Shadow Court Magician Chapter 106: Before Dinner

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 We climbed the stairs back to the upper level, and sure enough, we soon saw the exit.


 It led to the villa’s charcoal shed.


 We removed the floorboards of the charcoal shed and breathed in the ground air from there.


 The air in the charcoal shed smelled musty, but it was comforting to know that we wouldn’t have to fall into any more pits or be attacked by mechanical sharks.


 I checked with Sicily before unlocking the charcoal shed from the inside.



“I would like to visit your brother as soon as possible, do you know his room?”


“Of course. I can head there with my eyes closed.” (Sicily)


“Well, please lead the way.”



 After such an exchange, we headed straight for the building.


 The building where Reinhardt lived was magnificent. As expected, it was truly something once used as a castle for royalty.


 Along the way, they encountered guards, but they were able to get past them by using the spell [Invisibility], Chloe’s charm, and sometimes a few martial art moves.


 They finally reach Reinhardt’s bedroom after six times of Chloe saying “Oh dear.”


 Sicily politely knocked on the door of her brother’s bedroom four times.


 Then, from the back of the room, she hears a boy’s voice.



“…Is sister the one knocking?” (Reinhardt)



 Sicily replies, “Yes,” to her brother’s question. I guess that conversation is enough between brother and sister. Sicily then opens the door.


 There was a boy lying on a canopied bed.


 No? A girl? Her hair is long, so she looks like a woman. But since she is Sicily’s brother, she must be a boy. He was a boy as beautiful as a woman.


 When I was surprised by his appearance, the boy said to me first.



“Is that man Leon-san?” (Reinhardt)


“That’s right.” (Sicily)



 Apparently, Sicily had been writing about me in her letters at every opportunity. It was hard to believe that this was the first time I had met Reinhardt, he greeted me.



“My name is Reinhardt von Ernia. I’m the younger brother of Sister, the third prince of this country.” (Reinhardt)



 His self-introduction was extremely brief, but he didn’t seem to dislike me.



“If this body is healthy, I would like to stand and greet you…” (Reinhardt)



 He said with a smile.



“I know that you, no, Your Highness, is ill and weak. I also know that you were poisoned by your own brother the other day.”


“Quite the hellish ear. As what sister’s letters say.” (Reinhardt)


“I have a colleague in the country’s intelligence service. —Well, if you know that much, you’re in luck. We are going to make your highness the king of this country. His Highness will be the king and his sister will be the regent.”


“That’s a nice idea, especially if my sister is my regent.” (Reinhardt)


“If so, do you agree?”



 Reinhardt answers that question with a smile.



“Why? At this rate, you, no, you’ll be killed, by your brother.”


“I’m fine with it. I already know that he will kill me. I know he’ll kill me if my paranoid brother takes over the throne.” (Reinhardt)


“If so, do you plan on committing suicide?”


“That’s not bad either. Anyway, I have a body that can’t live long anyway.” (Reinhardt)


“I don’t understand. In another world, there is a king like you, a sickly man who came to the throne thinking that he would be an average person, but he lived longer than those around him and what he himself expected. His name was Augustus, the first emperor of Rome.”


“It’s ironic, but I will not. I won’t grow up.” (Reinhardt)



 The boy, who was less than 14 years old, said firmly, looking more like an old man than a man of vision. For a boy who has lived only 13 years, he seems to have gained a lot of experience. He is indeed the younger brother of Sicily.



“So, I refuse to take the throne.” (Reinhardt)


“This country is in danger. If your brother takes over the kingdom, Ernia will fall into decline. The League of Kings will collapse.”


“It may be, but it’s a good thing. Besides, I can’t be responsible for what happens after my death.” (Reinhardt)



 I can sense a certain will. He was Sicily’s brother in this area.



“Then should you give up on the throne? Then your dear sister will die.”


“That’s a problem. Please save my sister.” (Reinhardt)


“I can’t. We’re a weak force, we can’t win unless we have a good cause.”


“So you think you can win if I become king?” (Reinhardt)



 I felt a sparkle in the boy’s eyes and I explained.



“If you feel that what I’m about to explain makes sense, will you reconsider?”


“I’ll decide after I hear what you have to say.” (Reinhardt)


“It’s good enough. That’s fine, there’s no other choice anyway.”



 After saying that, I began my presentation. The princess’s life, and the fate of this world, was at stake in this presentation.



