Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 93: Fort Wakumacro

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The invasion of Samuk County begins.

 Clan-sama mobilized all the prepared magic trap release soldiers.

 As Russell expected, several magic traps were set up along the way.

 Release every trap, check the safety of the area, and then advance.

 Battle some enemy bases on the way.

 They didn’t surrender as easily as they did in Alfada County, so we were resisted and it took time for us to advance, but we were steadily progressing.

“Well, next is Wakumacro. If we capture them here, we can easily capture Samuk.”

 After conquering the enemy’s base, another war council began.

 Wakumacro is an area near Samuk, the central city of Samuk County.

 We need to conquer Fort Wakumacro to capture Samuk.

 It’s not a well-known fort, but of course, there are magical traps inside the fort. It is difficult to sneak into the castle and clear the trap in advance, so it will be necessary to devise ways to conquer the fort without getting too close.

 It seems that a letter has already been made to Wakumacro, but no response for surrender has come.

 Wakumacro’s soldiers are poised and alert ready to fight in the fort.

 They will struggle just to delay our advance as much as possible.

“Lemail, as the most experienced, launched an attack on Wakumacro.” (Clan)

“Yes!” (Lemail)

 Lemail-sama bowed and replied.

 Lemail-sama is in charge of the frontline of the assault on Wakumacro

 It seems that we will finally experience a full-scale battle.

 Until now, we didn’t have a turn because it is enough to use the other soldiers.

“Ars, get ready to sortie.” (Clan)


 I start preparing for the sortie with the Lemail-sama.

“This time, if we just drop the morale of Wakumacro, Clan-sama will be happy and our name will increase. Ars, do you have any idea how?” (Lemail)

 That’s what Lemail-sama asked me.

“That’s right … I don’t know yet, so let’s think about it.”

 Even if I was suddenly asked such a thing, I have no idea.

“Ritsu, do you have any ideas?”

“That’s right … It’s difficult to say that it’s a plan without information on the strength of the enemy and their current situation.” (Ritsu)

“Fort Wakumacro isn’t a fort that high in defensive walls, and it’s not a large enough fort to hold many soldiers. And it seems to be lax in its response to magical attacks.” (Lemail)

 Lemail-sama gave us information about the fort.

“I see … Then it seems reasonable to focus using mages.”

 There’s Charlotte here too, so if they’re having trouble dealing with magic, that’s probably the best option.

“By the way, how are the measures against magic specifically done?”

“As a countermeasure against magic, it is common to use mages as well. They would need to use defensive magic. Use a special huge catalyst engine to defend the castle. Without it, the defense power of the defense magic will be reduced and the range of protection will be narrowed. I use a catalyst machine that is about the same size as the tower and uses it for defense. I also had one made for Canale Castle. A tower has been converted into a catalyst engine.” (Lemail)

 Did you make such a big catalyst machine?

 I thought there were only three catalysts, small, medium, and large, but there are also huge catalysts for defending a castle.

 When I think about it now, I feel that the tower at Canale Castle was riddled with strange characters.

 I didn’t pay attention to it, but it seems that the tower is used as a catalyst engine.

“According to the information brought in by the scout, there is a large catalyst engine at Fort Wakumacro, but as far as the pattern is seen, it seems that it is a catalyst machine that is a little behind current models, and in that case, the defensive power of defense magic is low and even if it can be used as protection. It won’t be as effective.” (Lemail)

“I see … there’s Charlotte, an excellent mage of ours. I think if we make full use of her talents, we can easily destroy the defense magic.”

“That’s right. I’m also focusing on training magic soldiers. Well, I don’t have anyone like Charlotte. I can borrow some large catalyst engine and ether from Clan-sama, let’s attack.”

 Lemail-sama went to Clan-sama to borrow a large catalyst engine, and it seems that permission was given easily.

“Then attack!” (Lemail)

 After borrowing a large catalyst engine, he took his soldiers and started marching to Fort Wakumacro.


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