Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 99: Negotiations Completed

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After the military congress was over, I called Femme and started negotiations.




“The request I want you to do this time is to open the gate of Samuk Castle, release the magic trap, and destroy the ether storage. Is it possible?”


“Three? Well, it’s possible. I’ve seen Samuk Castle once, but it wasn’t very defended. It’s easy to sneak in.” (Femme)


“How much do you want for the reward?”


“250 gold coins. Let’s have 50 gold coins as an advance payment.” (Femme)


“Okay. I’ll have Clan-sama pay the advance payment. And how do I get the notice for the completion of the request?”


“That’s fine. Just let Ben stand by outside and tell you using sound magic.” (Femme)


“Got it.”



 That was the end of the negotiations.


 Then I asked Clan-sama for the advance payment, and as expected, I got an affirmative.


 Then, without neglecting our guard against the magic traps on the way. We advance the army to an area near Samuk Castle. There was a large grassland, and we set up a camp there.


 If a report that the gate has opened comes, we are in a good position to immediately storm the castle.


 Enemy soldiers were not coming out. It seems that they are ready for an attack.


 There is no information that reinforcements from Beltud have entered Samuk Castle.


 Russell and Mireille expected that the strategy the enemy would use to reduce the chances of Beltud falling is by stalling us with as few soldiers as possible.


 The soldiers at Samuk Castle are probably prepared for a battle to the death. Morale should be pretty high. Soldiers who are prepared to die are very strong beyond their normal capabilities. If it were a drawn-out battle, we would have been stalled for quite some time, and the number of troops in our own army would have been significantly reduced. It could be said that the castle won’t be conquered by a straightforward attack.


 It seems that the best way was to execute a surprise attack to conquer the castle.



“I received another order from Clan-sama. He wants the gate to open at night.”



 It is more likely that a surprise attack will be more effective at night than opening the gate while the sun is bright.



“I intended to do that from the beginning.” (Femme)





 Femme said so himself.



“Then, I’ll sneak into the gate. When I’m done, I’ll contact Ben. Do you remember Ben’s face?” (Femme)


“Well …”



 By the way, he had a pretty plain face. I have a hard time remembering his face.


 However, I remember that his name was certainly very unique.


 Was it Alexander Belmond?


 If I try to appraise him, a normal man with such a name will definitely help me think that he is Ben even if he doesn’t call himself Ben, so it is probably going to be okay?


 I replied to Femme that I remembered his face.


 Upon hearing my reply, Femme headed for the castle.


 Perhaps there are other people than Femme somewhere that will help him infiltrate together.



 I prayed for their success and waited for the good news.

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