Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 98: Execution

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 I appraise the prisoners.

 The number of POWs is about fifty.

 My eyes were getting quite strained, but I managed to finish appraising everyone.

 The results show, no one had ridiculous abilities like Ritsu and Charlotte, but there were five reasonably talented people.

 Among them, three are unwilling to pledge allegiance to Clan-sama.

 The three remained tied up and were transferred to Crumples Castle, where there is a dungeon.

 Those who swear allegiance seem to be easily assigned as one of the guards at Fort Wakumacro.

 Twenty people did not pledge allegiance and, were far from being talented.

 At first, thirty people did not want to pledge allegiance, but after persuading them, they changed their minds. The remaining twenty were decided to be executed because they unwavering in going against Clan-sama no matter what.

 Twenty people are lined up with their heads on the chopping block.

 Then an executioner with the ax is standing near the twenty prisoners.

 If I didn’t see this execution, I wouldn’t be blamed for not seeing it, but I decided to watch nonetheless.

 Because I didn’t participate, I felt like I shouldn’t look away from the deaths of those who were about to die.

 I’ve seen executions before, but only once. It was the criminal that father executed in front of me.

 It can be said that the people to be executed this time are sincere people who pledge complete allegiance to their allies.

 To be honest, it was painful to think about.

“Do it.” (Clan)

 At Clan-sama’s signal, the executioner swung the ax across the prisoners’ necks.


 The necks separated, fresh blood splattered around, and the ground was dyed red.

 I kept looking at the scene without trying to looking away.

 I didn’t feel nauseous this time. I’m getting used to it.

 I just felt sorry for the POWs dying.

 Some young people were still under the age of 20.

 I would have been prepared to die in the war, but when I thought they might still have a future, melancholy filled my heart.

 At least I hope they reincarnate like me. So I prayed for a second life for their souls.





 After cleaning up the corpse, Clan-sama gathered the lords.

 It seems that a war council will be held immediately.

“Now, Fort Wakumacro is conquered, so let us conquer Samuk Castle with this momentum. If we also conquer Samuk Castle, Samuk County is as good as conquered.” (Clan)

“Will things really be that easy?”

 I raise my hand.

“Explain” (Clan)

“It’s the next castle, but why don’t we use the power of the spy mercenary group I know? If they work in advance, we may be able to easily conquer the castle. We still have to fight in Beltud, so I think it’s better to save the soldiers and resources while conquering Samuk Castle.”

“Well, the spy mercenaries you know are those who have stolen letters from Perena County before? I’m sure they’re great, and it’s not a bad plan.” (Clan)

“Yes, but the request fee is quite high, and we may need 200 gold coins. I can’t pay, so I’d like to ask Clan-sama to shoulder the fee…”

“It’s okay to put it out like that. They have a track record and I trust your eyes as a Lord. I’m sure they will produce great results.” (Clan)

 I am now able to pay the request fee.

 I can borrow the skills of Shadow with this.

 I haven’t heard about the reports regarding Samuk Castle yet, but it’s probably harder to conquer than Fort Wakumacro.

“I would like to call him to the military meeting because I want to hear from him what kind of work he can do, and can he really do it?” (Clan)

“Well, they don’t want to know who they are, so it may be difficult to call them to a war council.”

“Hmm… well, of course, they’re spies… I should leave the negotiations to their Lord. They should go open the gates of Samuk Castle, disable the magic traps in the castle, and steal the enemy’s ether. If they destroy the storage, the fort will be much easier to conquer.” (Clan)

“Is it necessary to destroy the ether storehouse? Supplies can be used by our army if we can conquer the castle.”

“There are a lot of supplies, so there is no problem. It is important to reduce the difficulty of dropping.”

“OK, let’s negotiate with me.”

“That’s all for the military congress. After hearing information such as when the mercenary spy will complete the work, we will decide when to go out.”

 The military congress is over and it is dissolved.

 Then I started negotiations with Femme about the request.

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