Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 79: Review Meeting

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“That way of getting through the negotiation may not have been the best move.” (Robinson)



 Robinson-san muttered after the negotiations were over.


 We were having a discussion, making sure no one was around.



“Why? I think we survived from the negotiations.” (Leng)



 Leng-sama replied.



“I told His Majesty the Emperor that I wouldn’t lie there. If that was a lie, when Clan-sama declares independence, the Emperor’s family’s face will be smeared with mud. A battle against the emperor will be inevitable.” (Robinson)


“Hmm, but I think that even if we become independent normally, we will still become enemies of the imperial family …” (Leng)


“That’s right, but the negotiation towards peace will be more difficult. Clan-sama wouldn’t want to fight a quagmire like war against the imperial family.” (Robinson)


“Hmm … I see …” (Leng)


“That negotiation wasn’t the best … yes, Lithia-sama, how did we fare from the negotiation?” (Robinson)



 Robinson-san asked Lithia a question. It seems like he’s trying to find some idea on what to do next.



“Well, of course… I don’t think Robinson-san is wrong. In that case, getting the imperial family to ask for mediation is the number one priority. Robinson-san. You were very good at it. I respected you for speaking in front of His Majesty the Emperor.” (Lithia)



 Lithia first praised Robinson-san.



“But if I were you… well. I might not have stated that something completely different. The Emperor was in trouble with money, when they heard the amount that Leng-sama said, it seems they were so surprised that they were about to jump in. I was also surprised when I first heard it. So even if we take a slightly irreverent attitude, I think it is highly possible that the demands would be received. For example. Isn’t it rude to doubt when a gift was being offered? Then it’s okay if the promise of non-separation wasn’t included? We might have apologized to the other party while implying the possibility of becoming independent if they don’t support us.” (Lithia)


“I see……” (Robinson)


“But when it comes to the success rate of ending negotiation with our demands accepted, I think Robinson-san’s method has a higher chance, so I can’t say what you did was wrong.” (Lithia)


“No, if you think about it now, Lithia-sama’s method may be better. Certainly, there are some risks, but … Given the current state of the imperial family, our exchange would have been their only option. If I were a better negotiator, I would have avoided making such a statement. I’m still lacking in skills.“ (Robinson)



 Robinson-san regretfully admitted.



“Well, I can’t help it anymore, so I’ll have to change.” (Robinson)



 He seemed depressed but said he would change immediately. He may be a person with a strong mentality.



“Now, it will take some time for negotiations with Paradigm to begin. We are currently dispatching a spy to the capital of the state of Paradigm. This is to investigate the current state of Paradigm and raise the success of the negotiation as much as possible. They will be coming to the Imperial City with information soon, so I would like to hear the information first before deciding the content of the negotiation with Paradigm. I would like Lithia-sama and Ars-sama to participate in the discussions to decide the content together. Is it possible?” (Robinson)


“Of course, that’s why we are here.” (Ars)



 I would be sorry to go home without accomplishing anything.


 Well, I don’t know if I could be of help.


 Lithia replied that she had no objection.



“Then we have some free time until the spy brings in the information. Oh yeah. This doesn’t help in the negotiations at all, but did Ars-sama see the abilities of His Majesty the Emperor and Chancellor Shakuma?” (Robinson)


“Yes, I saw it.” (Ars)


“I would like you to tell me in detail if possible, is that okay?” (Robinson)


“I don’t mind” (Ars)


“Thank you” (Robinson)



 I told Robinson in detail about the abilities of the emperor and Shakuma.



“I see … is the emperor an ordinary person? And Shakuma is capable but may have very little loyalty to the empire.” (Robinson)


“Yes” (Ars)


“Okay, but Ars-sama’s ability to measure loyalty is still amazing. I don’t want to turn you into an enemy.” (Robinson)



 It was unclear what Robinson heard about my abilities.


 Did he just care, or did he want to know more as a countermeasure if a war will break out when Messiaen becomes independent based on the negotiations earlier?


 Maybe the latter? It may not be a matter of thinking about countermeasures now, but he doesn’t look like the type of person who just asks based on his interests.


 Well, either one is fine?


 It seems that we will have some free time in the Imperial City for a while, so I have to think about what to do.

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