Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 9: Learning

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A few months have passed since the mock battle.

Ritsu succeeds in winning outside the mock battle.

Besides, his intelligence also starts to attract attention.

His father, who fought with Ritsu several times, saw his intelligence.

When he tried to read a book, he immediately understood the contents. It seems that my father was also saying what he thinks.

Then, after receiving a high level of education, it is virtually inappropriate to call him a soldier. With his education, Ritsu’s wisdom has grown significantly, and is now 89. It’s almost 90.

And now Ritsu hasn’t done a soldier’s duty recently and have been given a certain position by father.

“Well, Ars, let’s study again today.” (Ritsu)

The position is as my educator. 

At this point, Ritsu had acquired some of the best knowledge of the Louvent family.

Considering it has been only a few months since he started studying, he has been progressing at an amazing pace.

With me as the eldest son, I have put a lot of effort into my education and seemed to have Ritsu assigned to the education staff to make him an excellent successor to Bunmu. (T/N-Probably a retainer in charge of educating the heir)

In the last few months, I’ve been devoted to finding people and neglected to acquire the knowledge of this world.

Therefore, learning from Ritsu was a way to improve on what I lack.

Ritsu holds a book and faces me.

“Today, let’s talk about the current state of the Somerforce Empire.” (Ritsu)

Ritsu opened the book and showed it to me.

There was a map of the Somerforce continent, where the Somerforce Empire was located. It’s a relatively rough map. It seems that the mapping technology in this world is not that advanced.

“Well, I told you that there were originally seven countries on this continent of Somerforce and that they were unified to form the Somerforce empire.” (Ritsu)

“Oh” (Ars)

The continent of Somerforce was originally divided into seven countries.

The Lowfile Kingdom, northeast of the continent

The Cansheep Kingdom, northwest of the continent

Ansel Kingdom, located on the eastern side of the continent

The Kingdom of Shoots, located on the west side of the central continent

The kingdom of Paradigms in the center of the continent

Kingdom of Sights on the southwestern continent

The Kingdom of Messiaen, southeast of the continent

These seven.

The Kingdom of Ansel, which connects Somerforce to other countries outside Somerforce through a strait gained power through trading with other countries. After accumulating enough power started invading other kingdoms.

After invading all the nations, Anselus Bydras, King of Ansel, rise to the seat of emperor, and the country’s name was changed to the Somerforce Empire.

By the way, these country names remain as regional names.

For example, the Lowfile Kingdom is called the Lowfile State and the Cansheep Kingdom is called the Cansheep State.

The governor governs each state.

The emperor carries the blood of the original emperor or the descendant of the kings who surrendered to the Ansel Kingdom early and escaped execution.

The Lamberk territory we live in is in Messiaen.

Messiaen has four seasons, and because it has a lot of plains, it can get a lot of food and has a large population.

“It’s been 230 years since the establishment of the Somerforce Empire. The current Somerforce Empire is in a state of decline.

The governors of each state have begun to disobey the orders of the empire and are gradually becoming independent. Even so, the influence of the Emperor Bydras is not low, and the territory owned by the Emperor is not small, so it may be possible to regain the Emperor’s power if a talented person takes command.” (Ritsu)

“Is the head of the Bydras family a talented person?”(Ars)

“The current owner, Bydras XII, is a child of eight years old. It seems that the vassals hold the real power. I don’t know in detail, but there seems to be a struggle for the power to control the empire. I don’t think anyone is doing well, because it seems the struggle is in a standstill.”

Is there a lot of underhanded movements?

It looks like the imperial family is in a terrible state.

“Well, it’s not just the Bydras Family who have in-fighting amongst them. There may be a succession war in our Messiaen state soon.” (Ritsu)

“What does it mean?” (Ars)

“I have found out that Mr. Amador Salemakia, the current Governor of Messiaen is old and sick. He will likely die within 10 years.

Amador has two children. Normally, the eldest son should take over, but it seems that his younger brother is better and he is worried about which one to name as the heir.

If he dies before deciding, there is a high probability of war. Even if he decides and die, the probability of a war is not low.

Both brothers seem to want to be the heir.” (Ritsu)

Will a succession battle happen no matter what?

If you do it poorly, it could become a big battle.

It seems that a few skirmishes have taken place, but when it comes to big ones, it has never happened since I was born.

If there is a battle for succession, if you side with the loser, you may lose your territory.

On the other hand, if you join the winning side and played an active role your territory can be increased.

By the time war starts, my father will still be alive, so it’s up to him to decide which side to take.

What are you going to do?

“Who is my father going to side with?” (Ars)

“It seems that Raven-sama is most likely to follow the older son, but Raven-sama is not the one who decides which one to follow.” (Ars)

That’s right.

Because my father is not a direct vassal of Governor Messiaen.

Each state has about twenty counties.

The one that leads the county is called the mayor. The Lambert territory is located in Canale County, and his father is under the head of the Canale County.

If you call this Lambert territory like a Japanese address, it will be Lamberk, Canale County, Messiaen, Somerforce Empire.

The point is that the Mayor of Canale decides which one to follow, so the father has no decision-making power.

Well, since he is in a position to say his opinion, there is a possibility that Mayor Canale will decide which one to follow based on my father’s opinion.

“Which do you think should be followed the Ritsu?” (Ars)

“Young master, well? Well, I haven’t seen any of the heir candidates, so I can’t say anything…” (Ritsu)

I thought it would be obvious because Ritsu had a high level of politics and tactics, but I wonder if there were too little information to judge.

When it comes to deciding which way to go, my appraisal may help decide efficiently.

By assessing which one of the brothers is superior and which one of the brothers has more talented individuals supporting them, one should be able to identify the person who seems to have a higher probability of winning.

I have to advise father, then father will convince Mayor Canale. That way we’ll side with the winning side.

“If you own a small land like the Louvent family, you should consider this period as an opportunity. It would be a great success if we could succeed in the war and succeed in becoming a mayor. For that, I think we should increase our strength.” (Ritsu)

Ritsu ended the story there.

After that, I continued to study for a while, and after that,

“Now, as always, let us go search for talented people. If you want to strengthen yourself, what you need is talented people.” (Ars)

I suggested so.

“I understand. I will accompany you.” (Ritsu)

Recently, Ritsu has also served as an escort and has come with me to work on finding human resources.

The search for human resources in the village has been finished, and recently I’ve been scouting in nearby towns. Some people in the village seemed to be useful, so I made them vassals, but I haven’t found any Ritsu-class people.

I need escorts to go to the town because it is dangerous, but if I have Ritsu, I’m in safe hands.

“Well then go?” (Ars)

“Yes” (Ritsu)

I headed to town with Ritsu.

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