Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 76: Navigation

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 Our voyage across the sea begins.


 It was comfortable riding this ship. It didn’t shake as much as I had imagined.


 Naturally, the shaking is worse than the ships I boarded in my previous life.


 However, it was still within a comfortable range.


 Is the captain’s skill good, is the ship in this world using some kind of anti-sway technology, is it the sea condition, or is it all of those?


 I didn’t get seasick because it didn’t shake more than I expected.


 However, Lithia, Charlotte, and Clan-sama’s two sons have all suffered from seasickness at the beginning.



“I’m finally getting used to it… Ars-sama, I’m sorry I showed you something unsightly…” (Lithia)



 We’re in a room on the ship.


 Lithia, who has finally recovered from her seasickness, apologized.


 Of course, because I used to get seasick, I sometimes empty the contents of my stomach.


 As a young girl, she wouldn’t want to show it to others. So I tried not to set my gaze on her while she’s emptying her stomach contents.



“No, I apologize. I should have talked in more detail about getting seasick while on the boat.”



 Apologize to Lithia.


 We are now in the common room in the boat.


 This room was closed to the crew, only the aristocrats and their servants.


 The door of the room opened, Charlotte came in,



“It is still no good” (Charlotte)



 Charlotte suddenly said.



“What was wrong?”


“When I said I wanted to go to the deck, I was told I couldn’t because it was dangerous.” (Charlotte)


“It would be I guess.”


“But I want to see more of the sea.” (Charlotte)


“The room has a window, so why not look at the sea from there?”


“Hmm, but it looks better from the deck.” (Charlotte)



 I don’t know how it feels, but if it’s dangerous then it is dangerous.


 However, until a while ago she said she’s dying while looking quite green, but Charlotte was adapting pretty well.



“Oh, Hello, everyone.” (Technad)



 This time Technad-sama came in.


 Looking at us, he bowed politely and said hello.


 He is overwhelmingly superior to us in terms of blood, but he is quite polite.



“Greetings Technad-sama you’re looking well. Have you recovered from your seasickness”?


“Yes, I’m getting better, but my brother still feels sick. He moaned that he would never get on a ship again.” (Technad)



 Leng-sama seems to be very weak to ships.



“Excuse me everyone” (Robinson)



 Finally, Robinson-san came in.


 He was always calm, without experiencing seasickness.


 Does he have a lot of experience boarding a ship?



“I feel like I’m feeling better, so I’d like to talk some more before arriving at the Imperial City. Is that okay?” (Robinson)


“Leng-sama doesn’t seem to have recovered yet, is that okay?”


“I’ve already talked to Leng-sama.” (Robinson)



 Robinson then added, “I don’t know if he’d even understand,” in a dismayed tone.


 Robinson’s rating on Leng-sama doesn’t seem to be very high. I’ve just seen them getting in contact a handful of times, but I don’t think he hates him. It’s like he’s taking care of a troublesome younger brother.



“It’s okay to proceed with the talk.”



 When I said that, Lithia agreed.



“Then, I would like to ask you for some information before negotiating. First of all, regarding the negotiation with the imperial family, but I do not consider this as a potential problem. Our relationship is good and we don’t expect them to refuse if we give them financial help. The problem is negotiations with the state of Paradigm. Our relationship with the state of Paradigm is quite bad.” (Robinson)


“Why is the relationship so bad?”


“It was the Messiaen side who caused the relationship to turn sour. And originally they had an alliance and their relationship was good with us. But with the development of magic technology, Messiaen also coveted a magic ore that can only be obtained from the State of Paradigm. The Messiaen side asked if they could trade, but the reply they got was that Paradigm can’t trade it due to the small amount. The family stoops to terrible actions to get what they want.” (Robinson)



 As far as I can tell, Messiaen is in the wrong.


 What kind of magic ore would make them act in such a way?



“Ultimately, the still emperor was still powerful at that time helped the Paradigm family, and Messiaen pulled back. It was a long time ago, but the Governor-General of Paradigm was told not to trust Messiaen ever again. It seems to be the story between the two states.” (Robinson)


“As far as I can tell, I’m worried if we can even start negotiations…”


“That’s right. The paradigm is indeed loyal to the imperial family, and I think it’s good to have them negotiate, but since it’s a family with a grudge, it’s not unlikely that they will be refused. But there are many problems in Paradigm too. What could happen will depend on the negotiations.” (Robinson)



 Robinson-san said somethings that put quite a pressure on me.


 Well, this time we are acting as assistants, and basically, Robinson-san will be the one working the most.


 It will be my job to help him properly when he is in trouble.


 If he doesn’t have any problem, we don’t have to do anything, but considering that we could travel at other people’s expenses, that’s not a bad deal either.


 For the next few days, the ship continued its voyage without any delay and we’ve arrived safely at the Imperial City.

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