Shadow Court Magician Chapter 10: The Two Saints

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At the deepest part of the slum, there was a dilapidated church.


 The building was black with soot, and the broken windows had been reinforced with patches.


 In front of the church, there was a simple cooking stove with a large pot on it.



“What is that?”



 Sicily answered.



“That is a soup kitchen. The slum saint does it almost every day.” (Sicily)


“How benevolent. Is the budget provided by the princess?”


“I did not.” (Sicily)



 Sicily shakes her head.



“The great thing is that the kitchen is covered by the contributions of the poor.” (Sicily)


“Contribution of the poor…”


“That is right. A slum priestess who gave her food to others started the soup kitchen. One of the slum dwellers came to her for food because her daughter was sick and in need, but she had nothing to eat, so she gave her own food. —for a week.” (Sicily)


“I wonder if someone did not eat anything for a week, they will get sick.”


“That is right. In fact, the saint became ill. She became as thin as a dead tree. The one who had been given the food regretted it intensely when he saw it. He was not really in need of food. He belonged to a reasonably wealthier family even in the slums.” (Sicily)




“But when she found out, she just said, ‘I am really glad you did not have a sick daughter.’ So, she did not criticize the young man for lying, but was truly happy that his sick daughter did not exist.” (Sicily)


“… She is just like a saint. No, she is like God itself.”



 I admit I can never do what she did.



“Of course, that is not something that anyone can do, but she makes you want to. That is why I look up to her as my teacher.” (Sicily)



 Sicily nods while watching the meals.



“The people in this slum are pretty similar, they do not have enough food for tomorrow, but they are willing to donate. They are willing to donate even if they can barely eat for the day. However, once they make a meal with the donations they have collected, everyone gets fed.” (Sicily)


“If you make food for a lot of people, there will be no wasted ingredients.”


“That is correct. They also decrease the fuel cost by cooking everything all at once.” (Sicily)


“Is that the secret of this soup kitchen?”


“Yes. I also regularly bring food from the market, which I buy at low prices. I also help with the soup kitchen.” (Sicily)


“Is this the ‘scene’ you wanted to show me?”



 When I asked, she nodded.



“That is right. That is why I showed you the party at my house, which is the opposite of this.” (Sicily)


“It is quite the contrast. Like heaven and hell.”


“At first glance, this looks like ‘heaven’ to me. The party was full of people who had no compassion for others, but this is the opposite. Even though they are poor, they are caring and compassionate to others.” (Sicily)


“That is right.”


“I want to spread this scene to the entire royal capital, no, to the entire kingdom of Ernia, preferably to the rest of the world.” (Sicily)


“That is totally impossible.”


“That is right. I thought so too. —Before I met you.” (Sicily) [T/N: Oh you!]





 Just silence. I did not think I was that kind of person.


 However, Princess Sicily seems to think differently. It seems that she thinks that I am someone who could save this world.



“Your knowledge, wisdom, and courage will surely save this world. It will be a light for those who are suffering.” (Sicily)


“That is impossible.”


“Why?” (Sicily)


“I am the son of an exiled aristocrat. No matter how hard I try, I cannot change this country. The cases of exiles that have become generals or ministers happen rarely and decades before.”


“So it has already happened decades ago?” (Sicily)


“Too optimistic princess.”


I continued,


“Apart from being the child of an exile, I am slothful at my core.”


“Lazy people are great. It means that you can save the world efficiently.” (Sicily)


“I like being a librarian in the library. I can’t read books if I become a soldier.”


“For the time being, you can be a court magician, a librarian, and a military strategist. If I become a queen, I’ll create a library exclusively for Leon-sama.” (Sicily)


“Oh, you talk quite a lot.”


“It is my nature.” (Sicily)


“If so, that is crazy, but I do not see the benefit of being a military strategist. I am quite happy with my situation.”



 I give her a hard stare and told her something that could have her give up.


 Even if she hates me. So, I point at her plump breasts.



“However, unless you give me a ‘compensation’, how about it?”



 The princess was not even a little bit disturbed by my vulgar proposal.


 ――Her face lost expression for a few moments, and then she took my hand.


 After saying no to the church officials, we went inside the church. We went inside the confessional and locked the door.


 Then, without saying a word, she started to take off her clothes.


 In a few seconds, Sicily was completely naked.


 The scene was so far from reality that I focused back on reality.


 I was taken aback by Sicily’s beautiful body.


 I turn away from her body and say.



“… Get dressed, princess”


“Why? Do you not want me?” (Sicily)


“… That is was a joke.”


“It does not matter if you’re joking or lying. Please turn towards me.” (Sicily)


“That is impossible.”



 When I say that, Sicily forcibly grabs my face and shows me her nude body.


 It is not because she is a nasty woman. Because it was the opposite.


 She is showing her nude body to earn my trust.


 There was an old scar there.


 It looked like a mark left by a blade slashing against her body.



“…this is?”


“This is a scar from when I was attacked by assassins as a child. I was attacked by assassins when I was living with my mother, downtown of the Royal Capital.” (Sicily)


“Were you not born in the royal palace?”



 The princess who nods while smiling.



“I was born to a woman who was a mistress of my father, the king. My father had us live in a small town to protect us from the queen’s jealousy. But when the queen heard of my existence, she sent assassins to kill me.” (Sicily)




“But my mother shielded me from the blade. I was only wounded. Since then, I have been proud of this wound. I have cherished it as proof that my mother risked her life to protect me.” (Sicily)



 She closed her eyes before telling me it is the first time she showed this to anyone of the opposite sex.



“… It is a flaw, but please take this body. I will comply with your request not only here, but at any time and anywhere.” (Sicily)



 Her determination is immovable.


 She might be trembling like a newborn fawn, but a strong determination radiates from her.


 She will suffer any humiliation.


 She will endure any trial just to get me. [T/N: Someone’s top tier.]



(— This my loss.)



 After that thought, I wrapped my cloak over her.


 And I said,



“–Okay. From today I am yours.”



 I paused, before continuing with.



“I am not the type to act under the spotlight. Only from behind the scenes, no, I am going to scheme from the ‘shadows’. So, any complaint?”



 The princess, who was trembling like a fawn, nodded while smiling at my words.


 She smiled at me like the first spring flower.



“Yes, from this day forward, please guide me from the shadows.” (Sicily)




 She said.






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