Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 94: Surrender

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We marched while letting the magic trap release soldier release the trap to Fort Wakumacro and arrived close without being trapped safely.

 A small fort can be seen in front of you. That is Fort Wakumacro.

 As you mentioned, it is a small fort and the barrier is not very high.

 It’s still a fort that protects a fairly important place in Samuk.

 It can be seen from this that Samuk County itself is not very wealthy.

“Well, it’s a fort capture … Do you want to completely destroy the barrier using explosion magic and then capture it?” (Lemail)

 Lemail-sama asked.

“It’s not good to destroy the fort completely. After we capture it, we will use it. If we lower the defensive power of the fort too much when we capture it. A surprise attack will be easy when we use it. There is a risk of being easily sneaked on by the enemy. If that happens, the supply route will be cut off and our army will be in trouble.” (Ritsu)

 Ritsu answered the question.

“I see … But even if we could capture it unscathed, wouldn’t it be easy to once again retake a weak fort?” (Lemail)

“It’s much less likely to be stolen than using a castle with a completely broken barrier, because, in a surprise attack, a large catalyst engine would be too heavy and hard to use.” (Ritsu)

“That’s true …” (Lemail)

 A large catalyst engine is the normal size of a gym ball that is another size larger.

 The weight is considerable, and it has to be moved by two people on a dolly.

 When making a surprise attack, speed and stealth will be important, so it will be difficult to use.

 A medium-sized catalytic machine would work, but that would be enough to get by with the defenses of Fort Wakumacro in a pinch.

“Well, even if it’s not good to destroy it completely if it’s only partially destroyed, it’s fine. With so many soldiers, it shouldn’t be difficult to repair.” (Lemail)

“Hmm, then should we go with the strategy of destroying only part of it with explosive magic and letting soldiers rush in from where it was destroyed?” (Ritsu)

“Yes. That’s okay. How many magic traps are set in the fort … It’s better to let the infantry soldiers enter with the magic trap release soldiers. Give priority to those who are good at it.” (Lemail)

 After deciding the strategy of the attack, the strategy was actually executed the next day.

 First, the use of explosion magic.

 It’s Charlotte who will cast.

 The explosion ether was poured into a large catalyst engine, and Charlotte casts the spell and used magic.

 It was the first time for me to actually see the explosion magic.

 When Charlotte finished casting the spell, a red fireball was fired.

 It flies toward the fort’s barrier at a considerable speed.

 It caused a big explosion before it hit the wall.

 The scale of the explosion was horrendous; it was quite far away from the center of the explosion. It was so far away but the sound of the blast still reached us!

 However, the wall was still intact.

 What does that mean?

 I asked Ritsu who was nearby.

“There’s a magical defense function in this fort as well, for one thing. But it’s probably the best we can do to prevent them from attacking back.” (Ritsu)

 I’m not very familiar with magic, so I don’t know the details, but it seems that the barrier has something like an endurance.

 When Charlotte cast another spell, it did not explode on the way, as Ritsu said, but reached the wall and exploded.

 The wall collapsed with just one attack.


“Oh” “As expected of Charlotte”

 Cheers go up and Charlotte shows an extremely pleased and proud expression.

 Just in case, she shot another spell to enlarge the entrance.

 Due to the collapse, there was a large gap in the wall.

 We will not let the soldiers just charge from here.

 Confirming that enemy soldiers have gathered near the collapsed barrier. Seeing that, this time we put flame ether into the large catalyst engine. Mages other than Charlotte also use magic together to attack the gap in the wall with flame magic.

 The soldiers who were gathered were burned by the flames.

 It’s so far away that I can’t see it clearly, but maybe the soldiers have literally become charcoal.

 After that, Lemail-sama shouted

“Charge!” (Lemail)

 The soldiers began to rush into the wall.

 I will wait behind the army. Well, even if I charge, I’ll just get trampled on.

 Ritsu seemed ready to go, but he was stopped.

 After a while, reports of the enemy surrendering came in.

 It seemed that the fort was panicking because the barrier was breached and a large number of soldiers died in the subsequent explosions.

 Even if the barrier was torn, they didn’t expect it to be destroyed in such a short time. Charlotte’s name hadn’t roared all the way to Messiaen, so they probably do not have enough information.

 The panicked fort seems to have been easy to control, even if there were some traps.

 The enemy general, who realized that he would only increase the casualties, seems to have decided to surrender to save the lives of the soldiers.

 We succeeded in conquering Fort Wakumacro much easier than we expected.

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