Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 96: Change in Request

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“long time no see” (Femme)

 I went out of the castle with Ritsu and went to see Femme.

 The place where Femme was a little far from the castle. Femme didn’t come alone, but with the vassal to be my messenger. He seems to have told Ritsu about Femme’s visit.

“I asked you to go to Beltud, did something happen?”

 Immediately, I cut to the main subject.

“Of course. If you want to make a big change in the content of your request, I would like to talk with you directly, without an intermediary. If there’s a mistake in communication, we’ll both be troubled.” (Femme)

 I see.

 Certainly, it may have been a bad idea to instruct people to change the place where we exchange information. Femme and I haven’t been in a long professional relationship, and we haven’t been able to build a strong relationship of trust yet.

 I wanted to ask Shadow in helping with the invasion of Beltud, but I think again.

 Beltud is certainly one of the most difficult castles to conquer, but it is not the most difficult. Not all castles can be easily be conquered like our recent battle.

 The power of Shadow may also be used to conquer other castles.

 For example, ask them to find and disarm the magic traps in the castle in advance.

 Or opening the gate of the castle. Poisoning the soldiers.

 Setting fire to the enemy barracks and make it hard for them to defend a siege.

 The power of shadow may be able to do various things.

 So, I told Ritsu about my thoughts.

“I see … I think it’s good. Certainly, with the help of shadow, it seems that the capture of any castle can be sped up.” (Ritsu)

 Ritsu seems to agree.

“Well, but I don’t know how much shadow can help during a siege though.” (Ritsu)

“That’s right. Let’s ask.”

 I decided to ask Femme if he could do a job that would help us capture a castle.

“Can Shadows be useful in infiltrating the castle, breaking magic traps, opening castle gates, and fighting?”

“If anything, that’s our specialty.” (Femme)

“Is that so”

“Well, some people are good at it, but my specialty is infiltration and saboteur.” (Femme)


 If so, it seems that he can play an active part in battles.

“However, the request fee is higher than collecting information. Can you pay for it?” (Femme)

“How much is it?”

“For each invasion, you will need at least 200 gold coins. It’s natural because it will be a life-threatening event.” (Femme)

“I can’t afford to pay … Clan-sama could.”

” Is he your master? Well, whoever’s paying the bills is paying the bills.” (Femme)

 It looks like I need to tell Clan-sama about Femme.

 Clan-sama trusts my appraisal so he will probably pay for it.

“Is it time for us to go to Beltud?” (Femme)

“Oh, I’ll change the request. We’re going to capture the castle, so I’d like to get the help of Shadow when I need it. Will you accompany the army for a while?”

“Sure” (Femme)

 Femme was to accompany the army.

 It seems that other members of Shadow are also coming, but they do not seem to accompany the army and will be following the army from behind. It seems that Femme will call when they’re needed.

 By the way, Femme seems to be always near me, and he seems to be pretending to be my maid It seems to be set up that my family is worried about me and has her rushed over in a hurry.

 Before I knew it, Femme was dressed in a maid outfit. It is completely unknown where he had gotten the maid clothes. In the first place, He shouldn’t have planned to change into maid clothes before I talked about this, so why did he have one?

“I always have a disguise ready.” (Femme)

 Femme said that since he might have seen my confused expression.

 We returned to the fort with my new maid Femme.

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