Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 77: The Imperial Capital

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“So this is the imperial capital …”



 The ship arrived at the harbor and I went out to the deck to see the Imperial City.


 Buildings that are a little different from Messiaen are lined up neatly.


 I felt that the size of the town was larger than that of Sempler.


 The most prominent building is the huge castle in the back.


 Probably the largest castle I have ever seen.


 Even though both are from the same Somerforce Empire, there seems to be some difference because they were originally from different kingdoms.


 By the way, I’ve heard that the language changes when the state changes.


 Will I be able to understand the language with the people in the Imperial City?


 Robinson-san might know, so I asked him.



“I understand the language. There are some differences, but I don’t think it will pose any problem when you communicate. Some states speak completely different languages, but at the aristocratic level, there’s not much of a difference.” (Robinson)



 Does a little difference mean that there is only a difference in dialects?


 Well, is it okay if I can communicate then?


 We are now going out of the ship.



“When I finally walk on land for the first time in a long time, I am having a strange feeling.” (Lithia)



 Lithia went off the ship and onto the land had said so.


 If you get on the boat for a long time and land on the ground, you will feel uncomfortable that it is not shaking.



“We have been waiting for you. Leng Salemakia-sama and Technad Salemakia-sama, and your entourage. I often visited the imperial capital Rambus. The imperial family welcomes you.” (Steward)



 Just as we step down from the ship, and a tall long-haired man who is bowing beautifully greeted us with those words


 He is wearing a butler’s uniform, and behind him are people dressed similar to him.


 There is no difference in the spoken language, but the intonation is different.


 I’m speaking in Messiaen, but it seems that the intonation of the original words they speak, come out a little differently.


 Will these people be the greeting party on behalf of the imperial family?


 They probably already knew we were going to visit the Imperial City because we had permission in advance during the preparation period.


 Thinking the butler was somehow capable, I tried to identify the tall man in front, but he didn’t seem to have any outstanding abilities.


 The name seems to be Den Martinez.


 I was a little worried about how Leng-sama would respond and might make a bad impression, but he responded normally and politely.


 It probably wouldn’t be nice to let someone who doesn’t have the minimum etiquette go to negotiations with the emperor?



“My name is Den Martinez. I am the butler of His Majesty the Emperor. I will guide you to the castle immediately.” (Den)



 We followed Den’s guidance and headed for the castle.


 We have walked for a while in the Imperial City, but the streets were not as good as I hoped.


 The road is dirty and there are quite a few beggars.


 I thought the people didn’t have much money.


 However, although it seems that a maritime city can be economically prosperous, the imperial family can still have financial troubles, and the imperial capital is in quite a dire situation.


 Does the emperor have a wasteful habit, is he not very good at handling money, or both?


 The castle felt even bigger as we approached.


 The Castle is called Rambus Castle.


 We head to the front of the castle gate.


 There we saw the gatekeeper and the shorter man were arguing.



“I’m telling you it’s no good!” (Gatekeeper)


“Somehow please! Aren’t we friends?” (Shorter man)



 They were arguing in a spoken language peculiar to the imperial capital.



“When did I become friends with you? Anyway, I’m not letting you through.” (Gatekeeper)


“My airship theory shouldn’t be wrong. If it is made according to this blueprint, you should definitely be able to make it. Let me pass!” (Shorter man)



 The man is holding a rolled piece of paper.



“I don’t know, but I’m told that even if you come, I definitely shouldn’t let you through. Go home.” (Gatekeeper)



 Airship? Blueprint?


 It’s an interesting word.


 Air Force aptitude comes out when I use my appraisal skills, but I have never heard of an army flying in the sky.


 I was curious, but I stopped thinking too deeply because I didn’t understand it.


 Maybe this guy is trying to build an airship that hasn’t been built yet?


 I was curious about it, so I tried to appraise him.


 Shin Seimaro 17 years old ♂


 Command 22/66

 Bravery 25/78

 strategy 88/89

 Politics 32/74

 Ambition 45


 ・ Aptitude

 Infantry D            Cavalry D                Archery A

 Magic Soldier B Fortification D        Weaponry S

 Navy D                Air Force S             Strategy C


 His name is Shin Seimaro, 17 years old and still young.


 His status is quite good.


 The strategy value is high.


 The problem is his aptitudes.


 Both weaponry and the Air Force are S.



“Are you here again?” (Den)


“Got it.” (Shin)



 Den talks to Shin.


 Shin’s face soured and left the front of the gate.



“What’s the deal about that?” (Leng)



 Leng asked.



“My name’s Shin. You can make an airship according to the blueprints I have. That’s if you lend me some money and people. I’m a poor person and I’ve lived a poor life, so I’m dealing with it. No. Even so, I’ve come to the gate many times. I’m still young, so I feel sorry for the way I handled these things… ” (Shin)


“Hmm. My father certainly researched the airship, but it is said that it will be a long time before we can make one. I have never heard anywhere in the entirety of Somerforce where one of those was completed. That kind of. I don’t think anyone can make it.” (Leng)



 It seems that airships have not yet been built in Somerforce Empire.


 It’s true that he was filthy and seemed to be lacking manners, but in my appraisal, both weaponry and Air Force were S. And strategy is also high.


 Though it’s not always possible to make it, we can still expect it to be made.


 It would be great if we could make an airship, and I might invite him to be a vassal.


 It seems that he has no deals within the Imperial City, so if I invite him, he might come.


If we cross paths next time, I’ll invite him.



“Then everyone, please come in.” (Den)



 We entered Rambus Castle, the castle where the emperor lived.

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