Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 97: POWs

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We took Femme back to the fort.

 No one doubted the perfect maid.

 By the way, while he was a maid, I was told to call him Rin.

 Charlotte, who should know her true identity,

“Did we have someone like her as a maid?” (Charlotte)

 She was completely deceived and naively asked.

 When I explained that it was Femme, she actually forgot the existence of Femme in the first place. I don’t think the first time we met was that far in the past…

 Russell naturally remembered him.


 And Mireille, who didn’t know his true identity,

“That? Rin-chan” (Mireille)

 She saw Femme and called him so.

 By the way, Mireille came to me with Femme’s introduction.

 The name Rin is probably the name he gives himself when he disguises himself.

 Looking at Mireille, she may not be aware of Femme’s true identity.

 Well, I’m sure she has some ideas.

 I’ve told Mireille that I also have a contract with a good spy mercenary.

“Oh, it’s been a long time, Mireille-san” (Femme)

“Thanks to you, I was able to work safely.” (Mireille)

“Congratulations ~” (Femme)

” Thank you. You look great in your maid’s outfit. I could just eat you.” (Femme)

 I didn’t point out the true identity of Femme, we just talk about small things.

 Then Mireille approached me and

“By the way, how good is that child as a spy?” (Mireille)

 She spoke in a whisper.

 She notices even insignificant details, doesn’t she?

“I’m sure he’s good at it. He has a track record of infiltrating castles and stealing letters.”

“Hmm, I don’t know if it’s Rin-chan exactly, but what kind of role does he play?” (Mireille)

“The leader”

“The leader? You’re still a child, right?” (Mireille)

“Oh, you see, my actual age is 22 years old.” (Femme)

“Hmm, I was surprised. I knew that you were a man, but I didn’t know your real age.” (Mireille)

“How did you know that he was a man?”

“Oh, you can see it by looking at him, right?” (Mireille)

 No, I only thought he was a woman until I used my appraisal skills …

 Even after the appraisal, I didn’t even know he was a man. I was still a little skeptical. I didn’t see the evidence directly. Even if he is said to be a man from his own mouth, and even if he is identified as a man by appraisal, he is still the perfect woman to the highest degree.

 To detect it…

 Is Mireille a man dressed as a woman?

 Honestly, she doesn’t really show any femininity.

“Were you thinking of something rude right now?” (Mireille)

“I wasn’t thinking about anything.”

“In that case, it’s fine” (Mireille)

 Mireille’s gaze made me deny any and all thoughts.

“But if he succeeds in infiltrating and sabotaging Samuk Castle, he’ll do it far too easily. They’re losing in numbers, and if we open the castle, they won’t be able to fight anymore.” (Mireille)

 Somehow, Mireille looked quite disinterested.

“Are you dissatisfied with something?”

“That’s not the case. I just want to have a battle that’s more exciting than the last one. It’s going to be boring fighting Beltud.” (Mireille)

 Mireille yawned while saying so.

 Apparently, Samuk County fell too easily and she was quite unmotivated.

 In case of an emergency, I hope she will be motivated, but it is an attitude that makes me worried.


 Then Clan-sama arrived after spending a few days in the castle and receiving reports after our battle.

“Well done, it’s quite the deed to reduce the sacrificed soldiers by this much!” (Clan)

 After arriving at the fort, Clan-sama praised Lemail, who commanded the battle.

“Ars, as a Lord he did well. You even helped Lemail.” (Clan)

“No, I haven’t done much.”

“Hahaha, don’t be humble. I heard that Charlotte, your vassal, helped with the tremendous success!” (Clan)

 Certainly, Charlotte’s work this time was quite great.

 Because she broke the barrier easily. As I heard later, it seems that no matter how weak the defense against magic is, it won’t break that fast. In fact, it is almost impossible to break even any ordinary barrier with a single spell.

 Breaking the barrier so quickly was a major factor in confusing the enemy, so it’s safe to say that Charlotte is the trump card in this battle.

“Clan-sama, how about the enemy soldiers you captured this time?” (Lemail)

 Lemail-sama asked.

“Hmm, if possible, I want everyone to fight as a soldier of my army … Well, there will be some who won’t pledge allegiance though.” (Clan)

 Clan-sama seems to treat the prisoners the way I’ve expected him to.

 Actually, I didn’t appraise the POWs.

 I thought that if a capable person was to be executed, I would desperately save his life and my reputation in Clan-sama’s eyes would surely drop.

 If there is a Nobunaga-class talented person who is supposed to be executed, I’m not confident that I can stay calm.

 Talent has nothing to do with the weight of life, so I think this way of thinking is fundamentally wrong. However, I still find it unbearable for talented people to be killed.

 I intended to appraise only those who were going to be saved.

“Ars. Did you try to appraise the POWs?” (Clan)

“Not yet”

“If so, do it. I can’t stand killing a talented person.” (Clan)

 Clan-sama said so.

 If they have talent, do you intend to save their life even if they do not pledge allegiance?

 It’s even more dangerous if they join in the field, so I think it’s better to lock them up in prison and wait for them to change their mind.

 However, does that mean that the person I judge to be untalented will be killed?

 That’s a pain.

 But that may be a cruel but rational way.

 If I tell a lie and say that everyone is talented, I’ll be exposed sooner or later, so let’s say the truth without compassion.

 I used my appraisal skills to appraise the POWs.

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