Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 75: Departure

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 On the day of our departure.


 We went to Sempler port.


 A large ship with three masts was anchored in the harbor.


 What surprised me was that the ship was made of steel instead of wood.


 I’ve seen ships several times in this world, but they were all wooden ships.


 I thought it was going to be a wooden ship this time as well, but it was a steel ship.


 I don’t know the details, but on Earth, it should be using buoyant force to make the steel ship float.


 Is the same principle is applicable in this world?


 The wind pushing against the masts stretching the sails is making the ships move.



“Is this ship made of iron?” (Lithia)



 Lithia asked a nearby crew member.



“Oh yes” (Sailor)


“Why is it floating? It’s very strange.”


“That’s right. There is a special floating metal called ukigane. If you leave it alone, it will float in the air for about 3 meters above the ground. If you mix it with iron, the iron will float on the water while maintaining its toughness. It will also be lighter than normal iron.” (Sailor)



 It seems that it was an iron ship made using the principles unique to this world.



“This ship is only available in Sempler. It doesn’t get much ukigane, it costs money to make, and it’s not easy to mix iron and ukigane. Only Sempler has the technology and resources to make this ship.” (Sailor)



 It looks like a very valuable ship.



“Not only is it made of iron, but it’s also the fastest ship in the whole Somerforce Empire. There are five ships like this in Sempler, so we won’t lose in naval battles.” (Sailor)



 He seemed to be quite confident.



“Hey everyone, good luck!!” (Voice)



 Suddenly I heard a loud voice.


 The eldest son of Clan-sama, Leng-sama.


 Next to him was Technad-sama, who was accompanied by Robinson one step behind them.



“It’s a very nice day today. It’s a great day to depart from Sempler port. I’ve also haven’t been to the Imperial City, so I’m really looking forward to it!” (Leng)



 Leng-sama looks excited.


 It seems that the excitement of being able to go to an unknown place outweighs his tension of performing important tasks related to the upcoming war.


 On the contrary, his younger brother Technad-sama seems to be very nervous.



“Oh? … You guys ………” (Leng)



 The Leng-sama noticed us then heads towards us.



“So Ass-kun and company will be the ones accompanying me.” (Leng)


“It’s Ars, Leng-sama”


“Oh, oh, excuse my mistake. This ship is a great ship, but it’s still dangerous at sea. Don’t fool around too much.” (Leng)



 I almost returned, “Then, won’t you fall into the sea at this rate”. Just before it comes out in of my mouth, I hold it down and reply “I understand.”


 Charlotte muttered quite the frightening words, “You’re the one who’s got the highest chance of falling,” but it doesn’t seem to reach Leng-sama’s ears.


 There seemed to be some words from the captain before boarding the ship. So everyone was gathered.


 There were more than 200 ship crew members in total.


 After a while, a man who seems to be the captain comes and stands in front.


 A man in his mid-40s and wearing an eyepatch.


 It’s quite a menacing and pirate-like look. It would be no surprise if he used to be a pirate.



“It’s Captain Shark Tostinder. It looks like two of Clan-sama’s children will be boarding this time. First of all, my word is law within this ship, and I’m the absolute authority. I don’t have to make amateurs work on the ship, but if you do something that interferes with the voyage, you’ll be thrown out to the sea… Just listen and follow every word I say.” (Captain)



 He said while sweeping the group with a glare.


 Clan-sama left his children in front of such a large number of people, and the last phrase is addressed to two children. What is the relationship with Clan-sama?


 Are they friends rather than just a master-retainer relationship?


 I thought the Leng-sama was rude, but it seemed he was barely pressured by Shark’s words.



“Then, get in immediately.” (Shark)



 With the captain’s words, we boarded the ship.



“It’s a strange feeling, isn’t it?” (Lithia)


“I feel uncomfortable while standing” (Charlotte)



 Lithia and Charlotte, who have never boarded a ship, are confused as to whether they will experience the swaying sensation on board for the first time.



“If the ship starts moving, it will shake more.”


“Oh, has Ars-sama ever been on a boat?” (Lithia)


“Well, uh. Yes, something like that…”



 Of course, this is counting my previous life, but this is the first time I have boarded a ship in this world.


 I’ve never boarded a sailing ship, and the technology to prevent shaking may not be in this world, so it might be a bumpy ride.


 I think we need to be prepared to some extent.



“Then leave the port” (Shark)



 Shark’s loud voice echoed on board.


 Since the loudness of the voice is not something any ordinary humans can make, it is probably done by using sound magic.


 The ship slowly started to move and we’ve finally departed.

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