Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 82: Information

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 I continued to search for human resources for two days after roping Shin, but I could not find another one.


 Then Robinson-san contacted me that the spy who had been collecting information in Paradigm arrived at the Imperial City.


 It seems that we are going to have a discussion on deciding the contents of the negotiations, so I went with Lithia to the room where Robinson-san was staying.


 Our accommodation is a luxury inn in the Imperial City. It is reserved probably because Leng-sama is coming.



“Well come” (Robinson)



 Robinson-san greeted me when I entered the room.


 There is no one inside except Robinson-san.



“It’s fine. By the way, haven’t Leng-sama and Technad-sama arrived yet?”


“They will not participate in this discussion.” (Robinson)



 Is that so?


 I know the technad-sama might not be here, but I thought Leng-sama should be in the discussion.


 Does he not want to do it?


 Or did Robinson-san dare not call him because he could get in the way if he was in a place like this?


 It isn’t a problem if either is true though?



“So the report before the discussion. Actually, it seems that the battle started in Messiaen.” (Robinson)


“Huh? Has the war started already?”


“That’s right. First, Clan-sama seems to have moved to invade Alfada County, a county in front of Beltud. Meanwhile, Basamark-sama seems to have ambushed and dropped in Rudson in Pharma County. There’s a large magic ore mine in Rudson. It is an important area. Perhaps the enemy’s strategy is to conquer the place where important resources are located with a small number of soldiers and to reduce the resources and weaken us without losing as much as possible. It seems that there is a general who is good at surprise attacks over there, so it became quite the battle.” (Robinson)



 Has the war truly started?


 Moreover, the enemy’s strategy is rather unpleasant. This is a disadvantage when it comes to long-term battles.



“Let’s get down to the main topic. Let’s start with some basic information about Paradigm. It’s the least populated and territorial state of the Seven Somerforce states, and because it’s adjacent to almost every state. It is also a location that is easily targeted by enemies.

 There are several reasons why the state remains uninvaded. The first is probably because of the Raford Mountains on the northwest and west of Paradigm, and the border between Shoots and Cansheep. This mountain range makes it difficult for Shoots and Cansheep to invade Paradigm.

 Another reason would be that the soldiers themselves are powerful. The skill of the soldiers there is quite high, recovery magic that can only be used by the state of Paradigm is also powerful, the number of soldiers is inferior, but it is by no means their power is inferior to other states.” (Robinson)



 Looking at the map, it’s really in the middle, so I was wondering why it wouldn’t be invaded, but was it because of the terrain and the strength of the soldiers?



“According to information from spies, Paradigm is currently having a lot of problems. Recently, poor crops have reduced food production. Relations with Shoots have deteriorated, and Shoots has begun to pass through the mountains. They’re looking for a way to go beyond and attack Paradigm. For Shoots, Paradigm is a state that has access to all states, and there’s a mine of healing magic stones, so they want them out of the way. It seems that the amount of recovery magic ores produced are also decreasing year by year.” (Robinson)


“It’s quite a lot of problems. Isn’t this convenient? Especially the deterioration of relations with the state of Shoots is a problem. If they fight against Shoots while hostile to Messiaen, they may be attacked from two directions at the same time.”



 No matter how strong the soldiers are, the danger that the state of Paradigm will be invaded is quite high.



“Yes. There are benefits to working with us for them. Even if it is difficult to ambush Shoots alone, they will fall if they attacked in cooperation with Messiaen. Food is also abundant in Messiaen, so support is possible. To be honest, there are few disadvantages, so if the governor is an agreeable person, I think that they will choose to team up …” (Robinson)


“… is he agreeable?”


“Yes, it seems that the current governor-general of Paradigm is not very good at diplomacy, and Shoots was originally trying to form an alliance with Paradigm. If we could form an alliance and pass through the territory of Paradigm, we can get the ability to access other states. Since the state of Paradigm has a policy of not giving out recovery magic stones to other houses, recovery magic stones cannot be obtained. No, but with the help of Paradigm soldiers, we don’t have to bother trying to own it ourselves.

 For these reasons, Shoots seemed to want to form an alliance at first, but the Governor-General of Paradigm broke off. It seems that it was not a profitable alliance for emotional reasons. It’s safe to say that their negotiation is a complete failure, as Paradigm has gained no advantage in turning Shoots into an enemy.” (Robinson)



 A negotiation based on emotions?


 When that happened, I felt like they would really fail.


 Messiaen is probably the most ill-fated.



“Other than that, there is the problem that not only does the Governor-general but also the people dislike Messiaen. If battles occur, the morale of the soldiers may be reduced.” (Robinson)



 That’s all for Robinson-san’s information.



“Let’s discuss how to negotiate based on this information.”

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