Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 80: Scouting for Talented Personnel

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 I suddenly got free time, it has been a while.


 On the day we had an audience with the emperor, we were so tired from traveling that we rented an inn and took a day-off.


 And today.


 I decided to walk around the imperial capital and search for talents.


 There were more poor people in the Imperial City than I expected, so some may want to become vassals if they’re scouted.


 If we win the battle, I will be the mayor of Canale County, so the number of vassals I can employ will increase. It is never a bad idea to have talented people as subordinates.


 I thought I’d go with just Charlotte as the escort, but Lithia also came with me.



“Oh, I’m looking for talents this time, so I don’t think we can enjoy our time together.”


“That’s not the case. Anything is can be fun as long as I’m with Ars-sama.” (Lithia)



 Lithia said smiling.




“And I wanted to see more moments where Ars-sama uses his ability.” (Lithia)


“Even if I told you how my ability works… you still wish to see it?”


“Are you really just looking for talent? Or are you actually doing this for some other special reason?” (Lithia)


“I’m not.”



 Does she want to determine the true ability of [appraisal]?



“Why don’t you check the abilities of those men?” (Lithia)



 Lithia pointed to a man who seemed to be powerful.


 Just as she wished, I use appraisal to analyze the man. Meanwhile, Lithia stared at me, her gaze was a little painful.


 The man’s abilities were above average for bravery, but he had a devastatingly low level of strategy. Quite the muscle-brain stats.



“I’ve grasped the extent of your talent” (Lithia)


“Are you sure?”


“Yes. You have the power to fight as you see fit, but you don’t seem to have many talents to lead soldiers or ponder things.” (Lithia)


“Is that so……”



 Lithia is still staring at me.



“It certainly didn’t look like you’re doing anything special. I was wondering if you were secretly using magic.” (Lithia)


“Is there such magic?”


“I haven’t heard of it, but new magic is constantly being developed. However, if it’s not really magic if you just look at people, it’s very strange why only Ars-sama has such power. You’re born with it right?” (Lithia)


“Yes, that’s right. But doesn’t Lithia have the power to measure the favorability others towards you?”


“My special skill is not something that I was born with, but something that I learned when I was observing people. I think that anyone can acquire it if they do their best, but Ars-sama’s power is out of this world. Are you loved by God?” (Lithia)



 I don’t think it’s possible for anyone to acquire it, but … well, is my appraisal skill beyond the scope of putting effort?


 Is it from my origin as a reincarnated person from another world empowering me? Or it’s just something extremely rare, and that there may be people in the world with appraisal skills and other special abilities.


 After that, I continued to search for talents while being stared at by Lithia.



“Hey, Ars, if you search for talents, can you find someone who can use magic?” (Charlotte)



 Charlotte requested while we’re walking.



“A person who can use magic … Well, it’s definitely useful, but I thought it wouldn’t be a problem because you are already there.”


“I’ve been to battles several times, but your mage must be strong. I’m sure I’m the strongest with my magic, but I don’t think any other soldiers are very good at it, so I think we should increase our mages.”



 Certainly, that is a good reason.


 I haven’t been in the war yet, but I’ve heard many times that magic is important.


 However, there are very few people with magical talent.


 It’s expensive and people whose aptitudes are at B level or higher are the people worth the investment. There are only a few B level mages.


 Have I ever seen anyone other than Charlotte that has more than A?


 By the way, I feel that Ben in the shadow was an A. Although I’ve never seen S.



“It’s good to find someone who can use magic, but there aren’t many …” (Lithia)


“Is that so?” (Charlotte)


“There are no vassals of the Plaid family who are good at magic, and Charlotte is really special.” (Lithia)


“Special … sounds good…” (Charlotte)



 Charlotte is praised by Lithia and now her nose is as high as her inflated ego.


 So we walked around the imperial capital looking for talent, but couldn’t find one with magical talent.


 When we were tired of walking, we began planning on returning to the inn,



“Please! Can you lend me some money?” (Dogeza Man)



 I found a man who was doing a dogeza to a man dressed as a merchant. [T/N: Dogeza is like a really low bow, where you are on your knees and your palms and forehead are touching the ground. Google-sensei has many images and GIFs.]



 That is……


 A small, underdressed man.


 It was Shin Seimaro who said he would build an airship.

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