Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 86: Negotiation

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 Negotiations began the next day.

 Negotiations are going to take place in front of the emperor.

 Those who pledge allegiance will not lie in this situation.

 If all goes well in this negotiation, Lithia will not come and join and the negotiations will end.

 Still, I am present for the time being.

 Leng-sama was the first speaker, he talked about the demands on the Governor-General of Paradigm and the rewards in exchange.

 The expression of Governor McFa-sama changes under fairly good conditions.

 Then I answered some questions from McFa-sama and we seemed to be able to negotiate fairly well from our side.

 When I thought that negotiations would end surprisingly easily…

“I have a question for Leng-sama.” (Bomber)

 Bomber, who ate with me yesterday, raised his hand and began talking.

 His tone is very different from yesterday.

 Even though he was talking about himself, unlike yesterday he can use honorifics.

 It seems that he was the type that could unexpectedly understand TPO. [T/N: TPO – Time, Place and Occasion]

“You are?” (Leng)

“My name is Bomber Fanamarmuff. What do think will happen after this?” (Bomber)

 He bowed gracefully and greeted Leng-sama.

 His attitude has changed so much that I wondered if the person yesterday was an illusion or something.

“So what is the question?” (Leng)

“I’ve got information here that Clan-sama and Leng-sama have pledged allegiance to His Majesty the Emperor. I’m wondering if that’s true.” (Bomber)

“It’s genuine and there is no falsehood.” (Leng)

“But that’s weird. When Lowfile turned their fangs to His Majesty the Emperor, McFa-sama was the only one to provide reinforcements.” (Bomber)

 Robinson-san answers this question.

 It was a question asked by Shakuma before, and he answered it in the same way.

“I see, the former governor-general and Basamark are in the anti-emperor sect, and Clan-sama is a pro-emperor sect. But there is a strange point. If you really pledge allegiance, you can overcome the opposition of the former governor. Isn’t it fine to send some reinforcements? There is no record that something like Clan-sama prepared reinforcements. ” (Bomber)

“… Clan-sama at that time was still young and did not have enough soldiers to send as reinforcements.” (Robinson)

“Yes. But if you really have loyalty, you should be able to rush all by yourself … I would. Well, he probably didn’t have loyalty from the bottom of his heart. Isn’t that right?” (Bomber)

“Because Clan-sama is a wise man, he understands his position well. He would never allow his successor go to battle and lose his life by himself. So he decided not to go after much thought.” (Robinson)

“I think that true loyalty is the desire to serve someone even if you have to bend logic and rules.” (Bomber)

“That’s where you would disagree. Clan-sama thought it would be better for His Majesty for him to persuade his father than to go himself. Unfortunately, he didn’t succeed.” (Robinson)

 After that, Robinson continues to dodge the pursuit.

 I think what he is saying is pretty much a lie. I was really impressed he could lie so easily, and at the same time, I thought that bomber might not have enough proof to trust us.

“Hmm, then Leng-sama. Do you have the same loyalty to His Majesty the Emperor as Clan-sama?” (Bomber)

“Yes, Leng-sama, like Clan-sama, has a great deal of loyalty to His Majesty the Emperor …” (Robinson)

“Because Leng-sama himself is here, Leng-sama should answer instead of having Robinson-san answer.” (Bomber)

 Robinson-san was interrupted when he tried to speak. Did he decide that there was little chance to break through Robinson-san and switched the target to Leng-sama?

 When Leng-sama replies that he has loyalty,

“Is that true …? I think information is the most important thing, and when I hear rumors, I often make sure it’s true or false.” (Bomber)

(…) (Leng-sama)

 When he heard that, Leng-sama seemed a little upset.

 It seems that the people around him appealed to His Majesty the Emperor through his high loyalty, but he is probably not sure if his performance was perfect.

“If you’re going to lie here, you won’t get away without consequence, you know?” (Bomber)

 Bomber asked and threatened subtly.

“Leng-sama …” (Robinson)

“I’m listening to Leng, not you. Please refrain from speaking.” (Bomber)

 Bomber silenced Robinson-san who was trying to help Leng-sama.

 Leng-sama was in such distress he doesn’t seem to know what to say.

 If we think calmly, Bomber can’t have any proof of Leng-sama’s true intentions.

 If he had clear evidence, they wouldn’t have come here in the first place.

 He might have heard a rumor that made the performance uncertain.

 I think Bomber is asking and subtly threatening to see if there are holes in their claims of loyalty.

 All Leng-sama has to do here is to openly declare that his loyalty is true…

 They wouldn’t have to be suspicious at this rate…

 Robinson seems to be at a loss as to how to help …

 What should we do?

 I had a good idea, so I tried it.

“Oh, you seem to have doubted our loyalty earlier, why do you doubt us so much?”

“It’s because I can’t trust the words of those who haven’t pledged allegiance to His Majesty the Emperor.” (Bomber)

“From my point of view, swearing loyalty to His Majesty the Emperor was a matter for the Empire of the Somerforce, so I don’t understand the relentless suspicion of loyalty to our side. Aren’t you suspicious yourself because it is true for you?”

 In order to distract the story, I switched and became the one pursuing.

“I’m sorry. For whatever reason, such a thing is not true.” (Bomber)

“There is no basis, but when you were so stubbornly suspicious, I just thought that it would be a cause for others to misunderstand that His Majesty did not have the ability to gain people’s loyalty.”

 Bomber tried to argue, but McFa-sama,

“It’s a good point. Bomber’s further questioning would be rude to His Majesty the Emperor.” (McFa)

 That said, he stopped Bomber.

 He was trying to say something, but Bomber pulled back quietly because of McFa-sama’s command.

 I thought it was sophistry, but I managed to do it.

 After that, whether Leng-sama thought calmly or Robinson-san secretly advised him he stated that he had loyalty towards the emperor.

 From then on, without being pursued, the agreement was stamped by Leng-sama, McFa-sama, and Shakuma on behalf of the emperor.

 The imperial seal is put in to show that this negotiation was established under imperial mediation.

 After being stamped, negotiations were formally concluded and it was confirmed that the Paradigm family would attack Basamark.


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