Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 84: End of Discussions

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“This time, with the emperor acting as an intermediary, if they believe that Leng-sama and Clan-sama have a lot of loyalty towards the emperor, they should know that there is no lie in this condition.” (Lithia)

“What can we do specifically to make them feel we are loyal?” (Robinson)

 Robinson-san asks Lithia a question.

“I think it’s good to get in touch with the senior vassals of the Governor-General of Paradigm. I don’t think the entire Paradigm family is against this negotiation. It’s okay as long as someone is in favor of it. He and Clan-sama can talk about their loyalty to His Majesty the Emperor and ask him to persuade the Governor-General of Paradigm. I think the Emperor has a close relationship with the Governor-General of Paradigm. It’s not strange to know to some extent. It would be more persuasive if the imperial family made the contact itself.” (Lithia)

 So you want to contact the senior vassals of the Governor-General of Paradigm and those of the Emperor’s and ask them to persuade the Governor-General?

 Information from the imperial family will be trusted over there.

 Whether or not the imperial family will agree to it … It should be beneficial for the imperial family to mediate negotiations with the Paradigm’s Governor-General. If it is established, they will get more money. Robinson-san has declared loyalty in front of the emperor, so they may believe that Clan-sama should unify Messiaen rather than Basamark-sama.

“I think it’s not a bad idea. But just because the information comes from the imperial family, Paradigm’s Governor-General isn’t that easy to fool. They would collect information to confirm that it’s true. So, we need to take actions that support Leng-sama’s loyalty towards His Majesty the Emperor.” (Robinson)

 Robinson-san supplemented Lithia’s opinion.

“Sure, we would need to prepare some proof. If this operation succeeds, I think we can give the Paradigms Governor-General a change of heart towards the success of the negotiations. However, it is their final decision whether the negotiations will be successful. It will be important for there to be a speech in the negotiations and an answer to their queries.” (Lithia)

 Finally, if they don’t actually see Leng-sama in the negotiations and think they are credible people, the negotiations will fall apart. I think that is the most problematic area. Well, Robinson-san will have to do something about it.

“Let’s finish this discussion. Thank you to both of you. I’m going to talk to the Emperor. If it doesn’t work, let’s talk again.” (Robinson)

 This is the end of this discussion.

 A few days later.

 Robinson seems to have succeeded in talking to the imperial family.

 The emperor seems to have sent a messenger to the Governor-General of Paradigm, but he did not receive a reply when to negotiate but a reply asking them to give them time.

 Following Robinson’s story, he sent the messenger to the Streed family, a credible aristocratic family in the state of Paradigm, instead of the Governor-General of Paradigm.

 The head of the Streed family seems to be very close and trusted by the Governor of Paradigm. The Emperor had a connection to the Streed family, who they sent as the messenger.

 A couple of days later, the messenger returned and tried to persuade him, and he received a reply from the Streed family head.

 It seems that the messenger’s actions to show his loyalty to the imperial family were well-received when the messenger left for the Streed family.

 As for what we were doing specifically, apparently, there was someone in the Imperial City that criticized the emperor. This is while we’re eating out with Robinson-san. We became angry so when they asked, “How did the imperial family do?” We told him that they have ruled the Somerforce Empire for generations through great policies and that we could not forgive those who despised the emperor.

 I didn’t know where their eyes were, so I went all the way, but during that time, Leng-sama seemed to have had his nerves completely worn down.

 By the way, I wasn’t very good at acting, so I’m worried if they were deceived.

 And a few days after the messenger returned from the Streed family, a messenger came from the Paradigm Governor’s family and replied that he would negotiate.


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