Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 78: Negotiation

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We entered Rambus Castle.

 The inside of the castle was rather simple compared to Sempler’s Castle.

 There are almost no works of art.

 Is it because there is not enough money?

“Then I will guide you to the audience chamber, where His Majesty the Emperor is waiting.” (Den)

 It seems that we can also meet with his Majesty immediately.

 I thought that people who were not high in status might not easily be granted an audience with his Majesty, but it seems that they will easily meet with us unexpectedly easily.

 We went inside the audience chamber.

 There was a throne in the middle.

 No one is sitting there yet.

 Then a man came out and walked in front of us.

 A little long red hair. The face makes me feel a sly atmosphere.

 Are you in your late thirties?

 She wears high-class clothes.

“Welcome Leng-sama. My name is Chancellor Shakuma Dolly.” (Shakuma)

 He bowed perfectly and called himself so.

 The Chancellor seems to be a pretty talented person. Is he the one who manages the empire’s political landscape on behalf of the emperor?

 Well, the emperor may be doing his own moves.

 I felt like he is an important person, so I looked at his abilities using appraisal.

Shakuma Dolly 28♂

  • Status

 Command 77/88

 Bravery 62/76

 Strategy 87/96

 Politics 72/77

 Ambition 90

 ・ Aptitude

 Infantry C Cavalry B Archery D

 Magic Soldier D Fortification D Weaponry D

 Navy C Air Force C Strategy S


He’s a talented person, but … his value on ambition…

 I’m sure the Emperor Somerforce was still young.

 He must have been just five years older than me. He’s probably just 17 years old?

 He took over at the age of eight and had become a puppet of his vassals.

 Putting such an ambitious person in an important position like the Chancellor … I can’t help but worry for the emperor.

“Then I will call on His Majesty the Emperor. Please wait a moment.” (Shakuma)

 Shakuma went out of the audience chamber to call the emperor.

 After a while,

“Your Majesty the Emperor will enter!”

 I heard a loud voice.

 Ordinary aristocrats rarely have an audience with the emperor, but at present, I had to learn how to do it since we are in one. When the emperor comes in, we must bow our head until we’re acknowledged.

 There is also Charlotte with us. I hadn’t taught her how to do that.

 When I checked on her, she was making a big yawn, so I instructed her to lower her head quickly hurry and keep it lowered.

 I also hurry down and lowered my head.

 The footsteps are slowly approaching.

 I felt someone coming into the room. He’s probably the emperor.

 And after a while,

“Raise your face” (Emperor)

 We were told by a relaxed and slow voice.

 I raise my face.

“I am the 12th Emperor of the Somerforce Empire, Charles Bydras.” (Charles)

 A young man with a rather mediocre face was sitting on the throne.

 He wears a crown and luxurious clothes, but his face is quite mediocre.

 No, the nobility is not decided by their face, but I somehow thought that a great handsome guy was the emperor, or a face exuding his presence greatly.

 Even if he wears mediocre clothes and walks around, I wouldn’t think of him being the emperor.

 Anyway, I’m very worried about whether he is the emperor or his ability as emperor, so I will use appraisal on him.

Charles Bydras – 17 years old – ♂

  • Status

 Command 22/54

 Bravery 55/65

 Strategy 46/54

 Politics 34/56

 Ambition 0

 ・ Aptitude

 Infantry C Cavalry D Archery D

 Magic Soldier D Fortification D Weaponry C

 Navy C Air Force D Strategy D

 His values were quite mediocre too.

 And his ambition is the lowest. He’s has a value of 0 the first I’ve ever seen

 Even though he was born as an emperor, is it 0 because he can’t be any more than an emperor?

 However, even though he is an emperor, other states are no longer under their command due to the growing momentum of wish to be independent.

 If he wants to reign as the absolute ruler of the Somerforce again, he’ll have to be more ambitious, and he’s simply not working towards that.

