Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 91: Alcantes Castle 2

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~3rd Person Perspective~


“I would like to say that the Governor-General of Paradigm, McFa Circasia, has crossed the border and began the invasion! It is reported that there are 30,000 soldiers! It looks like they are nearly here!” (Basamark’s Vassal)



 A vassal of Basamark’s reports in a meeting held inside Alcantes Castle.


 The report came in during a war council.


 Basamark heard the report and his facial expression slightly changed, which usually does not change much.


 Basamark’s confidant Thomas Grangeon, Governor Remus Ivas, and all of Basamark’s vassals sitting at the round table during the discussion were surprised to hear the report.



“Is that true?” (Basamark)



 Basamark make ask the vassal if they were sure.



“Yes … Apparently McFa is marching here to Alcantes … Apparently Basamark-sama is the enemy of His Majesty the Emperor and they are sending troops to remove you…” (Vassal)


“I am the enemy of His Majesty the Emperor … well, that’s not a mistake…” (Basamark)



 As Basamark muttered, another soldier rushed in during the discussion.



“There’s also another report! Clan has invaded Alfada County from Sempler! It looks like a large army of over 50,000 troops! We have already conquered the defenses without difficulty and are advancing to Crumples Castle in Alfada.?!” (Vassal)



 It calms down during the discussion that heard the report.


 Everyone who was there realized that this was a terrible situation.



“It looks like Clan and McFa have formed an alliance … it looks like we’re in quite a mess.” (Remus)



 Remus muttered with a frown.



“It’s not the case if you’re saying it loosely. What’s happening in Sights?” (Thomas)



 Thomas asked Basamark.



“The contact from Sights has been cut off since the incitement to rebellion. I can no longer expect reinforcements.” (Basamark)


“That’s right … We can’t rely on them at times like this.” (Thomas)



 Thomas sighed.



“But the state of Paradigm and the alliance … it seems that they asked the emperor to mediate … but it was still difficult, but it was almost impossible … how unexpected.” (Remus)


“There’s nothing we can do about it. Instead, we have to think about countermeasures. The enemy’s aim is definitely Beltud. If they conquer it, that will become a huge disadvantage. To conquer Beltud, they need to conquer at least two counties: Alfada and Samuk.” (Basamark)


“There are about 30,000 soldiers in and near Beltud. Probably there are 80,000 strong because the enemy is heading with almost their entire army. I would like to make a strategy for conquering Sempler, which is now weakened in defense. By the way, it doesn’t matter if the state of Paradigm is attacking. Although their number is less than ours, the state of Paradigm always has a powerful military, and if we show a slight gap, we will be conquered.” (Thomas)


“Alfada will surrender in haste if they know about the situation. They will attach themselves to those who are likely to be more profitable, so if they find that we are at a disadvantage, they will turn over faster than we can blink. Samuk has a lot of loyalty to Basamark-sama. I don’t think it’s easy for them to suddenly switch sides, but they don’t have enough troops and their castle is old and hard to defend.” (Remus)



 Basamark, Thomas, and Remus begin an analysis of the status quo.



 There are various opinions about what to do in the current situation, which is not a very good situation by any means, but there is no strategy they can effectively rely on.



“In the end, it seems that there is no other way but to defend Beltud in a situation where the number of troops is inferior.” (Remus)



 Remus mutters so.



“… Thomas. You should go to Beltud and join the command. Although he is inferior, hold on to his skill. If you gain time, the turmoil at Sights will eventually subside and we should have a chance.” (Remus)


“Okay, I’m gonna make that Clan howl.” (Thomas)



 Basamark then wrote a letter to the Mayor of Beltud, gave it to Thomas, and Thomas left for Beltud.



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