Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 88: To Lamberk

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 When we returned, we were greeted by Clan-sama’s vassals.


 Clan-sama wants to meet us in person.


 I met Clan-sama with Leng-sama, Technad-sama, and Lithia.


 Shin and Charlotte are waiting in different rooms.


 At first, he gave words of praise to Leng –sama and Technad-sama’s efforts and then rewarded them.


 Perhaps he wasn’t used to being praised so much, Leng-sama is quite happy.


 After that, he talked to me and Lithia,



“I am glad you’re back Ars and Lithia. I’ve heard that the negotiations have been concluded. It seems that you helped in quite a lot too. Let me reward both of you for your work.” (Clan)



 Clan-sama said,


 I myself haven’t been very helpful.


 I said Lithia should take the majority of the credit.


 If I can, I’ll get what I want.


 I received 100 gold coins as a reward. The same amount was given to Lithia.



“I will continue to do my best to help Clan-sama.”


“Your words are reliable. With this negotiation, the war will start in our favor. Actually, we have already started to capture Alfada County, but it has not worked as well as I hoped. Furthermore, this was a surprise attack. The situation was a little bad because the capturing of key areas did not go well, but it will surely be overturned because we’ve concluded this negotiation.”



 Did the battle not go well as planned?


 After that, Leng-sama, Technad-sama, and Lithia bowed and left, leaving me alone.



I have a favor to ask of you.” (Clan)


“What is it?”


“I want you to send this letter to Lemail” (Clan)



 I received a letter.



“This is a letter ordering Lemail to move out. Now I’m pulling the troops from Alfada County. This time Paradigm will attack Alcantes, so even if the defense is weak, the risk of being attacked will be reduced. Once a large army has gathered, we will invade Alfada County again. According to a report the state of Paradigm will attack Alcantes on April 20, so we will start the invasion accordingly. ” (Clan)



 It’s March 19th now. It’s about after a month.



“I have ordered Lemail to strengthen his defenses in preparation for the invasion from Sights, but there is a turmoil in Sights and he cannot afford to attack elsewhere. It is okay to weaken his defenses a bit. He will lead the Canale soldiers to come to Sempler. You will also be joining the army.” (Clan)


“I’ve acknowledged”



 So it would be nice to see this as my first campaign.


 Thinking about it, I was a little nervous.


 A month from today…



“I’m looking forward to the work of the Lord and his vassals in the war. I don’t think it will take much time to capture Alfada County.” (Clan)


“I will do my best to meet your expectations.”



 That’s it for Clan-sama’s orders.


 Will the battle finally begin in earnest…?


 Messiaen is the most populous state in the whole empire.


 It’s going to be a massive battle.


 Many people will die.


 I was a little scared, but I slapped myself and braced myself.


 I am now a lord. What should I do when I’m are afraid of war?


 I apologize and ask my deceased father for help when I’m like this.


 I have to be prepared.


 I carve it in my heart, as I tell myself.


 Then I returned to Canale County


 I will return to Lamberk before handing the letter to Lemail-sama.


 I decided to say goodbye to Lithia who is about to return to Torrequista.



“Please keep your promise when the war is over.” (Lithia)



 Is it the promise to get married?


 She seems a little upset though






 I nodded.



“If you break your promise …” (Lithia)


“If I break …?”



 Lithia stares at me with silence and a smile.



“See you again” (Lithia)


“Eh? Ah, yes. See you …”



 She left without saying what would happen if I broke my promise.


 On the contrary, I felt very afraid.


 Well, I am not planning on breaking the promise, so I don’t have to be afraid.


 If we win the battle, I will need to propose to Lithia first.


 I’m pretty nervous, but it’s not something I should think about right now.



 I returned to the mansion in Lamberk.


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