“There is a chance for you to win. That’s why I’m here. Leon Von Almarsh only fights battles where he has a chance to win.”


“It’s the line you once said when you conquered the impregnable fortress.” (Reinhardt)


“That’s right. Yes, and forgive me for reusing it, but future historians will write it down in their history books as something he said to the future king.”



 “It’s quite the pretentious line”, Chloe laughs. I don’t mind so I continue.



“I’ve got the odds stacked against me. If I can get rid of Maxis and put you on the throne, this country will hold its own. In time, it will become the center of the League of Kings.”


“I don’t have that kind of power.” (Reinhardt)


“You can’t do it alone. When you ascend the throne and your sister becomes regent, a chemical reaction will occur.”


“Chemical reaction……” (Reinhardt)


“Yes, as a king, you are sickly and vulnerable, though you are wise, that only makes you think bad thoughts. What if you had a regent full of hope, a girl who believes that the future of this world is bright, and she is full of good intentions to help you?”


“It’s true that I tend to look at the negative side of things, and my sister tries to look at the positive side.” (Reinhardt)


“That’s great. If you add to that a military strategist who thinks only in clever ways and a court magician who will do anything, you have a match made in heaven. We’ve got some great people too.”


“It seems that Chloe, the maid, Victor, the Sword Demon Lord, Nine, the Flame Magician, and a host of others, I hear.” (Reinhardt)


“It’s not just that. This country is not completely corrupt either. We have allies in the military.”


“We can count on some sensible generals in the army, especially Lieutenant General Ziggurat.” (Reinhardt)


“That’s what I mean. When you take the throne, you will have more allies. Then I will use my strength to create an environment that will make politics easier for you.”


“An environment where my sister helps with politics…” (Reinhardt)


“Yes. I promise. At least your sister won’t cry. So please cooperate with us.”


“I understand.” (Reinhardt)



 I didn’t notice Reinhardt’s immediate answer, and I made a further presentation.



“You, as the king, will seize the authority, and the princess and I will seize the power. No, I’ll figure out how to seize power and execute it. Is there anything that would bother your sister’s mind? Hmm? Did you just say you understand?”


“Yes, that’s right. I said I understand.” (Reinhardt)


“Does that mean you will take the throne?”


“Yes. That’s right. I’ll do my best to help you.” (Reinhardt)


“Well, you were reluctant until a while ago.”


“I still don’t like it. But my sister’s life is at stake. My life is not important to me.” (Reinhardt)



 Sicily liked those words, but Reinhardt only laughed. He gazed into my eyes and said,



“However, I do have one request for my ascension to the throne.” (Reinhardt)


“Anything, Your Majesty.”


“It’s a simple request. You don’t have to be so formal. My wish is for what happens after I die. As I said before, I will not live long. I will die soon. At that time, my successor will be you, my sister. That is my wish.” (Reinhardt)


“…………” (Sicily)



 Sicily is silenced by the serious declaration.


He looked rather calm and I couldn’t think of him as a 13-year-old boy. However the environment, in which he has is always on the border between life and death, probably strengthened him. So, I promised him with regards to Sicily taking the throne.



“All right. No, I understand, Your Majesty. In the event that His Majesty collapses, I, von Almarsh, will take responsibility for placing Her Highness Sicily on the throne.”



 Hearing these words, Reinhardt smiled like a boy of his age.



“Thank you, Sage of Balance. And thank you again. Please call me Reinhardt.” (Reinhardt)



 I was drawn in by his smile and words. The boy was only half related to Sicily, but he was certainly related to her. I was convinced of this and came to recognize him as the next most important person after Sicily.


 The next generation of kings was thus confirmed, but the boy informed me that there were some who were not going to be happy about it.



“Leon-san, I have a consultation right away, but I have no intention of refusing to become a king. I would like to help my sister to save her. However, many people will not wish for it.” (Reinhardt)


“Is it your brother Maxis or the conservatives?”


“Typical. But who is someone more troublesome than that?” (Reinhardt)



 Before the boy could finish, the bedroom door was thrown open.






 It was a beautiful noblewoman who came in through the door, which was unleashed with great force.


 She wore a dress studded with jewels, and the first thing she said was,



“It’s been a long time. Sicily-san.”