 After that, Leng-sama returns a loud greeting.

“Then let’s get into the main subject right away. I will listen to your story on behalf of His Majesty the Emperor. I have heard some things in advance, but I have to ask a few things. So let’s begin.” (Shakuma)

 It seems that Shakuma, and not the emperor, will be the one to negotiate with.

 Leng-sama explains that he wants the royal family to mediate negotiations with the state of Paradigm.

“What can the imperial family receive in return for the mediation?” (Shakuma)

“First of all, I will pay 20,000 gold coins as an advance payment. If you succeed, I will add another 20,000 coins.” (Leng)

“20,000 is it… Sempler seems to have a tremendous amount of money…” (Shakuma)

 Shakuma seems to be shocked by that fact.

“Hmm, I’m grateful to receive that much money, but I have something to ask before I hear more from you.”  (Shakuma)

“Ask whatever you want” (Leng)

“What will your father, Clan-sama, do after winning the battle and unifying Messiaen?” (Shakuma)

“Huh… what?” (Leng)

“You might not listen to u anymore. To put it simply, I’m afraid that you are going to be completely independent and reestablish the Kingdom of Messiaen.” (Shakuma)

 The question in turn upsets Leng-sama.

“If you intend to do that, we can’t help you.” (Shakuma)

“Well, that kind of thing …” (Leng)

 Clan-sama clearly stated that he would want to be independent.

 Shakuma accurately hit his target.

 Leng-sama probably knew about that.

 It’s easy to understand and become upset. This is going really bad.

“There will be no declaration of independence. Clan-sama pledges allegiance to the imperial family.” (Robinson)

 Robinson-san said as a lifeline to Leng-sama.

“You are?” (Shakuma)

“I’m sorry for not introducing myself. My name is Robinson Range, one of the vassals of the Salemakia family.” (Robinson)

“Robinson-san. Is it true that Clan-sama is loyal to the imperial family? Previously, when the state of Lowfile, which was rebelling against the imperial family, attacked, we asked for reinforcements. It never came though. If you are loyal, isn’t it natural for you to come and send aid?” (Shakuma)

“That was when Clan-sama’s father was governor-general. The former governor-general certainly had an Anti-Empire leanings, so he must have refused. Clan-sama desperately refused to participate. He tried persuading him, but he didn’t accept it.” (Robinson)

 Perhaps it is a lie that they desperately tried to persuade the deceased governor.

 Is it because he expected this question to come that he could speak openly without saying too much?

 Then why didn’t he felt like telling Leng-sama? It might’ve worked differently.

 In other words, he may be improvising and coming up with a lie and talking at the moment.

“The anti-emperor ideology has been passed down to Basamark-sama. He will definitely aim for independence after he has Messiaen in his hands. Clan-sama is fighting Basamark-sama to stop it. He has always had.” (Robinson)

“Is that so…” (Shakuma)

 He speaks so candidly that it’s hard to believe he’s lying.

“Is there truly no lie in that statement?” (Shakuma)

“I can’t tell a lie in front of His Majesty the Emperor. It’s all true. Isn’t that the truth Leng-sama?” (Robinson)

“Ah … that … yes. Those words are true. We swear to His Majesty the Emperor.” (Leng)

 Leng-sama is honestly very much panicked. Won’t you seem more suspicious?

 I don’t know if Shakuma believed it completely, but he told them that so the imperial family will act as the mediator.

 But the imperial family would be completely hostile if they felt traces of ideologies of independence from our party.

 Well, they can still become hostile without us saying anything, but if Messiaen becomes independent after proclaiming it openly and receiving help, it will be quite difficult to reconcile with the imperial family.

 I wondered if he shouldn’t have said it without receiving permission, but I think it was better than being refused.

“Then, I will write a letter to the Governor-General of Paradigm, so please wait for a while in the Imperial City.” (Shakuma)

 Negotiations with the imperial family ended with some new unexpected questions.

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