Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 83: Start of Discussions

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“What can we prepare for attacking Basamark-sama?”

 The discussion started and I immediately asked a question.

“Gold, food, other resources, and military force. We can solve most of the problems they’re having in Paradigm, which I mentioned earlier.” (Robinson)

 Anyway, it seems that he intends to pay a lot of things in return for an alliance.

 If this is the case, negotiations are likely to be concluded easily, but was the governor-general over there a person driven by emotions?

 This alone may not be enough.

“Are there are rumors that if Basamark-sama unifies Messiaen in advance he will join hands with Shoots and invade Paradigm? That’s not a lie. Negotiations don’t start right now. No, do we have time to spread the rumors?”

“Well … then they won’t ally with Basamark-sama. I think we have time to spread rumors, but there’s a good chance they won’t believe it. Well, it’s worth it.” (Robinson)

 Certainly, we can’t be sure that the negotiations will be completed by that action alone.

“What do you think of this Lithia?”

 I asked Lithia for an opinion.

“That’s right … I think the Paradigm’s side will never accept the alliance, no matter how much we offer as benefits for allying with us. We lack what is most essential to negotiations.” (Lithia)

“What is it?”

“It’s credibility. If we don’t make Paradigm think that we’ll be keeping our promise, we’re just wasting food, money, and soldiers. And even if we spread a rumor that Basamark-sama will invade the Paradigm, it’s the same for Clan-sama. You might think that’s going to work. But that doesn’t make sense to them.” (Lithia)

“That’s right … but is there a plan to go when credit matters in negotiations?”

 Is it possible to suddenly raise credit significantly during the period before negotiations begin?

 After all, it is a connection stemming from previous interactions.

 It is not something that can be wiped clean in a short period.

 Was it an impossible negotiation from the beginning?

 Basamark-sama seems to have given up on negotiating with Paradigm, but was that decision correct?

“That’s right… We’re asking His Majesty the Emperor to act as an intermediary, so I think it’s not impossible to raise the credibility by cooperating with the Emperor. I think that various necessary preparations are necessary. But…” (Lithia)

“What do you mean necessary preparations…?”

 Lithia then began to talk about specific methods.


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