Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 95: Post-Battle Actions

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After Fort Wakumacro falls, we enter the fort for post-battle actions.

 Before entering

“Ars-sama… I wonder if you shouldn’t look inside the fort just yet.” (Ritsu)

 I was stopped by Ritsu.

 Immediately after the war. I can imagine that the inside of the fort would be terrible.

 Especially the places that have been burned down using flame magic. It will be unbearable to see.

 However, even so, it is not possible nor is it good to avert my eyes.

 Although the army is led by Lemail this time, there must be many soldiers killed by my vassals.

 Turning away from their deaths would only make me feel like I’m disqualified to lead my vassals.

 Besides, if I’m going to stand on the battlefield many times and I’m easily upset by the sight of a corpse, I may get flustered and make a fatal decision.

 I’ll also need to get used to it.

“You don’t have to worry. I will also go inside the fort.”

“Is that so……” (Ritsu)

 Perhaps he knew my resolution, Ritsu didn’t stop me further.

 I entered the fort with Lemail-sama and his vassals.

 As expected, many corpses were lying in the fort.

 The hellish sight I saw for the first time makes me feel nauseous. I certainly did my best to not make Ritsu worried.

 Some corpses were burned and carbonized by flame magic.

 I wasn’t able to realize that it was a human corpse, and I wasn’t as shocked as much as I expected.

 Russell, who saw the battlefield for the first time like me, seemed upset.

 Russell is still a child and has not yet mentally matured. I was worried about what would happen when he saw the corpse. But he didn’t seem to be upset enough to lose himself.

 The other vassals didn’t seem to care if we were used to it.

 As I proceeded through the fort, several humans were captured were at a corner.

 The surviving enemy soldiers and generals.

“Lemail-sama, what would you do with these people?” (Vassal)

“It’s up to Clan-sama to decide, but this time they’re hostile and ready to kill, but since they’re all Messiaen, they’ll probably keep their lives. You must not untie the ropes until the matter is resolved, but you must take care to avoid hurting them as much as possible.” (Lemail)

“I understand” (Vassal)

 I don’t know how Clan-sama will judge them, but he probably won’t kill everyone. However, some are still looking at us with quite hostile eyes.

 The general of this fort decided to surrender, but not everyone is convinced. If anyone continues to pledge allegiance to Mayor Samuk, they will have to be executed.

 I wish Clan-sama could persuade him.

“Then I’ll start fixing the fort right away. Menace, I entrust it to you.” (Lemail)

“Yes” (Menace)

 Lemail entrusted his aide Menace with the patching of the fort.

 He has an aptitude for building a castle and is probably familiar with building a castle. After gathering some mages, Menace began giving instructions on how to repair the wall.

“I think we should make time to collect the corpses so they could mourn…”

 I told Lemail-sama.

 The reason why the fort is full of corpses is that there is a lot of debris.
“That’s right. There are few deaths on our side, but there are some, and the enemy soldiers are also our compatriots in the grand scale as I said earlier. Let’s mourn together.” (Lemail)

 Lemail ordered the soldiers to begin preparing the mourning of the dead.

 Cremation is the mainstream in Messiaen.

 After cremation, the remaining bones are buried to make a tomb. It’s almost the same as the Japanese way.

 The corpse of the ally is identified and will probably be returned to the bereaved family.

 Since the bodies of the enemy soldiers are unknown, they were collected in one place and burned, and then a hole was dug and buried to create a mass grave.

 After mourning the dead, we waited for Clan-sama to come to the fort.

 I wasn’t calm.

 Witnessing many corpses, I couldn’t keep my calm.

 Seeing Ritsu and Charlotte calm, I realized that I wasn’t very good at fighting. I am weak at combating mental stress, and I cannot come up with a tactic to breakthrough. To be honest, I’m not very useful on the battlefield.

 Even if I find talented people, in a fight, it’s kill-or-be-killed, and sometimes you can’t say you won’t kill someone just because they’re capable.

 From the bottom of my heart, I wanted to end battles as soon as possible, get the land of Canale, and start collecting vassals in earnest.

“Ars-sama, I have a report.” (Ritsu)

 As I was wallowing in my thoughts, Ritsu called out.

“It seems like Femme is here.” (Ritsu)


 Why is Femme here?

 I asked Shadow to enter Beltud.

“It seems that they want to visit Ars-sama.” (Ritsu)

“Okay, I’ll see them right now”

 I followed Ritsu’s guidance and headed to the place where Femme was.

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