Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 87: Return

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“Thanks to Ars-sama, we might’ve been forced to take risky actions. Thank you.” (Robinson)



 After the negotiations were over, Robinson-san thanked me.



“I came up with the idea, so I’m glad it helped.”



 I’m glad I did help a bit, as I only brought Lithia in the negotiations and I wasn’t particularly helpful.



“Thanks to Lithia-sama. It was a great gain to appeal to His Majesty the Emperor in advance. It may have been difficult for me to conclude the negotiations. Anyway, the negotiations were concluded. I’m relieved. This will draw a lot of advantages in the battles to come.” (Robinson)



 Robinson gently stroked his chest.



“Next, let us go and negotiate with Sights.”


“Oh, that’s the next agenda, but when if negotiations were successful, Clan-sama told me not to bring you to Sights and get you to return to Messiaen instead.” (Robinson)


“Is that so?”


“Yes. It seems that an incident has occurred in Sights and it’s been raging again, and they are probably not able to afford to send reinforcements. Clan-sama just wants me to go and confirm the situation.” (Robinson)



 The situation is unstable in Sights, but what incident occurred there?


 Clan-sama seems to have been quite the lucky man.


 Luck on timing things is important as well as the ability to win or lose during battles.


 I felt like we could win this battle.


 It was said that preparations for returning were already made, but there were times when I had been left behind, such as contacting Shin, so I would like to take some time.


 First of all, I went to the house Shin told us about. We met with Shin and told him that our errands were over and we would return to Messiaen.



“I’m ready. I can go anytime.” (Shin)



 When I informed him of our status, he seemed to be prepared to go to Messiaen.



“Well, let’s go. Once again I’m Ars Louvent. I hope we have a long relationship to take care of me.”


“Thank you” (Shin)



 I shook hands with Shin.


 After that, I go shopping in the town.


 Russell asked me for a souvenir, so I’m going to buy one.


 I won’t just buy stuff for Russell, I also buy souvenirs for Ritsu and the other vassals.


 I chose a souvenir that they might want and not something based on its price.


 After purchasing souvenirs, we board the ship and depart for Sempler.


 Only Robinson-san seems to be the one to remain in the Imperial City and travel by land to Sights.


 It seems that he will arrive at Sights sooner.



 While we arrived at Sempler safely about the same number of days when we left.


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