Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 92: Surrender

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Under the command of Clan-sama, we invaded Alfada County.


 The home of the mayor of Alfada County is in an area called Crumples. Originally, the mayor lived in Alfada. But it seems that he moved his base because Crumples is more convenient.


 Although the headquarters has moved, the name Alfada County itself does not seem to have changed. There are several similar counties.


 To reach Alfada County, first, drop the defense without difficulty and invade the county.


 There was no proper fight.


 The soldiers at the checkpoint also surrendered and opened the checkpoint after seeing our army.


 They don’t seem to be very loyal soldiers.


 Going through the barricade and advancing as it is with a large army.


 During the march, a messenger arrived from the mayor of Alfada.


 Apparently, after seeing the soldiers, they want to surrender, knowing that reinforcements cannot be expected because the state of Paradigm has been dispatched.


 However, it does not seem to be unconditional surrender, and the condition is that Clan-sama will not deprive the mayor of Alfada even after they surrendered.


 There were many opinions that it was a little too good for these nuisances since they were from the enemy side, but if we decline the offer here, we will lose the chance to get the mayor of Alfada and other counties to surrender. It seems that Clan-sama has decided to accept the offer of Mayor Alfada, as it will not be easy to reject.


 In the end, he succeeded in conquering Alfada County with almost no fighting.


 For me, I feel like I’m already overwhelmed, even though I’ve made up my mind to go into battle for the first time.


 After conquering Alfada County, a letter was sent to all counties near Beltud urging them to surrender. It is a letter stating that if they surrender now, they can remain the mayor of their respective county.


 A county called Muta has sent a messenger telling us their surrender.


 It seems that the other counties are not yet willing to surrender.


 Soldiers in Muta and Alfada counties also joined the army and increased by about 8,000.


 And during the war council of Crumples Castle.


 Influential aristocrats gathered together and started a war council.


 For the time being, I, Ritsu, Mireille, and Russell are also participating in the military congress, but my eyes still hurt.


 Well, I had participated in the council before, so I didn’t complain.



“Now, the next step is to attack Samuk, but …… I don’t think they’re going to surrender easily here. The mayor of Samuk is the cousin of the mayor of Beltud and they are very tight-knit. The county mayor of Beltud is Basamark’s brother-in-law, so he’s also very secured there and betrayals would be nigh impossible.” (Clan)



 According to the story, Basamark’s wife’s younger brother is the mayor of Beltud.



“With this large army, we will be hard to defeat. However, there is a possibility of stronger resistance than we might expect. We must avoid losing soldiers in vain. Carefully plan our strategy and attack. Isn’t that right?” (Clan)



 They came up with many ideas, such as surprise attacks, or to cause dissent among the vassals but the chief of Samuk county would not surrender but his vassals did not know about it.


 However, both are dismissed as Samuk County is a tightly knit group and dissent cannot easily be orchestrated, and a surprise is not something that our side, which is greatly outnumbered. Tactics like that would normally not be done by the disadvantaged side, because of the high risk of failure.


“I think it’s important to think about what the enemy is aiming for.” (Russell)



 Russell made a statement.



“The enemy probably doesn’t want to win the battle. It’s going to make time. It’s a significant disadvantage at the moment, but over time the situation in Sights will improve and Alcantes will be in Paradigm. It can be uncertain but advantageous, such as repelling soldiers and being able to send reinforcements.” (Russell)


“Hmm, I’m sure I’ll do that too. It’s not the difference of winning every battle because I’m trying to win the war. I might also use that strategy as well.” (Clan)



 Clan agreed with Rosell’s opinion.



“That’s why it’s an effective tactic to earn time … Well, in modern times it’s a good idea to use magic.” (Russell)


“Yes, they’ll be trying to confuse us with a lot of trap magic.” (Clan)



 There are various types of magic.


 The trap system is magic that activates when someone passes through the place where it was set.


 Finding a place with a trap we can prevent it in advance by having a specially trained soldier find it.



“We’ve already been trapped quite a lot of times. Of course, we have to be careful not to get caught in the trap, but if we spend too much time, more traps will be placed and we might move impulsively. It will be difficult.” (Russel)


“I see … well, but I’m well prepared for trap magic. Let’s mobilize almost all the trap release soldiers. Let’s advance while quickly releasing the traps on the army’s advance route. Isn’t it fine?” (Clan)



 Then, after discussing various things such as who to take the lead and what route to advance, the war council ended.


 The next day, the invasion of Samuk County began.




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