 Her voice was soft, but it sounded a little hysterical. No wonder, there was an unknown intruder in her adorable son’s room. If they are a mother, they would be very worried.


 Yes, this person was Reinhardt’s real mother, the third wife of the king.


 The first wife, the mother of Maxis and Kerich, has died, and the second lady, the mother of Sicily, was also dead, this person was practically the queen.


 The name is Cecilia.


 When I observed the queen of this country again, I found her to be an ordinary woman who could be found anywhere. Of course, she was beautiful. It seems that she, like Sicily’s mother, is from the common people. There was none of the arrogance or disgust unique to nobility.


 However, she was carrying strong soldiers on both sides. This was unavoidable since there was no invitation.


 I could feel the killing energy coming from both soldiers. There seemed to be a lot of soldiers waiting in the hallway as well.


 I looked at Sicily and Chloe. Then I look at the window.


 Should we escape through this window with Reinhardt in our arms? That’s what I’m suggesting, but it’s rejected by Reinhardt.



“Leon-san, we can’t let Mother worry about me. Besides, there are soldiers outside the window, too.” (Reinhardt)


“If so, do you want to take a rest?”



 He whispered, but Reinhardt shook his head.



“I will definitely create an opening. Until then, by all means, be gentle.” (Reinhardt)


“Understood, Your Majesty.”



 When I turned around, I said with the friendliest smile I can muster.



“Nice to meet you, Third Lady Cecilia.”


“Nice to meet you, uninvited guests.” (Cecilia)


“I and Chloe are aware of that, but is it the same with your stepdaughter, Sicily?”



 Cecilia’s line of sight moves to Sicily. For a moment, she makes an indescribable expression, but she replies.



“Even though she’s my step-daughter, I can’t welcome you if you barge in without an invitation.” (Cecilia)


“Then could you please extend us another invitation? We are here to rescue your son.”


“Reinhardt? You will?” (Cecilia)


“That’s right. Your son was poisoned the other day. By his own brother. Sister and brother should fight together. It’s the only option for survival.”


“Are you trying to get Reinhardt to the throne?” (Cecilia)


“Yes, Madame. Offense is the best defense.”


“It’s impossible. That child is weak. He is not strong enough. He cannot be the king.” (Cecilia)


“I thought a mother would want her son to have the throne.”


“All I want is the peace of that child. I want him to have an estate somewhere far away and start a family of earls, that’s all.” (Cecilia)


“I see, it’s a defensive stance. That’s not a bad idea. As long as it’s not a turbulent time.”


“I don’t think we can find a compromise with each other.” (Cecilia)


“I want to discuss this carefully.”


“–Okay. I will invite you to this villa. Rest your bones for a few days.” (Cecilia)


“Thank you.”


“I invite you to dinner tonight. Come with Sicily.” (Cecilia)


“Thank you for that. I will hungrily wait for it.”


“In the meantime, I won’t let you near Reinhardt. My son is very weak.” (Cecilia)



 As soon as he said that, Reinhardt coughed, but it didn’t seem to be an act. Cecilia filled a jug with water, handed it to Reinhardt, and rubbed his back. It was a beautiful love between parent and child.


 It is Sicily who is watching it let out a whisper.



“……mother.” (Sicily)



 She was not referring to Cecilia, but her own mother, the second wife. Sicily’s mother died in her early years. It is also to protect Sicily from the thugs released by the First wife. Therefore, seeing such a beautiful parent-child love reminds her of her mother.


 I was tempted to hug her, but I couldn’t. It was in public, and I was only a military strategist, to begin with. It was the man who was to be her future companion who would comfort her. Not me.


 With that in mind, the soldiers guide us to the guest room.


 On the way, I talk to Chloe in a whisper.



“…The soldiers are unusually aggressive. Something is going to happen at the dinner table. Make sure you’re ready.”


“…I know. I’m sure you can understand it looking at Reinhardt-sama with Cecilia-sama.” (Chloe)


“…This is what a lioness with a wounded cub looks like. I’m just glad it didn’t turn into a battle right away.”



 The soldiers stopped just when I wrapped it up. It seems that we have arrived at the guest rooms. This is where we parted ways, as the men and women are separated, but the rooms are right next to each other, so if anything happens, we can get move quickly.



 Feeling relieved, I put my body down on the luxurious bed and opened the book I had brought with me. There’s still some time until evening. Soaking in my favorite story, I devised a plan.

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