my success. If you come, don’t you dare die.” (Leng)



 He said so with a rather arrogant attitude.


 It seems that his self-evaluation is quite high.


 Clan-sama sighs again,



“This time it’s just an introduction. Both of you should go back.” (Clan)


“Yes” (Leng & Technad)



 Leng-sama and Technad-sama left the room.



“… Ars. Did you appraise Leng?” (Clan)




“You know, I’m overconfident that he has the power, even though he’s not that strong, and he’s not making any effort. I don’t know how to raise a child. But… Technad is a serious and good child…”



 It seemed that he is seriously worried.



“Leng-sama is indeed immature at the moment, but he has great potential.”



 Most of his abilities had limits above 70 and his political skill caps at 90.


 With proper effort, he can become a great person.



“Is that true? Is your ability able to measure the potential…” (Clan)


“Yes, no doubt.”


“Hn, yeah… But I want him to make an effort… I wish there was some way.” (Clan)



 When Clan-sama thinks of his child, he seems to be just a troubled father.


 Unfortunately, I can’t sympathize with him because I had no children in my previous life.



“That’s it for this inquiry. Yes. There was one more thing I had to say to you. It’s about the letter.” (Clan)



 It’s probably the letter I sent to inform Clan-sama about the report from Shadow.


 Apparently, it arrived safely.



“No, I don’t know how you found out, but it looks like I need to hire a good spy mercenary. I’m sorry. I also gathered information on my own about the negotiation between Sights and Basamark. I knew it was going to happen, but I didn’t know that the negotiations were already in place.” (Clan)



 I thought Clan-sama might have already known, but he didn’t. I’m glad I sent it.



“Our advantage will be lost if we are attacked by Sights. I would like you to negotiate with Sights as well. If we can’t get them on my side, but I want them to stop being hostile.” (Clan)


“Well, do you need another negotiation?”


“Anyway, I’d like you to negotiate with the state of Sights after the negotiations with the state of Paradigm are concluded so that this looks advantageous. Perhaps Basamark is saying that he will pay if he wins the battle. In that case, if he loses the battle, they just lose their troops unnecessarily and there is no merit.” (Clan)


“Is that so? Do you want us to go to Sights after the negotiations with Paradigm are over?”


“That’s right. Is there a problem?” (Clan)



 The trip will be longer, but for me, it’s not a problem.


 But what about Lithia?



“How about you Lithia-sama?”


“I have no problem.” (Lithia)



 She replied like so.



“Okay, then you’ll leave in a week. Tell me if you have the supplies you need. Get as much as you need.” (Clan)





 After that, we had to spend a week at Sempler Castle until the day of departure.

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