Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 8: Premonition

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Seeing Ritsu win, I felt relief in my heart.

For now, Ritsu will serve the Louvent family as a soldier.

“He’s a great guy.” “He won.” “Him a Marca…”

The soldiers had nothing to say to oppose making Ritsu a soldier.

I don’t think there’s anyone courageous to say something to my dad, but I don’t think they will oppose it because they respect the strong. If you have any powerful comrades, the chances of dying will be lower.

Father put down the wooden sword and then went to see me.

“As you say, I felt Ritsu has a considerable amount of talent in swordsmanship. In the future, he will be a top-notch swordsman.” (Raven)

My father said like he was able to see through Ritsu’s talent during the sparring session.

The talent of swordplay is just one of the talents that Ritsu possesses. And in reality, his talent as a tactician and politician is greater.

“Ars, you’ve figured out Millet’s bow talent before. And again, you’ve spotted Ritsu’s talent. You might have something special.” (Raven)

My father seemed to think that I had a way to appraise people.

“As I said before, the ability to find talented people is a very important ability for any lord. However, it is highly possible to instead find trouble from taking them in..” (Raven)

It is not a topic to be discussed to a four-year-old child as usual.

But the power to control and lead…? That’s good advice.

No matter how talented you are, if you can’t lead, it is a waste of talented people.

Another problem is that there is the risk of being betrayed and killed by capable men.

I have to keep in mind.

“If your ability to spot talent is genuine, you must acquire the ability to improve upon it. It may become a big asset in this turbulent time” (Raven)

Father sighed,

“Maybe even become the emperor” (Raven)

Father said as a matter of fact.


In other words, my father would have said that I could calm the war on the continent of Somerforce and become the champion of this current era.

I don’t think I can be that big of a person, and I won’t try to. Being one would attract a lot of troublesome situations.

Anyway, I should be able to lead well so that I will not die.

“Hahaha, it is just a joke. Do you know any emperor that came from the lower aristocracy? It doesn’t matter as long as you live and pass on the Louvent family name to the next generation.” (Raven)

It seems that my father was joking too. I laughed while stroking my head. Then I left the training ground and went back to my room.

After my father left, the soldiers on the parade surrounded Ritsu, and was asked to do a mock battle with them.

Do they want to experience how strong he is?

However, Ritsu had a harsh fight with father, and his hands quivered and he could no longer hold the wooden sword.

Therefore, the mock battle with the soldiers was to be done at a later date.

By the way, it is okay for Ritsu to be a servant, but where he would live has not been decided.

The soldiers live in the village because they have a house. He should look for a vacant house in the village or live in this mansion.

When I asked my father, he said that there was a vacant room in the servant’s room, so I had to live there.

He was discriminated against in the village, and he thought it would be uncomfortable, so he agreed to live in the mansion.

Instead, he began to work as both a servant as well as a soldier.

“Isn’t it okay for me to be a servant?” (Ritsu)

“That’s the idea, I’ve said the same line thirty times already since I decided for you to be my servant.” (Ars)

I guided him around the mansion. They said that a servant would guide him, but I wanted to get along with him by talking about various topics, so I said that I would do it.

“No, I can’t believe it. It’s like being an aristocrat retainer.” (Ritsu)

“This house is nothing more than a lord of a weak territory, and you’re just hired as a soldier. It’s not a fantasy.” (Ars)

“No, no, but I wasn’t accepted anywhere else, so it’s a wish come true.” (Ritsu)

Ritsu has a distant look in his eyes. Do you remember the hardships of your past?

He then kneels and stared at me,

“Ars-sama. Without you, I would have been dead in the forest. Thank you very much.”

He thanked me.

“You don’t need to say thank you. Rather I’m looking forward to your strength as a soldier and as my vassal. I’m looking forward to your future actions.” (Ars)

“Yes, I swear here that I will return the favor I received from Ars-sama for the rest of my life.” (Ritsu)

Ritsu vowed and declared.

I decided to believe his promise of loyalty.

When I heard Ritsu’s vows, I foresaw such a future. He will save me from suffering over and over again without betraying me.

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